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  1. part of the family (:

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012


    my day was alright. started with helping an old lady get on the bus. then met this stranger in the train who thought i was from south america. peru to be exact. talked abit more about what course i am doing and ended with a handshake with exchange of names. first time this had ever happened in the train after being here for like almost 3 years? haha

    got back at about 430pm. spent my evening talking to aunty D the whole time downstairs. helping her cook and just talk. sometimes its nice talking to her. especially when i hardly even home.

    she bought easter bunny chocolates for me and teck wei (: so cute! there is even bells on them! and also another two more for herself and julian. hehe

    and she cooked chilli garam chicken for dinner! which is like awesomeeeee! =DDD yumss..! mind my very lack of photography skills picture. i had to only take this after we were all done eating. i don't do the typical thing which is take picture before meal. looks so jakun hahah!

    today, somehow i managed to limp all the way to uni and all the way back. and my ankle hasn't been too bad. had ice pack on it for the night and elevated my leg up when i was sleeping. its just a minor sprain anyways. i only thought about my ankle guard that i had sitting in my room when victor mentioned i should have it on when he saw me in uni. after putting it on it feels better anyways.

    my leg. very unattractive picture. haha!

    the pain might subside slightly tomorrow. well thats what i am hoping for. haha

    caught up with some lab preparations stuff which is for tomorrow, then sat on my bed and watched shows. my wednesdays 90210 as usual (: and watched a movie, Hop.

    so cuteeee!

    i just realised too that easter is like next week and this show is about easter bunnies. quite fun to watch. haha!

    should be considering to going to bed soon. early class tomorrow.

    till the weekends (: i am pretty sure i'll have a bit to update on. hopefully i'll be going on my trips. haha and foooooood... hungry already. ahahah!

    nitey night!

    lots of love,

  2. hellooooo!

    went to hardware societe again today. for lunch this time. their brunch or lunch is good anyhow (: was with cherly, marilyn and jia shen.

    i had a unfortunate event on the way there but i shall write about it at the end of the post.

    i haven't had hardware societe's lunch in a longgggg time. and i was craving for their seared scallops for quite awhile now. finally got to satisfy that craving today!

    my seared scallops with cauliflower puree or something like that at the bottom. and some red wine vinegared shallots with water cress vege? "sai yong choi" in canto. don't like the raw leaves on the top but other than that everything else was good! yumssssss! the scallops and the cauliflower puree thingy at the bottom went so well together!

    jia shen's scotch fillet steak.

    cherly and marilyn shared their baby organic chicken.

    so yeap that was lunch and it was nice (: spent $18 on it but was worth it for my tummy and taste buds. HAHA

    after lunch i left to uni for classes and they headed off to st kilda.

    my unfortunate event....,

    i sprained my ankle.

    i was wearing heels. wedge heels to be precise. but the ground was uneven and i twisted my ankle. its swelling up abit right now. but its bearable. only if i turn it at a certain angle it hurts bad. but yea... ):

    second time on the same foot. the first time was i think two years back.. sho sadddd ):

    i am hoping it would not be very bad tomorrow because i have a long long day in uni tomorrow. from 830am till 530pm or so.. ):

    and i have a test tomorrow morning. wish me luck!!

    now i have to do somemore revision. and see how it goes tomorrow. friday.... come already....! i can't wait..!!

    with love,

  3. back as promised (:

    after i wrote the post yesterday, me and teck wei headed out to clayton town to do some grocery shopping as he is completely out of food and to get lunch.

    lunch was at the kebab place. i really like their rice.

    no surprise to that. everytime go clayton town with him also sure go there to eat. haha!

    then headed back to MA. chilled abit. did abit on my lab report then almost 7pm we left down to the city for dinner.

    dinner was at nocturno on lygon street (:

    once you're on lygon street, how could you not go for freddos unless seriously super damn full.

    i so miss this! haven't had it in a while. and its getting more expensive.. ):

    had roche which is like a must! and also passionfruit. first time trying but its good (: me as usual i like the combination of sweet and sour. hehehe =P i am weird that way.. haha

    we ate our ice cream at the argyle square nearby. in the cold. awesome max!! love ice creams and cold weathers. damn syiokkkkk~!

    by the time got back to MA also like 10 ish 11pm?

    cherly dropped by and gave me this box of macarons (:

    slept at about 1 ish 2am? i think? haha dear had his class at 9am and i happily slept till 11am. ahaha! finally left MA and went for class at 1230pm.

    got to uni, went for lectures and also finished up my lab report. all done before my laptop battery died. it had like 3 minutes remaining when i submitted everything. HAHA! cause i didn't have the universal adapter with me. hehe

    came home and had dinner with aunty D. and catching up with each other in terms of what happened over the weekend.

    thats about it! i shall now go study a little bit. having a test on wednesday.

    goodnight peeps!

    wore a fedora to class today =D i love that style the fedora gives! haha

    much love,

    i seriously can't stop thinking about it. it was really amazing.

  4. hi peeps!

    yesterday was a great day! managed to pull dear out of bed and go down to the city with me to have brunch. he so regretted promising me the night before cause he was like so close to not going. and i gave him a face, hence the going down city with me in the end. HAHA

    met up with yao yun who was already waiting at hardware societe to get us a seat. she waited for about 20 minutes initially. and when we arrived, the three of us waited for another 25 minutes or so.

    finally managed to get a seat. awesomeness cause i haven't had hardware societe's brunch before.

    my croque madame sandwich! AWESOME! in case you people haven't been noticing, i LOVE salmon! almost all the brunch food i order has smoked salmon in them unless something else attracts me more. HAHA and this was $17.

    dear's poached eggs with duck confit? $18

    yao yun's scrambled eggs with chorizo and goats cheese. $17

    they were all good! like seriously.. the food in hardware societe are usually ahmazing!

    and we also ordered their flourless chocolate cake. omgggg sho niceeeee!! a piece for $4.

    dear ♥

    mah bestie!

    the three pictures of us were taken with my iphone off yao yun's camera preview. hehe so the quality is baddd.. i shall wait till yao yun post it somewhere which we will have to wait when she has the mood. HAHAH!

    after hardware societe, me and teck wei went to melbourne central to go shopping for a jumper. he needed a new one and also cause it was like cold yesterday and he forgot to bring out his jacket cause apparently i was like rushing him to leave till he forgot. hehe =D so yea.. managed to get a new one from billabong.

    then headed over to yao yun's place. chilled there till like 5pm. yao yun was doing her work. i was playing an iphone game on dear's phone. and he was catching up on his sleep.

    finally left her place at 5 ish to go get dessert! wanted to try this new place at chinatown but it was like so so full. so we detoured to monga.

    me likey mango desserts!

    i so can't wait for my hong kong trip in june!! i wanna eat hui lau shan's dessert!!!!!! i miss it like so so so much!!

    yao yun went back home where as me and teck wei headed for dinner at rose garden (:

    my egg chiffon on rice =D

    and teck wei ordered the spicy chicken ribs on rice. he was so happy after he finished cause he finally had rose garden after so so long. haha

    we left the city about 730pm, and reached back in MA an hour after that.

    chilled around. got khai shien to teach me on my digital stuff. watched american pie before heading to bed.

    today, gonna catch up on that lab report i have due soon. and then dinner in the city tonight ((: cherly's sis, marilyn is here. hence the dinner. how could anyone not like dinners or any meal in the city.... i love going down to the city lor... but ini teck wei always lazy and always don't wanna goo... )):

    will be back to update on tonight, tomorrow.

    and lastly,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY fei lin!

    hope you have an amazing amazing day today! i miss you my dear friend!!! and i am so glad we made that video for you!!!! hehehehehe sei fei lin! you OLD man!! i'll see you soon!

    kla! ciao ciao!

    sher xx.

    can we have more of last night? i can't take my mind off it. it was amazing. <3

  5. talking into the webcam. HAHA!

    Thursday, March 22, 2012


    soo... i did manage to wake up for my 830am class this morning (((: thats because i slept at like 10pm. was only into like 15 20 minutes of burlesque and i was like so sleepy already. haha

    and it was like freezing this morning..

    after all the high 10s i've been exposed to, i was like feeling so cold to this temperature this morning when this isn't even like very low.. haha

    then towards noon it will like shoot up to 21 degrees. morning colds are always deceiving. haha

    outfit for today. long drapey sleeved chiffon top. and lacking a long chain... ):

    and of course <3 those nine west boots.. HAHA

    class ended pretty early today. considering i started at 830am and then straight back to back classes without break for 6 hours. haha

    got home, all packed for my weekend (: in fact for two weekends. i am leaving the whole bag at teck wei's so i don't have to bring clothes up and down every weekend. hehehe good strategy! =D i know... =P

    oh oh and quick question,

    is this nice? hahaha

    and i am now into this asymmetrical skirt ((: likey likey =D

    friday is hereeeeee!!

    leaving to MA about late morning tomorrow. gonna see my dearest for like 4 days (: how super awesome is that! haha!

    we shall see if i am up to anything interesting over the weekends then. tho i have some uni work to do but that should be alright.

    i'll be back home on monday!

    ciao ciao!


  6. shiny blinged up louboutin pumps ((:

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    hey ya'll!

    the weather was even weirder today. i got up, not feeling cold at all, changed into a short denim skirt and just a normal button down shirt and grab my bag and left the house. but then.. it was like windy chilly out there. and i couldn't have ran back in and grab a sweater cause i am a super last minute plan person. i leave the house on the dot and then just in time to catch my bus. so yea.. damn regret after that... =/

    it was sunny but windy and chilly. then by the time i got to uni, it was like so so gloomy as tho the sky was just gonna fall right there and then. i was in lecture and all i know it was pouring rain. and the sky just looked crazyyy..

    stayed away from being out at all. used all the ways to get from one building to another without being out. with the rain and all that, it was like colddd and i was with skirt.. ):

    classes were from 930am to 230pm non stop without break. so i only managed to grab a bite to eat after that. i think i am losing a pound or two. HAHA! at least i hope (: tho it isn't the right way.. haha met up with a lab partner after classes then came back home.

    pumpkin, mushroom and smoked salmon risotto was for dinner. witnessed how aunty D cooked it but not sure if i'll ever have the mood again to make risotto. haha

    just finished the latest episode of 90210. death seems to be everywhere. never had occurred to me on how much it impacts a person because i've never actually had any experience or anything close right until this year. its just scary and inevitable. not much of scary that the day is here but more scary of the pain and grief people go through. but oh well.. live everyday to the fullest with people you love as much as possible (: at least then it'll be less of a regret for the ones who left and also the ones left behind.

    i am thinking of watching burlesque again. simply cause i had that sudden urge when i was hearing to the songs on my iphone just now. haha and i super love the show!

    then... i am going to sleep early and hopefully get up by 7am and leave home to go for my early lecture. we shall see how that turns out =P HAHA!

    that's it for now (:

    friday is almost here!!! hence the big smile on my face (((:

    sher xx.

  7. hopefully this lasts.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    yesterday i was actually thinking to make a switch to tumblr considering that i am reaching my photo upload on blogger's hosting photo site's limit. tried to make things work on tumblr first before making the final switch BUT tumblr is stupid that way to update daily post with pictures and photos. or maybe its just the layout i chose. anyhow, i still love blogger more! <3 so nope, not changing. HAHA

    uni had been like usual. annoying. tiring. picking up its pace. oh well... life of a uni student...

    sunset from on the way back home.

    the weather has been pretty weird. today it was so hot. yesterday it was so hot. hot as in high 20s. apparently friday its gonna be like less than 20 degrees like 17 or 15 or something like that. getting weirder and weirder. tho.. i am looking forward to the cold (:

    ohya.. someone i know or more like a close friend of teck wei's nearly got robbed yesterday at ss19. in her own house. she just got home and was still in her porch when the black waja just stopped in front of her house. the gates were locked but these 3 indian guys with parang was trying to get in the house. she screamed and the guys just smiled at her. wth righttt! luckily her neighbours shouted at them and then only they left.

    imagine if her neighbours didn't hear her or no one nearby was home. she was in the porch ler.. not even in the house yet. it was so so close. thank god she's fine. fine as in nothing bad happened but i am pretty sure she's not fine yet in the sense of the trauma. scary man nowadays =/

    hmmm... my dear is still sick. still coughing so bad =/ get well soon! ♥

    my only act cute pose that i know. or more like the only one that looks okay. haha!

    with love,

    somehow, i still refresh that page everyday. why do i care? i honestly don't know..

  8. spreading the warmth.

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    there wasn't any awesome food over the weekend... sob sob! |:

    i am back to my room. but somehow feeling like something is just missing. my room feels so quiet.

    over this past month that i've been back, i think i've grown to be more dependant on the presence of having him around me. this is not clingy kinda dependant but more like dependant towards having someone with you almost all the time. or is it the same thing? haha

    our times spent together can't be an everyday thing so the effort is made when the weekend arrives and then try to catch up on the days we've spent apart. thats why i look forward to my weekends cause then i'll be in his arms. we talk and we laugh so hard between each other over the silliest things ever possible. and i am happy.

    sometimes i think we are a bit nuts cause of the things we talk and do and laugh about. HAHA! i've grown to fully wrap around the idea of him being in my life completely and it feels great. a year seemed to have passed by pretty amazing and fruitful.

    this weekend we were two sick people living in the same room. all the germs and bacteria flying all over. hopefully the viral bug will go away very soon for the both of us.

    and now, i shall look forward to next weekend.

    i my tw. ((:

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

  9. the oath.

    Friday, March 16, 2012


    i am over at MA right now. had a sudden last minute decision to come over here yesterday after classes. i guess a somewhat good last minute decision? =D

    anyways a little back into time, on wednesday, after classes i met up with yao yun for lunch. nowadays i am pretty much leaving the decisions on where to go and eat, to her, since that she'll be leaving melbourne in less than 4 months? haha

    and she decided on yu-u. haha now she can strike it off her food list.

    i ordered their sashimi set lunch. $18

    this place is not too bad. portion kinda small but it is a quaint japanese place and very easy to be missed cause there isn't a big sign or in fact any sign at all to tell people that it is Yu-u.

    then we went on a little shopping spree at southern cross cause she was looking for a pair of boots.

    in the end, i was the one who came home with a pair of heeled ankle boots. well... i was looking for a heeled ankle boots anyhow (: i wanted something heeled but not too high so that i could like wear it around. pretty happy with this one from nine west and it was kinda cheap as well =D

    and a plain black dress. i am so into plain coloured flare dresses right now. pair it with a belt. perfecto! =DD


    left uni straight after classes and got to monash clayton's sports centre cause the rest were playing badminton. joined them awhile and that was it for me. i was so lazy to run and felt so bad making jia shen run all around when i was paired up with him for doubles. hehe sorry!

    dinner was at shyun in carnegie. had their una don ((:

    and also tapaoed grill'd burger for dear cause he was busy cramming with assignment so couldn't join us for dinner. at least thats all settled already now (:


    woke up close to 12pm.

    fried tom yum yee mee for lunch.

    then just sat there and caught up with all my series. current addiction its the hong kong drama On Call 36 hours. tonight its gonna be its last episode! i so can't wait. i've been chasing every single day. haha and then also caught up with one tree hill, criminal minds, greys anatomy and vampire diaries =D i know i know... i am a super duper series addict! =DD hehehe

    now while dear is busy with his modern warfare 3, i shall watch sherlock holmes 2 (: haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

    thats it for now! hopefully i'll be off to some awesome food tomorrow! =D


  10. team adam!

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    hello ((:

    back at home at aunty D's. i am spending like half of the week at MA and the other half back at home. feels good seeing dear every single day when i am over at his place but at the same time i feel bad for not being home. and i miss my stuffs cause i barely have anything at MA. haha

    there was a potluck party over at MA last friday.

    most of the food.

    and i cooked fried rice. well i like my fried rice alot and hopefully it tasted alright for other people too. hmm you see.. this potluck party is for like MA tenants as a welcome party. but me, don't know why sesat there. i was actually thinking of not going initially cause its like so weird but well.. i remember questions like, "you stay here?, you live nearby?, you study in monash clayton?" all my answers were NO. so paiseh ler.. hahaha! but at least i contributed something. haha

    spent saturday just staying in. cooked fried mee hoon. watched the voice.


    went down to the city and had lunch with yao yun, audrey and wei ping at chin chin! i loveeeee that place! the food is shooo nice laa...!

    roll ups.

    salmon fin salad thingy. i can't remember the name. but it was soooo good! i reckon all the salads in chin chin are good. the last time i had the crispy barramundi salad was good as well!

    crispy skinned duck.

    dry soft shell crab red curry.

    everything was nice!! i love the flavours in the dishes. you get all sorts of smell and flavours. especially love kaiffer lime leaves in dishes! total per person for lunch was $26.

    then headed over to sportsgirl to see if the photo booth was still there and it was! soooo.. we took more free pictures!

    us that day <3

    me and yao yun's second photo booth styled picture. i personally love it in black and white than in colour.

    ♥♥♥♥ ittt!
    omg man! look at my face! its the silliest that i could think of already.. haha! and its the first ever documented silly face picture of myself in public. HAHA!
    i am keeping the strip on the left in my wallet =DDD

    i was hoping teck wei would have went down to the city with me that day cause i wanna take these pictures with him. but oh well.. lets see if it is still there the coming weekend.

    outfit of the day! =D love my union jack crop top from sungai wang for RM25! ((: and making full use of the huge ass mirror at the lobby of yao yun and wei ping's place. hehe

    bought back some ingredients from the asian grocery in the city that day cause i wanted to cook man yee mee. or braised yee mee whichever way it is called.

    but it turns out looking like this.

    not black at all cause i didn't have any dark soy sauce which i forgot to buy. it didn't look as good but it totally tasted alright! =DDD and its yee mee plus marinated minced chicken. how bad could it have been right?? hehe


    left for uni pretty late from MA. it labour day and i still have classes! so not fun! was suppose to have classes till 830pm but turns out i am moved to the wednesday class which finishes at 730pm. at least it gives me time to head home from uni since the last bus is at 9pm.

    bought the blue long spaghetti dress top for $2.50 and paired it with a cardigan and accessorized it with a belt (: had that cardigan for like 2 years plus and had never worn it. hehe

    and notice my new iphone cover! love the colour stripes!! =DDD its a kate spade cover hehe

    much love,
    sher xx.