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  1. back as promised (:

    after i wrote the post yesterday, me and teck wei headed out to clayton town to do some grocery shopping as he is completely out of food and to get lunch.

    lunch was at the kebab place. i really like their rice.

    no surprise to that. everytime go clayton town with him also sure go there to eat. haha!

    then headed back to MA. chilled abit. did abit on my lab report then almost 7pm we left down to the city for dinner.

    dinner was at nocturno on lygon street (:

    once you're on lygon street, how could you not go for freddos unless seriously super damn full.

    i so miss this! haven't had it in a while. and its getting more expensive.. ):

    had roche which is like a must! and also passionfruit. first time trying but its good (: me as usual i like the combination of sweet and sour. hehehe =P i am weird that way.. haha

    we ate our ice cream at the argyle square nearby. in the cold. awesome max!! love ice creams and cold weathers. damn syiokkkkk~!

    by the time got back to MA also like 10 ish 11pm?

    cherly dropped by and gave me this box of macarons (:

    slept at about 1 ish 2am? i think? haha dear had his class at 9am and i happily slept till 11am. ahaha! finally left MA and went for class at 1230pm.

    got to uni, went for lectures and also finished up my lab report. all done before my laptop battery died. it had like 3 minutes remaining when i submitted everything. HAHA! cause i didn't have the universal adapter with me. hehe

    came home and had dinner with aunty D. and catching up with each other in terms of what happened over the weekend.

    thats about it! i shall now go study a little bit. having a test on wednesday.

    goodnight peeps!

    wore a fedora to class today =D i love that style the fedora gives! haha

    much love,

    i seriously can't stop thinking about it. it was really amazing.

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