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    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    there wasn't any awesome food over the weekend... sob sob! |:

    i am back to my room. but somehow feeling like something is just missing. my room feels so quiet.

    over this past month that i've been back, i think i've grown to be more dependant on the presence of having him around me. this is not clingy kinda dependant but more like dependant towards having someone with you almost all the time. or is it the same thing? haha

    our times spent together can't be an everyday thing so the effort is made when the weekend arrives and then try to catch up on the days we've spent apart. thats why i look forward to my weekends cause then i'll be in his arms. we talk and we laugh so hard between each other over the silliest things ever possible. and i am happy.

    sometimes i think we are a bit nuts cause of the things we talk and do and laugh about. HAHA! i've grown to fully wrap around the idea of him being in my life completely and it feels great. a year seemed to have passed by pretty amazing and fruitful.

    this weekend we were two sick people living in the same room. all the germs and bacteria flying all over. hopefully the viral bug will go away very soon for the both of us.

    and now, i shall look forward to next weekend.

    i my tw. ((:

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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