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  1. me is a wai sek guai =PP

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011


    yes i did wake up today and got to uni. on the way there i grabbed lunch and used up my last easy way voucher.

    one standard sized blueberry cheese cupcake and passionfruit milk tea with pearls (:

    met a friend on the train to uni and had a chat. you know... its actually pretty good that you know now i have "friends" to actually talk to occasionally in uni or going to uni or going back from uni. me is happy eventho it just stays as a conversation and not hanging out kind.

    got home about 330pm. vacuumed my room and cleaned up the pile of mess on my bed. studied a wee bit. dinnered at 6 something. then lazed around and eventually fell asleep at 845pm for about two hours.

    bathed then went downstairs and made myself four slices of bread with mayo and tuna. hehee my tummy is feeling very happy right now. (((:

    shall pack my bag for the staying over tomorrow at MA and then resume back to my electronics.

    i tell you... electronics is silently killing me. like seriously silently killing me.. god help?

    taS! will be back on thursday.


  2. oh noess noess... )):

    exam this saturday. god help me. save me. put me under a miracle spell. or sprinkle me some of those miracle water... or something!! enough for me to just pass my papers i am happy.. i am starting to freak out real bad. and its this saturday. HELP HELP HELP!!

    in the end didn't go back to uni today cause my tooth ached and i was too lazy to get out of bed. which resulted in me sleeping till 3pm.

    and then studied. which i doubt it was really all that productive.

    studying makes me sleepy. i am sleepy now already. can i go sleep and not think about exams and not dream about them too? helpppppppppp!

    all the sighhs are flying and floating around my room right now.

    going back to uni tomorrow and borrow those books i put on hold. have to and must wake this time! yes shereena... please..

    kla. baiiii...


  3. surreal.

    Sunday, May 29, 2011


    MIA-ed for a couple of days. had badminton on friday at monash sports centre. which was really fun! i had fun laughing, being lazy to run around and get the ball, even got hit straight to the back of my head thanks to teck wei and just basically had fun in general =D

    started at about 330pm and ended about 2 hours after.

    went back MA and bathed. then headed over to Nando's for dinner with teck wei and khai shien.

    ordered a whole chicken and two sides of chips to share among us. $9 each (:

    was suppose to head home after that. but then decided not to.

    that night suddenly had the urge to cook french toast. the thought just came out of no where plus after it was proposed by teck wei i felt like eating too.

    i know it doesn't really look that good.

    not too bad for a first attempt la. there is a slice of cheese in the middle by the way. teck wei's had a piece of egg in the middle too. it tasted alot better when it was hot. mine was kinda cold already.. so yea.. his tasted nicer. haha! and i forgot about the sugar for the the french toast.. ): haha

    after that we watched american pie's beta house till like 4am?

    next day, saturday, woke up i think about 2pm or so..

    cooked carbonara for lunch.

    personally i am not a big fan of it. i don't really like the taste of the bottled sauce. i am picky when it comes to my pasta. but since teck wei has 5 bottles lying inside his cupboard, might as well cook it up lo.

    and dinner was two packets of maggi fusion's soy and mild spice mix, an egg and two sausages.

    yummsss! i know its unhealthy and bla bla bla.. but its good la okay. tho i didn't enjoy the noodles as much cause of the mistake i made cooking it but it still tasted good. how bad can instant noodles taste right..

    hehe and i didn't go back home on saturday either. decided to stay another day. haha

    had been studying the two nights i was there okay... so still okla... then then..

    its me taking breaks in between by comfily hide my way through in the quilt. haha

    watched grown ups last night before sleeping. sleeping was i think close to 6am. ahaha!

    today, woke about 3pm? god knows what i was doing in MA la till about 6pm only i left. and now i am home. trying to study..

    just finished skyping with mum. haha yay mum bought me clothes from the esprit outlet store. and kena teased non stop over skype by my cousins. amanuddin? stooooooopidd.. ahah

    i should really head back to those notes.

    tomorrow thought of going back to uni to borrow some books. and use up my easy way voucher. haha

    klaaaaa... bye bye peeps!

    *ouch my tooth aches ))):*

    nouuuuuu finals in less than a week. this saturday to be precise is my first paper.. sighhh...

    and i've been thinking abit about someone's death. seems scary ler.. that no one knows whats plan for you tomorrow or even the minute after this. everything could just be taken away without a warning and without a chance to say goodbye and leave a note and say things and do things that you want to. its really scary.

    appreciate now, the people around you, love them and do everything you want to and is capable of before it gets too late. sighh.. RIP.. eventho i've never known you..


  4. we've came a long way... =D

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    the 1000th post! =D my blog came a long long way.. haha

    the after 12 post is because i've been sleeping like a pig since 845pm and just woke up at 1245am. ahah! should be heading back to sleep after this post. heading over to MA tomorrow cause we'll be playing badminton in monash.

    hmm... anyways tuesday i had my exam right... i passed my theory but not sure about my practical. i hope i pass that too. results will be out tomorrow.. wait.. later in during the day since its like 1 am already.. hehe

    other than that tuesday was just me celebrating my exam stress free for that night by indulging into gilmore girls.

    wednesday went to uni about 1pm. had cupcakes from the cupcake family again!

    choc peanut butter.

    and my favourite, blueberry! =DD

    pricey little cupcakes. i had two of each for $7. i wanted one big one for $4 but they ran out of them..

    there was the last batch of presentations held that day. two teams. the first one which all of them were from sarawak malaysia, did good. but the second team, omg.... torture!! it was really thaaaaaat bad okay...

    then after classes headed over to chadstone for their VIP sales. met up with teck wei on the bus and went together. and met up with cherly and jia shen there after their movie. hehe shopping a bit (:

    dinner was KFC that night.

    me no likey! me want malaysian KFC! ))): $5.45

    then was just walking in coles while teck wei gets his groceries. and then genevieve fetched us back MA. us meant me, cherly, jia shen, teck wei, rachel and herself.

    back to MA we were talking and laughing at the carpark area but manatau suddenly got people come and scold us. it wasn't even 10pm yet! stupidddd lady..

    after that was mahjong with jia shen and cherly and teck wei and khai shien. then was watching secret with teck wei. yea... secret the jay chou movie. not bad ler.. just ending abit stupid. ended up sleeping i think 6am? HAHA

    left MA and went to class at 1230pm today.

    class was till 330pm only. which was good (: came home just sat around, waited for dinner. then after dinner i slept like a pig till like just only.

    oooooo my buyings! =DD

    high waisted working pants (will need it for my internship), denim white shorts, knitted jumper-ish top, pretty gloves, black tee and a pair of earrings.
    damage = $55

    oklaa... considering i haven't really been doing much shopping nowadays. tho... i was quite sad over the price i paid for a coat which i bought last week? during the VIP sales it had 30% off.....! i could have saved $18.... ))): nevermind...what to do.. =/

    oh and as you can see in the picture.. i have a packet of red rock deli in one of the plastic bags. supposingly there were two. i ate one for lunch earlier today. 2 for $6 (:

    hmm.. i am heading back to bed now. love ya'll.

    xx, NA.

    i meant what i told you.

  5. sorta... i can live with sorta (:

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    i am home (:

    went glen waverley for dinner last night with teck wei, cherly and khai shien. the three of them ended up eating subway for dinner. which looks super yummy but i forego subway for..

    pappa roti =D $2.20 each

    the only outlet in melbourne so far is in glen.. apparently in june they'll open one in the city. so yea.. omg i miss it so much lo! tho rotiboy tastes better but this is the closest thing we have here. does any of you out there know i have a thing for breads? love them!!

    i ended up eating 3 for dinner. bought two at first. had to order earlier cause of the 20 minutes wait and then went to subway for them to have their dinner then went back to collect and was sitting outside the shop eating and then realised there were somemore. so i bought another one and this one was hot and uber nice!

    and had bubble tea. mango milk tea with mango pudding and lychee flavoured pearls. $5.30

    this bubble tea's only outlet is in glen too. they have like plenty of selections of toppings. all sorts of pudding and they have flavoured pearls too. flavoured pearls are pearls that once you bite, the flavoured juice just pops in your mouth. mine was lychee. yumss! i wanted mango flavoured and normal pearls but they ran out of both ):

    still.. yummy yummy dinner! my tummy was feeling very happy last night.

    reached back at MA about 930pm? after being so full... i just pigged off at 10 something. was suppose to play mahjong but i ffk-ed them. eheh

    then started waking up at odd hours and can't sleep back. ):

    woke up at 12 something today. left MA at 230pm to get to my 330pm lecture. then home (:

    pasta for dinner. studied abit. then pigged off again from 9pm till 11pm. i know right... i've been sleeping so much when i shouldn't be.

    i have an exam tomorrow la!!! stress ahhhhhhh!! theory and practical exam. i wanna cry already. my nap just now i was already dreaming of networking stuff.. oh nou... )):

    kla.. back to studying. nitess!


    try and recall what i did and said before i slept.

  6. tickles!

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    i have been slacking on the updates i know....

    thursday i had my test and stayed back in uni to do my report. soooo by the end of thursday i was like super duper drained out and just completely had no time to even open the browser and write a few lines of stuff. and friday right up till now i am at MA which means i am kinda occupied to even have time to blog. hehe

    was suppose to head home like right now but instead i am staying for another day. and i am totally free right now to sit here and blog! well.... not really totally free cause i kinda needa study but free enough to squeeze in like half and hour tops. (:

    okay.. Thursday,

    went to uni early that day to study on that program i had to use. did all the work, answered all the sample exam questions and was feeling yea... can do la..

    so headed to Maccas for lunch. was craving for...

    double quarter pounder! YUMS!

    then went back for tutes and lectures and then found out my test later that day was an open book test. then i was like super relieved already. easy peasy =D

    after test met up with group mates and stayed in uni till it was like dark... hmm kla.. dark means 5 something. so hehe but still late enough la okay..

    the new ATC building on campus. built this year.

    went home and had carbonara for dinner and then went out to Highpoint with aunty D for the VIP sales.

    which i came home with this (: haha

    spent the rest of the night doing my report non stop. i was so so so tired!


    stupid day. like seriously.

    left the house at 1045am and got to MA near 1230pm. then realised i forgot to hand in my assignment which i left it at home and there is no way that i could redo it on the spot. so i had to go home and get it and go back to uni.

    left MA like 140pm.. finally reached uni's train stop at 455pm. i took like 3 hours and abit just to go home and from home head back to uni. and the assignment was due at 5pm. shoot me please?

    i was running up and down like a mad girl that day....

    after that i just stayed in the city cause we were going for dinner at loong's that night at 7pm. so i just went walking around.. the shops closes at 9pm on fridays anyways. so yea..

    then met up with celine and went to easy way then went to loong's. this time yao yun couldn't make it. so was just me, teck wei, celine, khai shien, loong and sheng nee and three of loong's sam classmates. ruth, mei yin and teresa.

    sheng nee made baked cheese rice and prawn mee!!

    yummy yummy. love the prawns! omg so much effort cooking it. love eating but don't think i'll love cooking it. ahaha!

    then as usual had our drinking session.

    this time we had Jim Beam.

    and finished as usual. awesome fun la that night! "must keep my pants" HAHA!


    kotaraya lunch about 2 something.

    hainanese chicken rice. $9.50

    after that mahjong till like 4 something?

    and korean for dinner at carnegie. $17.50 per person

    dinner was with cherly, jia shen, khai shien, teck wei, js's bro jia wei and his gf, iris. 7 of us.

    back about 9 something. 10 something mahjong till 1am... haha! then was don't know doing what.. skyping with mum.. errr.. i don't know la. as long slept at 4am.

    hmm.. it tasted weird. choke-y.


    woke up about 12 something? but finally out of bed only at 2pm. and cooked fried rice. and watched the finale of antm cycle 16. now blogging. later study. then later later dinner at glen waverley.

    will be heading home tomorrow after uni. till then, xx.

    much love,

  7. silently calling out for help? anyone?

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    so i guess my presentation went well today. which i am so happy of our group. presentation done, now just the report to be finalised and i am done with works on engineering management!

    but now i am so stressed up and so tired.

    thinking about my test tomorrow i already feel like breaking down. then thinking about the report having the executive summary not done yet.. omg omg...!!

    after tomorrow i am coming home and i am going for highpoint's winter shopping day thing. whether i buy anything or not, i just needa go out of the house i go get some retail therapy even with just window shopping or whatever.

    lunch today was lord of the fries (: this cost me $3.75 ok... for a small cup..

    usually i am not a fries person as in i really don't eat them very much but i saw someone eating in the train and when i got down i just automatically walked towards the stall at flinders and stood there till the guy asked me what i want and so i bought. haha!

    bread,egg,cheese,ham... i want too.

    it was a mistake having the picture sent to me. well... i was the one who wanted to picture but yea.. i was like drooling at 12 in the morning yesterday.. hungrying now too but i appreciate the thought of remembering the picture for me and somehow made you forgot about the chilli sauce. hehe

    hmmm... now i think i am going to fall apart soon. i am so tired right now.. should really head to bed. and i am going to uni early tomorrow to get hold of a software that i need for tomorrow's test.

    hmm good night people!

    sher xoxo.

    no call tonight i suppose... ):

  8. life as we already know it.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    watched gossip girl season finale today. and 90210's new episode. its good that the series are taking its break before my finals.

    having a presentation tomorrow too. god help me. please?

    today was just about test and presentation slides and presentation and naps and backaches and gilmore girls and chocolates and savoury pancakes cravings and news of a new addition to melbourne next semester! ohhhh i am excited!!

    presentation tomorrow.... 10 minutes long.. kill me please?

    oh and mum and the family and everybody is up in genting. up in bukit tinggi for dinner. i am not there ): i want good food and random food trips up to don't know where and random going up to genting nights too...


    even after years, things still fall apart. nothing seems forever. nothing seems certain. i guess whatever happens happens but you know.. its still sad.

    teaches me a lesson to only want now, want tomorrow but don't plan futures so far ahead that our brains can't even hold how far it goes. makes those heartaches harder having to think of whats plan for and didn't work out in the end.

    i know i know... to some yea.. not planning futures are like not committing bla bla bla.. but i guess there is two sides of seeing it.

    but yet, to me it is appreciate now. even if it means "its still complicated". but its still complicated with HAPPY at the end of it. now is just what i have in mind till things feel right-er?

    hope kills. really. if one thing i should learn along the line, thats it. don't have your hopes too high up. but just enough that it won't be suicidal.

    ooo kay.. enough of crapping. a certain event just popped up that made me thinking.

    nights peeps!


  9. me is happy. life has been good (:

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    the weekends was awesome as usual ((:

    friday was dinner at sofia's to celebrate loong's birthday. a total of 18 of us and seriously we looked like we had a huge huge feast. paying $13 for sofia and among 18, you should roughly know how much we ate. which was seriously alot! but satisfying =DD

    got back to MA about 10 plus? then all i did was downloading shows, temaning people study and then eventually went to sleep.

    saturday wealth garden dim sum in the morning at doncaster. went out about 10pm with teck wei and hopped on two bus and finally we were there for dim sum! =DD

    yum cha! ((((: 6 of us who made it. me, teck wei, celine, yao yun, loong and sheng nee.

    nice ler.. i like.. these are the 5 out of i think 30 dishes that we ordered? HAHA!

    there was alot of other nice food but i was just to busy eating till i totally forgot to take pictures. the chicken feet was good! the polo bao!!! yumssss!! the mango sago also damn nice! basically the food was good la. like slightly above average for me.

    but burnt a hole in my wallet. $28 per person )): but nevermind, my tummy was uber satisfied!

    then we headed over to doncaster westfield shoppingtown. mainly for novo but i bought nothing even with the 40% discount and all. i love this pair of boots that i saw but it wasn't practical ): so no buying.... )): but celine and sheng nee got themselves an item each.

    after that we sat down at Koko Black for a cup of iced chocolate then went groceries shopping at coles with celine and teck wei where as the other three went back to the city.

    about 440pm me and teck wei left back to clayton and celine went home.

    it was cold that day i remembered. went back and slept and ended up only eating dinner at like 9 something 10?

    teck wei fried some sausages for our dinner. and i fried the eggs.

    and it was damn good with the cheese and the chilli sauce!!

    almost felt like i had ramly in my mouth that night. love it (((: me love gourmet sausages to begin with also la.. haha

    then watched no strings attached halfway and had our mahjong session. me, teck wei, vicki, jia shen and cherly. rotating among us to play.

    hehe my first mahjong session in australia ler.. ((: fun!

    after that finished up the remaining of no strings attached and ended up sleeping close to 7am that morning. was too distracted.

    woke up at 2pm on, i fried some rice for lunch. me likey my fried rice. but it needs more pepper and egg. that i agree. hope he likes it too.

    after all that frying i was literally smelling like food so needed to get a shower hehe. that night's dinner was instant noodle. and then i left MA about 725pm?

    i'd wish to have it everyday if possible. which is you.

    was watching american idol last night and crashed on the bed without realising. woke up earlier this morning to get a report done and now.. i don't know what to do. presentation on wednesday... yea should get to those presentation slides.

    hungry... =/

    kla.. thats about it. not much pictures i know. hehe kthxbai.


    you know... everything is just perfect. every detail, every moment, was right because of you.

  10. happy belated birthday loo sheng loong! or known to some of us as Mr benjamin loo =DD

    went for his surprise potluck yesterday that was organised by sheng nee. aww man i didn't get to see his priceless expression when he opened the door! )): sho sad...

    but i hope he had fun yesterday!

    and there were so much food. there was still claypot chicken rice in the rice cooker too.

    me likey the lasagna yao yun made. yums!!

    and the mud cake..

    niceeeee! if only it was heated up a little bit. you know a little but melty? it would have been so much better. (((:

    i hope you had awesome day loong!

    okla that's it. i am suppose to pack for my 3 days out. and i am feeling abit sickish.. might head to bed real soon.

    you know... everything just had to suck, then sucky, then suckier and then just purely bad timing.

    people can be so judgemental huh? i'll either make sure to have them glued to you or i just will not bother even trying. just go ahead and judge on. weird weird people around..

    i so wasn't myself yesterday..

    can you tell me whats wrong? cause i think i roughly do know what is it about but i wanna hear it from you.. please?


  11. the need to clarify.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    "i'd wish to wake up to your voice everyday if possible. and that you thought of doing that just to cheer me up means a whole lot to me.

    maybe what we have now isn't an exclusive thing or maybe that we don't even have a tomorrow. but the moment, everything from then till now is enough for me right now. my life seems more colourful having you in it and not only just being a friend to me but more than that." -me.

    something might come up tomorrow and wash it all away. but at least i know i've once had it. although there are still lots that are yet to be said crystal clear and lots that are hidden beneath all the past, i am sure we'll get to that someday and even if its going to be an unpleasant moment of truth, i still had an amazing ride to date.

    meant it.


  12. it was my mum's birthday yesterday which happens to be mothers day as well. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MI! and happy belated mothers day to all the mums out there and especially to my wonderful mother (:

    i recorded a video of myself and sent it to my mum to wish her happy birthday. had me singing for her in the short 1 minute and abit video. which she conveniently showed everybody apparently its to distribute that love her daughter sent to her and was proud and touched by it. but i pula don't know where to hide my face when everyone back home told me they saw the video and quoted me when i was skyping with them last night.

    there was this celebration at home. for mum's birthday and mothers day. where everybody was there. like seriously EVERYBODY. i miss all this family gatherings we always have. my family is pretty close, that i must say.


    mum and bro (:

    all the mothers blowing the cake together.

    mum ♥♥

    my mum is my bestest friend. i am grateful for everything she gave me and brought me up to be who i am today, all by herself. to picture her doing it or even to put myself in her shoes, its pretty damn tough. tough job i know. especially i don't think i am the best daughter in the world but i try my hardest and my very best to be the best to her. still in the process of trying. aha

    there is no one i could love more than my mum. she's the world to me and i know i am hers too. this is the first year that i wasn't there by her side celebrating her birthday with her. i am not there physically but i am sure i was there somehow (:

    i hope she had an amazing amazing day. i hope her wishes comes true, her to be happy always, and in good health and thats it. in good health is all i could ask for.

    now, i have to fulfil her wish that she told me last night. i'll do my very best to complete my part too. i love you mi!

    happy birthday mummy dearest ♥♥

    tonnes of love,

  13. elaborate more?

    Sunday, May 08, 2011

    today was the day for something newer and different.

    but this is something new and different on the good side. i guess?

  14. i want what i want.

    Saturday, May 07, 2011


    today was pretty good ((: went city for lunch with teck wei. had thai food.

    beef pineapple fried rice.

    and my tom yum fried rice which i like it. but on the pricey side. $13.50 but had like lots of big prawns. yums!

    then celine joined us. went window shopping a while after that then it was meeting khai shien in melbourne central for our movie. 4 of us going for..

    fast five (:

    awesome!! i loved the show. the cars was like omg gorgeous and yeng =DD and paul walker is like hot and sexy at the same time =P i don't mind a guy who drives so utterly hot looking. HAHA! overall, it was worth my $10. nicee

    celine left straight after movie. the 3 of us pula headed for dinner. at a1.

    my chicken fillet cheese baked rice.

    after dinner was bubble tea at easy way then headed over to loong's to chill abit. then home.

    now... research, series then sleep. out for the day tomorrow. hehe

    a short update on what went on for the day. ciao peeps!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  15. badminton today was awesome.

    made me realise how much i miss that sport cause it is like the only thing i play. like seriously the only sport that i've properly played.

    it was fun ((: me likey likey. wanna ask khai shien book court again for next friday (((:

    after badminton went back MA awhile then headed down to the city for dinner. me, teck wei, khai shien, cherly, jia shen and vicky went dinner together at nam loong on russell street.

    had their salt and pepper chicken ribs.

    nice ler (: i wouldn't compare it with rose garden because personally i like both =DD but nam loong is cheaper which is good. but you gotta go before 5pm to get it at $8 if not you gotta pay an extra of $1. and chinese tea there isnt free. so yea..

    after dinner i came home.

    just been lazing around with american idol, bathed dried my hair too. now i am gonna get to vampire diaries, greys anatomy and private practice.

    or maybe just one of them. might head to bed early. feeling kinda tired tonight. but feeling good ((:

    ciao for now.

    with love,

  16. outfit today.
    love my tommy hilfiger down feather vest. perfecto~~! loves loves!
    and also my $11 new look boots which i am growing to love (:

    hey ya'll.

    just changed my phone plan recently. instead of using the $29 cap plan, i am now on the $45 infinite plan which i can text call anybody in australia unlimited and also unlimited texting to international numbers. which is awesome! considering every month i'll be struggling with minimising my usage.

    anyways it came with the samsung nexus s?

    its an android phone which i am not so familiar with using. tried it and downloaded some app but prefer my iphone wayy more than that. so yea.. tho it looks pretty damn cool haha!

    had someone to deliver the phone back to malaysia and my cousin is gonna sell it off and get me and iphone 4 white instead. which is great! =DD and this phone worths like RM2.3k back in malaysia? and its like on $29 cap here now.. crazy shit hehe

    the past few days i've been on assignments and reports. not that its over yet. i still have my management report due soon. so yea.. i need some relaxing time.

    which is why i've been on american idol almost more than half the time when i am free. slept at 5am this morning watching idol and also skyping with ferns. finally i am not talking to myself anymore on skype with him. which is good ((: nice catching up with a friend whom i miss very much from home (:

    tomorrow will be out for badminton which i haven't been playing in ages. like i think since high school? thats long. i know..

    i've been so tired since i got back from uni. due to today's weather i think i caught a cold. been sneezing non stop and fluing like a leaky pipe... )): tired but still refusing to go to bed because i've been worried and wondering whats up with things. distracted all that fuss i made by watching idol, antm and criminal minds.

    now that i know whats up. prolly i might go and sleep earlier. i was really worked up having not to know anything in that 6 hours? ate some ice cream to let lose but i don't think its working very much..

    and i had my dinner at 530pm. so... high chances i'll be hungry soon. so its best going to bed before my tummy starts growling for food and munchies. haha

    anyways.. thats pretty much it for now.

    will be back when there is something to be typed out. goodnight.


  17. sounds imitation (: only you do.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    just finished watching the Roommate.

    the show is freaky. like gave me chills. all the stalker and obsessive thingys just gives me the creeps. i remembered how creeped out i was when i was watching one tree hill when peyton got stalked by psycho derek. same old thing.

    the good part about the show are the casts. leighton meester, starting to really like her from gossip girl tho this is like a 360 degrees transformation of character. cam gigandet who is oh so hot plus he is a drummer in the movie. i have a thing for drummers. hot ones i mean. haha! and cam has been like this eye candy for me since the OC then burlesque.

    also nina dobrev who was like in the movie for 2 minutes? oo and danneel harris who is now known as danneel ackles since she is super lucky to be married to jensen ackles and i have known about her way back since one tree hill in one of the early seasons. and matt lanter who is so hot but painfully got stabbed in the movie. matt lanter from 90210 haha and the lead actress, i find her to be quite pretty. not that i know who she is (:

    shows done. now back to work. no fun.

    you know... skyping and yet not talking all the time but just having another person stay on the line with you, makes you feel like you are having some real company beside you. i kinda like it (: 2 hours when talking was just under an hour seems quite fun at times.

    i am glad lin is fine in new zealand.

    back to ol' boring management report to write. kthxbai.

    much love,

    time flies. exactly a month from now to finals.
    i so don't like swinburne's admin this semester...
    but yet, i am loving my semester back in melbourne thus far.

  18. how-did-my-weekend-go (:

    Monday, May 02, 2011


    the title says it all.. and about today too. =D

    so i shall start with saturday. left down to the city about 1130am to meet up with teck wei, khai shien, celine, sheng loong and sheng nee and yao yun for lunch.

    first decided to go ying thai for lunch simply cause we miss chat thai from sydney so we wanted something thai but then changed our minds and wanted to go to nam loong on russell street but it was close for saturday's lunch time and instead we walked in randomly to some japanese like shop.

    i tell you... so so disappointing okay.. never ever will i walk in again. i wanted fried soba they gave me fried udon and when i asked again to double confirm if it was soba they said yes. i so didn't enjoy lunch at all... )):

    then we walked to Chatime on elizabeth street which cheered me up since lunch was a letdown. happy happy!

    i had passionfruit QQ with rainbow jelly. likey likey! eventhough it wasn't as good as the one we had in sydney cause the pearls that we had in sydney was like cooked to perfection and chewy and yummy. where as this one is still bit hard in the inside. but overall bubble tea just makes me happy (((:

    sat there chit chatting pretty long and then headed over to QV and that where we just went our separate ways. i was with teck wei and khai shien cause i was gonna stay over at MA that night. so went grocery shopping with the boys.

    grocery shopping at laguna QV and also went to chadstone coles and kmart. omg i tell you we bought so much stuff for the three of us to carry. thank god on the way back we had a lady to carry two plastic bags of our stuffs. helped so much man..

    got back to MA and ordered dominos for dinner.


    we had three pizzas for $27 which was $9 each to share (: since the boys came, i have been eating dominos twice. before this i was here for like a year and a half and i have never tried them before. haha!

    affter eating like super full cause of the 7 slices of pizza i just stayed in watching the last few episodes of gun metal grey and finished it up and also chit chatting with cherly hearing about how her sydney trip went.


    woke up about 12 something and decided to do some cooking. made some carbonara pasta cause the boys bought like 12 bottles of dolmio's carbonara pasta sauce. so yea.. hmmm i might have accidentally made it abit too salty. hehe sorry! the four of us, me teck wei khai shien and cherly had it for lunch.

    then napped a while, showered and got ready to get home. but i stayed for dinner before heading back home so went over to carnegie for some japanese.

    ordered their chirashi. $15.50. assorted sashimi on rice.

    left carnegie about 8pm. by the time i got home was like 930pm already. then just caught up on vampire diaries and bones since it was my last night of holidays. so yea..


    back to uni for classes...)): before heading to uni i went to QV and got myself some mini cupcakes. i had the other day i fell in love with them =D

    top row (L-R): red velvet and choc surprise?
    bottom (L-R): peanut butter choc something? and blueberry.
    4 mini cupcakes for $7.

    the blueberry, peanut butter choc thingy and red velvet was awesome! especially those cream cheese topping on the red velvet and blueberry was like awesome!! ((:

    then just headed to uni and got back home by 3 something. been up to work and a wee bit of one episode of supernatural and also come chats to catch up with my heng dai back in malaysia.

    just had some lamb chops for dinner ((: yumms!

    now off to doing my report. if it wasn't because i am meeting up with a lab partner to check on our reports, i wouldn't be stressing on it now since its only due wednesday. i know.... i am pushing it to end. hehe

    ciao for now!

    sher xoxo.

    the smell of the shampoo reminds me everything about the moment.
    nothing but new and somewhat fun.