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    Wednesday, March 28, 2012


    my day was alright. started with helping an old lady get on the bus. then met this stranger in the train who thought i was from south america. peru to be exact. talked abit more about what course i am doing and ended with a handshake with exchange of names. first time this had ever happened in the train after being here for like almost 3 years? haha

    got back at about 430pm. spent my evening talking to aunty D the whole time downstairs. helping her cook and just talk. sometimes its nice talking to her. especially when i hardly even home.

    she bought easter bunny chocolates for me and teck wei (: so cute! there is even bells on them! and also another two more for herself and julian. hehe

    and she cooked chilli garam chicken for dinner! which is like awesomeeeee! =DDD yumss..! mind my very lack of photography skills picture. i had to only take this after we were all done eating. i don't do the typical thing which is take picture before meal. looks so jakun hahah!

    today, somehow i managed to limp all the way to uni and all the way back. and my ankle hasn't been too bad. had ice pack on it for the night and elevated my leg up when i was sleeping. its just a minor sprain anyways. i only thought about my ankle guard that i had sitting in my room when victor mentioned i should have it on when he saw me in uni. after putting it on it feels better anyways.

    my leg. very unattractive picture. haha!

    the pain might subside slightly tomorrow. well thats what i am hoping for. haha

    caught up with some lab preparations stuff which is for tomorrow, then sat on my bed and watched shows. my wednesdays 90210 as usual (: and watched a movie, Hop.

    so cuteeee!

    i just realised too that easter is like next week and this show is about easter bunnies. quite fun to watch. haha!

    should be considering to going to bed soon. early class tomorrow.

    till the weekends (: i am pretty sure i'll have a bit to update on. hopefully i'll be going on my trips. haha and foooooood... hungry already. ahahah!

    nitey night!

    lots of love,

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