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  1. my self rant of mind torture.

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    oh noess noess... )):

    exam this saturday. god help me. save me. put me under a miracle spell. or sprinkle me some of those miracle water... or something!! enough for me to just pass my papers i am happy.. i am starting to freak out real bad. and its this saturday. HELP HELP HELP!!

    in the end didn't go back to uni today cause my tooth ached and i was too lazy to get out of bed. which resulted in me sleeping till 3pm.

    and then studied. which i doubt it was really all that productive.

    studying makes me sleepy. i am sleepy now already. can i go sleep and not think about exams and not dream about them too? helpppppppppp!

    all the sighhs are flying and floating around my room right now.

    going back to uni tomorrow and borrow those books i put on hold. have to and must wake this time! yes shereena... please..

    kla. baiiii...


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