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  1. hi peeps!

    yesterday was a great day! managed to pull dear out of bed and go down to the city with me to have brunch. he so regretted promising me the night before cause he was like so close to not going. and i gave him a face, hence the going down city with me in the end. HAHA

    met up with yao yun who was already waiting at hardware societe to get us a seat. she waited for about 20 minutes initially. and when we arrived, the three of us waited for another 25 minutes or so.

    finally managed to get a seat. awesomeness cause i haven't had hardware societe's brunch before.

    my croque madame sandwich! AWESOME! in case you people haven't been noticing, i LOVE salmon! almost all the brunch food i order has smoked salmon in them unless something else attracts me more. HAHA and this was $17.

    dear's poached eggs with duck confit? $18

    yao yun's scrambled eggs with chorizo and goats cheese. $17

    they were all good! like seriously.. the food in hardware societe are usually ahmazing!

    and we also ordered their flourless chocolate cake. omgggg sho niceeeee!! a piece for $4.

    dear ♥

    mah bestie!

    the three pictures of us were taken with my iphone off yao yun's camera preview. hehe so the quality is baddd.. i shall wait till yao yun post it somewhere which we will have to wait when she has the mood. HAHAH!

    after hardware societe, me and teck wei went to melbourne central to go shopping for a jumper. he needed a new one and also cause it was like cold yesterday and he forgot to bring out his jacket cause apparently i was like rushing him to leave till he forgot. hehe =D so yea.. managed to get a new one from billabong.

    then headed over to yao yun's place. chilled there till like 5pm. yao yun was doing her work. i was playing an iphone game on dear's phone. and he was catching up on his sleep.

    finally left her place at 5 ish to go get dessert! wanted to try this new place at chinatown but it was like so so full. so we detoured to monga.

    me likey mango desserts!

    i so can't wait for my hong kong trip in june!! i wanna eat hui lau shan's dessert!!!!!! i miss it like so so so much!!

    yao yun went back home where as me and teck wei headed for dinner at rose garden (:

    my egg chiffon on rice =D

    and teck wei ordered the spicy chicken ribs on rice. he was so happy after he finished cause he finally had rose garden after so so long. haha

    we left the city about 730pm, and reached back in MA an hour after that.

    chilled around. got khai shien to teach me on my digital stuff. watched american pie before heading to bed.

    today, gonna catch up on that lab report i have due soon. and then dinner in the city tonight ((: cherly's sis, marilyn is here. hence the dinner. how could anyone not like dinners or any meal in the city.... i love going down to the city lor... but ini teck wei always lazy and always don't wanna goo... )):

    will be back to update on tonight, tomorrow.

    and lastly,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY fei lin!

    hope you have an amazing amazing day today! i miss you my dear friend!!! and i am so glad we made that video for you!!!! hehehehehe sei fei lin! you OLD man!! i'll see you soon!

    kla! ciao ciao!

    sher xx.

    can we have more of last night? i can't take my mind off it. it was amazing. <3

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