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  1. so sinful but so satisfying.

    just gobbled down two pieces of bread with one slice of smoked trout on each and a generous amout of mayonaise on each bread while having my fair share of adam levine on the voice.

    tho i couldn't satisfy my sudden french onion soup craving, smoked trout or salmon on bread always makes my tummy feel happy and my tastebuds uber pumped up! =D

    okay.. shall hope it'll be digested soon as class starts as early at 930am tomorrow. boo....

    just now, for a long moment, i was bored till i was so so so not in the mood for whatever at all. now, i am almost chirped up again to disturb the boyfriend over texts while he only replies me every half an hour or more as modern warfare 3 is way more attractive than anything.

    when i say anything, it's literal. but i still love him <3 lots.

    mwahs! sher.

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