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  1. hellooooo!

    went to hardware societe again today. for lunch this time. their brunch or lunch is good anyhow (: was with cherly, marilyn and jia shen.

    i had a unfortunate event on the way there but i shall write about it at the end of the post.

    i haven't had hardware societe's lunch in a longgggg time. and i was craving for their seared scallops for quite awhile now. finally got to satisfy that craving today!

    my seared scallops with cauliflower puree or something like that at the bottom. and some red wine vinegared shallots with water cress vege? "sai yong choi" in canto. don't like the raw leaves on the top but other than that everything else was good! yumssssss! the scallops and the cauliflower puree thingy at the bottom went so well together!

    jia shen's scotch fillet steak.

    cherly and marilyn shared their baby organic chicken.

    so yeap that was lunch and it was nice (: spent $18 on it but was worth it for my tummy and taste buds. HAHA

    after lunch i left to uni for classes and they headed off to st kilda.

    my unfortunate event....,

    i sprained my ankle.

    i was wearing heels. wedge heels to be precise. but the ground was uneven and i twisted my ankle. its swelling up abit right now. but its bearable. only if i turn it at a certain angle it hurts bad. but yea... ):

    second time on the same foot. the first time was i think two years back.. sho sadddd ):

    i am hoping it would not be very bad tomorrow because i have a long long day in uni tomorrow. from 830am till 530pm or so.. ):

    and i have a test tomorrow morning. wish me luck!!

    now i have to do somemore revision. and see how it goes tomorrow. friday.... come already....! i can't wait..!!

    with love,

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