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  1. life as we already know it.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    watched gossip girl season finale today. and 90210's new episode. its good that the series are taking its break before my finals.

    having a presentation tomorrow too. god help me. please?

    today was just about test and presentation slides and presentation and naps and backaches and gilmore girls and chocolates and savoury pancakes cravings and news of a new addition to melbourne next semester! ohhhh i am excited!!

    presentation tomorrow.... 10 minutes long.. kill me please?

    oh and mum and the family and everybody is up in genting. up in bukit tinggi for dinner. i am not there ): i want good food and random food trips up to don't know where and random going up to genting nights too...


    even after years, things still fall apart. nothing seems forever. nothing seems certain. i guess whatever happens happens but you know.. its still sad.

    teaches me a lesson to only want now, want tomorrow but don't plan futures so far ahead that our brains can't even hold how far it goes. makes those heartaches harder having to think of whats plan for and didn't work out in the end.

    i know i know... to some yea.. not planning futures are like not committing bla bla bla.. but i guess there is two sides of seeing it.

    but yet, to me it is appreciate now. even if it means "its still complicated". but its still complicated with HAPPY at the end of it. now is just what i have in mind till things feel right-er?

    hope kills. really. if one thing i should learn along the line, thats it. don't have your hopes too high up. but just enough that it won't be suicidal.

    ooo kay.. enough of crapping. a certain event just popped up that made me thinking.

    nights peeps!


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