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  1. talking into the webcam. HAHA!

    Thursday, March 22, 2012


    soo... i did manage to wake up for my 830am class this morning (((: thats because i slept at like 10pm. was only into like 15 20 minutes of burlesque and i was like so sleepy already. haha

    and it was like freezing this morning..

    after all the high 10s i've been exposed to, i was like feeling so cold to this temperature this morning when this isn't even like very low.. haha

    then towards noon it will like shoot up to 21 degrees. morning colds are always deceiving. haha

    outfit for today. long drapey sleeved chiffon top. and lacking a long chain... ):

    and of course <3 those nine west boots.. HAHA

    class ended pretty early today. considering i started at 830am and then straight back to back classes without break for 6 hours. haha

    got home, all packed for my weekend (: in fact for two weekends. i am leaving the whole bag at teck wei's so i don't have to bring clothes up and down every weekend. hehehe good strategy! =D i know... =P

    oh oh and quick question,

    is this nice? hahaha

    and i am now into this asymmetrical skirt ((: likey likey =D

    friday is hereeeeee!!

    leaving to MA about late morning tomorrow. gonna see my dearest for like 4 days (: how super awesome is that! haha!

    we shall see if i am up to anything interesting over the weekends then. tho i have some uni work to do but that should be alright.

    i'll be back home on monday!

    ciao ciao!


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