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  1. a trip that was really memorable.

    Friday, October 31, 2008

    it was soo much of fun.

    the times where we screamed, shouted, whacked, fought, but yet had so much fun. the last day and only hours till we hit the road back to kl.

    everything was falling right onto place and it may be our one and only last one that was successful.

    the coming to be one, seems to be in a total mess.

    people cant make it and stuff. so i doubt it would actually work. we shall just have to keep whats left in us than hope for another.

    slept pretty early yesterday because somehow my energy was drained out. got up nearly 10 this morning cause was heading back to taylors to study.

    was there for about 6 hours plus. and studied a lil' bit. (:

    came home and watched gossip girl episode 8. i know i am not suppose to watch shows now, but one or two episodes of series wont really kill me. (:

    i still have episode 8 of one tree hill coming up and also episode 7 of supernatural.

    probably supernatural can wait till next weekend. one tree hill MUST be tonight. :D

    (its not that you'll see this, but happy 18th!)

    okayy... enough of happy stuffs. here comes the not-so-happy things. sighs.

    i love seeing him eventhough things have been so roughed with the way i feel. but it still doesnt stop me from greeting with a smile.

    eventhough the feelings are going away because i need them too, but i am still loving those stuff i see about him.

    i should see lesser and think lesser.

    this is not helping me at all. and the other you, why is it that i am taking notice of most your stuff? i dont want to but i am. i dont like you.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet

  2. suddenly a bad boy fan?

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    cam gigandet. ~bad boy image.

    those who watch the o.c, remember him? he acted as kevin volchok. (: he was kinda hot in the show. i mean really really bad useless and annoying but somehow hot.

    nice body though. (: and mesmerizing blue eyes!

    was reading ohlalamag the other day and saw his picture. and realised he is actually more than not bad. because in o.c, he was just not bad to me.

    he is also starring in the upcoming movie, Twilight. :D

    and Twilight seems to have another cute fella. not the one as edward cullen but another vampire. some boy that used to act in Cheaper by a Dozen 2. Taylor something. he is not bad too. (:

    it seems the book was really good maybe the movie would be equally good? i didnt read the book so i dont really know much about it.

    but i saw the trailer. well.. i would say its something that wont really attract me to watch, since i heard the book was good, so must watch. (:

    went back to college library today to study. apparently i did study. so i guess its quite good. and maths is not fun anymore!

    after that went to pyramid for only like an hour.

    went heels hunting. i love the one from eclipse but i like the other two from vincci. eclipse's is more expensive than the other two from vincci.

    i dont know whether i need a new pair of heels for prom or not. hmm..

    i'll go hunt for it again after finals. and anyone knows where to go set your hair for prom?

    my heart sort of sank when i was asked to give opinion. as bad as it already is, i was also asked about the particular subject from another friend.

    how come when you already gave up on someone, you still feel so horrible when you hear stuff about them?

    its disasterous.

    never fall for a close friend and never fall more into it after knowing there is no hope. it kills.


    music addiction : Katy Perry - Hot N Cold

  3. it may seem bright and clear.

    just finished watching tornado terror on star movies. makes me wonder that we will never know what is gonna happen tomorrow.

    we dont know what are we fated for tomorrow. so its best to live life the fullest every single day so that the amount of regrets that have in us is lesser.

    i wouldnt say there will be no regrets. every single one of us does have regrets in our lives.

    today got up at 11.30 am despite the late sleeping this morning. i only slept at 5 in the morning. was studying but the was later drawn towards my conversations on msn. at least i studied.

    it seems that words are easier to be told through an lcd screen. and i had jia shen to listen till 4.30 in the morning. (:

    and he had me to see his linda chung's mv(s).

    had tuition this afternoon so we went back to taylors. tuition today ended at about 4.15 pm and cherly said she wants to go check out the bridal house at sunway.

    went to have a look at the evening dresses. they all looked pretty but it was abit pricey for me. i shall just stick to the one i got it designed for my prom.

    i had to go back and alter my dress. i had out grown it. maybe i will see that hot fella working there again?

    came home and flipped through physics but i fell asleep on my bed. (:

    even had the chance to watch shows on astro on demand also. not too bad huh. i am having fun watching the Gem of Life.

    moses chan is damn blardy yeng. he has the height and the looks and the body to die for. (:

    maybe it was just as a friend. until now, i still couldnt make my mind clear on what is it that i want or what is it that i am thinking.

    the mind has been wondering alot. i hate being someone who cares. there are more downs than ups.

    back to my midnight revisions. thats if i am not distracted. :D

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Chris Brown ft Keri Hilson - Superhuman

  4. group study.

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    one of my favourite. jensen ackles~!

    watched supernatural episode 6 early this morning. like what, 1 am?

    this episode he was sooo cute. should have seen the way he screamed. funny plus cute. and his lip synced song at the ending was hot!

    really hot! :D

    woke up pretty late today. and got to know that there was a group study in starbucks taipan so i went.

    i was really in need to brush up my physics. and i need a little more help than just myself.

    did some past years but very little only laa. we were talking and scolding and ignoring most of the time.

    saw quite some people. first, jun yih then su-ann then wui yang. not bad huh. alot of people seems to study at starbucks. (:

    at least i did some studying.

    finals is less than a week away already. sien. its good thinking that it will be over very very quickly but yet thinking its next monday is killing. sighs.

    someone brought up something today. i dont even know what to say. do i really care about you still? and what about the other friend? i care as a friend or what?

    sometimes i do wonder why i care so much. its not like people notice and its not like they care also.

    maybe thats my weakness.

    caring too much kills. for now, that pretty much conclude how i feel.

    ahhhh.. off to maths. i hope it will somehow make me care on something other than them.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Bethany Joy Galeotti & Grace Potter - I want something that i want

  5. a cute shy lil' boy.

    should have seen how red his cheeks were when he was on stage kneeling down to present a flower. so cutee.

    he always had these really really rosy cheeks.

    drove mum down to pj today for an open house. talked, eat and came home.

    had been doing maths and physics the whole day. but i am in need of my physics answers to get myself on the right track.

    slept alot too. its either with the work or the sleep to get me off stuffs.

    i wanted to tell someone about all the stuff in mind but none had the time to listen. when one had the time, i didnt have the guts to tell.

    i have too much in mind. the most important, my finals! and the other rest of emotional problems and crappy feelings.

    i guess this is life huh.

    as it already is like that, people tend to leave too.

    ever thought about the future? wondering how great or how sucky it would turn out? being some career woman/man or some mpsj sweep floor lady/man?

    it reminds me of that prediction adrian made when i was in form 4. mpsj sampah lady that wears tudung which have damn lots of kids.

    great right?

    the emo days are back on me. ):


    music addiction : Hinder - Without You

  6. my high school buddies.

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    the class girls.

    basically only two i am close with. one a very funny whacky islamic studies ONLY friend. two not-so-close classmates. one out of the picture.

    it was so far an entertaining year.

    sighs. driving today sucked! i cant believe i am that terrible. sometimes i wonder those critics i've said seems to turn back to me.

    people always tell me how confuse they are or they dont know how they feel. sometimes i feel exactly the same too.

    at least at this current moment i am.

    dont matter how much i want to get rid of "youu", i cant. i mean i thought i did but there is always something about me that always cares about him in some way.

    i left him completely out of my mind for like weeks and suddenly after hearing a phrase from him dedicated to me, my heart is weakening again. images of him is flashing in my mind already.

    another problem with the other one, i dont intend to care much but i am unintentionally. i am not sure whether i am caring as a friend or more than a friend.

    but one thing i am sure, this friend have yet not to affect me in so many ways as "youu" did.

    these are basically the peoples that made something in my life. something deep. a very very truly good friends.

    my high school sweethearts.

    life wasnt interesting for me without them. only you and i should know if you had affected my life.

    omg laaa... these feelings are taking over me.

    "we will only be friends."

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Shontelle - T-Shirt

  7. fairytales don't seem to exist anymore.

    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    college was fun. some of the days.

    the finals which is coming is not fun. but still, good luck guys!

    after the episode 7 of gossip girl last night, i went to bed. its abit unusual for me to go to bed early on a friday night but i was too sleepy.

    my eye lids was so heavy when i was in the cinema yesterday for bangkok dangerous. its more like a necessity for me to sleep in the afternoon after college.

    went to the clinic this morning to get my chicken pox vaccination. since hearing steph got hers out of no where, i couldnt afford get it anytime soon. my finals is less than two weeks away.

    then went to pick my aunt and cousin up and left to amcorp mall in pj. and yes i drove all the way down to pj. not bad huh.

    but i nearly scared everyone in the car. it seems that i dont brake enough and blardy hell i nearly banged someone.

    i think that guy was a crazy fella for standing in the middle of the road and not moving. it made me terrified till everything after that failed. my turnings and my parking.

    going amcorp mall to shop for accessories are pretty fun. basically accessories there are cute. and i just found a new stall. the things are super nice and cute!

    i am fascinated with the stuff there. can i buy everything? haha! well.. i managed to get a pair of earrings and a necklace.

    seriously, the lady is talented. its all handmade and it is so petite. they look like they had life. super cute little fairies and mermaids and angels!

    mum droved home instead of me. i am feeling abit of the vibe still.

    just had episode 7 of one tree hill done. i am was in love with that show and still is. everything in it seems to make me love something so much.

    sighs and omg.

    did i do the right thing by saying all those stuff? i felt like i betrayed someone or done something really really guilty.

    what if i cared too much till i found out that i am doing it cause i have more than a friend feeling? or was i just doing it because i was just being a good friend?

    life is complicating. people and love is too.


    music addiction : Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

  8. last day of college.

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    today was the last day of college. last day of us being s9 students. the last outing as classmates. last road trip down to klang during break. last colour coordinating day.

    photo credits to michelle.

    s9 class 2008.

    its been a near 11 months. time flies damn freaking fast. eventhough i may not be close to absolutely everybody but it was still a class that i enjoyed with.

    after class 13 of us went to pyramid but only 12 caught the movie.

    the 12 is me, jia shen, khai shien, teck wei, ken, masyitah, daniel, wei xiang, sean, vincent, brandon and his gf. felix left us there. (:

    and the rest of the class ffk-ed us. great right? but we still had fun.

    managed to catch bangkok dangerous by nicholas cage.

    it a 6/10. i find it adequate only.

    had fun walking around before and after the movie. running around whacking vincent, shouting and whacking teck wei, walking into the pet shop and staring at those reptiles like jakoons, a whole bunch going in echo park with vincent to get boxers and also hearing them saying about how daniel treated the popcorn cup.

    there will be alot that i'll miss about this class. and alot of memories that i'll remember.

    the post on the whole class will only come after spec maths paper. i dont have the time to post so much about it yet. wait till exams are over, i'll write something on each and every one.

    college days had officially ended.

    my sincere wishes to everyone in s9, good luck in your finals! you know you can do it. (:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Graduation - Vitamin C

  9. yesterday's trip to lcct was fine. somehow my driving still not so good. there is always room for improvements.

    mum is already back. i missed her and i loved the stuffs she bought.

    all my darlings


      • blue roxy hoodie
      • red hard rock hoodie
      • blue china not-so-cheap hoodie
      • pink roxy wallet
      • 3 roxy tshirts
      • one hard rock tshirt
      • two kipling wallet
      • one kipling coin purse
      • 3 small kipling bags
      • one big blue kipling bag
      • a blue crystal guardian angel
      • some keychains
      • some jeweleries
    i absolutely long every single thing. some wasnt meant to be mine but i can resit it so i claimed it to be mine. (:

    s9 of 2008. partially here.

    tomorrow is the last day of college and last day of us being S9(s). i am gonna miss it though. whacky funny nerdy geeky smart lazy peoples. (:

    everything in college is coming to a full stop.

    probably catching a movie after college as classmates i guess. the plan is not even confirmed.

    i had a very weird dream just now. i mean in the afternoon. i just saw him outside the windows today but never expected a dream like that. saying, "i know you like me." ):

    i guess the feelings confessions will come in tomorrow's post. happy stuff dont go well with awfully sad ones. so yeahh.

    i am gonna have fun at my last day of college~

    love ya people,

    music addiction : Secondhand Serenade - A Twist In My Story

  10. the P license owner.

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    malaysia's ONLY hot dancer. fellest yan.

    at least he is so far the only one people around me agreed on.

    he can dance really well and he is quite good looking. especially him with a fedora hat and a white tank top, and the moves, he looks really good.

    drove the cousin's vios just now out to mamak for dinner. thats because he saw my license on the table and gave me a shock when he said "you drive".

    anyway, the license just arrived this evening.

    i am still not use to pressing the acceleration. manual cars makes me step more on it but auto dont have to. so my acceleration is still very the not smooth.

    and my parking sucks. literally. its straight but too near the line of the box.

    for a first timer, i guess its okay.

    now, online is the same as not onlining. i dont chat with anyone anymore. literally no one at all. except with philbert jee wee lee yesterday.

    his name is so easy to remember eventhough i have not come across it for like 3 years plus. i miss that fella though.

    well.. had a great chat though. he was trying hard to make me smile. always had been a good friend to me.

    good luck in the coming "new life" in kelantan!

    tomorrow my mum will be back from china. and my cousin insisted that i should drive there. i wonder how horrifying the journey would be.

    mum is coming back means tonnes of souveniers. yay! (: i know i am gonna kidnap absolutely everything from her luggage bag.

    anyway, good night people. (:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Jay Chou - 給我一首歌的時間 (his new songs are pretty good)

  11. a walking idiot.

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    i know i am an idiot for being too into it.

    i dont know what is up with me these days. like today, i was actually having some laughters with the friends but then after that, i completely lost it.

    i was like in a world by myself and totally shut myself off everybody. even kinda threw my temper onto a good friend. it wasnt all my fault but i sort of over reacted.

    i was sure that i got rid of whatever feeling i had on "youu" but seeing a personal message made me think who is that? wondering whether it actually meant anything or was he trying to say it to someone.

    maybe bits and pieces of everything around me are jumble up into one state of confusion.

    i always had this someone i dont like. i mean she didnt do anything much to me but there is just this something that i dont like about her.

    maybe its because she had once owned him. and there is when the word infatuation comes in. i dont know why i care so much about his stuff but i am sure i do not have any deep feelings for the fella.

    it was more like protecting a friend and restraining him from being hurt. and wanting to know how good he is doing.

    i just needed to throw all this words out from me. i dont expect any form of asking.

    just finished 3 episodes of the oc. its leaving me at a hanging state. making me think too much. not about the show but myself.

    watching series is the only time i'll relax and also the only time my mind travels after its over.

    guys are the pain in the ass. and the feelings are even worse.


    music addiction : Lifehouse - Make Me Over

  12. friends?

    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    friendship? mostly turns out sucky.

    today was soo tiring. ):

    got up at 7.50 a.m then went to the field to catch up with the boys. sat down and had a chat with them before they started their match.

    but i had to go before 9 because i have to go to monash with my cousin.

    so... chun kit walked me home with his football boots. i told him to just walk with me till the end of the padang but he said nevermind wor.

    i doubt a friend could get any better than that. well.. at least in my circle of friends.

    some dont matter how much i care they wont care even a bit. and some take things for granted. i couldnt be bothered anymore. as long you dont mess with me.

    monash is really boring today. its not place but the things i am hearing. somehow i like the place. it gives me the overseas feeling when i am inside.

    but the food there is expensive food. anyway, people that can afford to enter monash can afford eating food like that everyday.

    then, went all the way to pulau indah for an open house. its the other corner of the world. way way towards port klang.

    came back about 8. all the jam everywhere is making me so sien. reached home and slept till 9.30 p.m.

    and i should be in bed by 1 a.m. i have not got my full sleeping time yet. and i am craving for it already.


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Lifehouse - Broken

  13. my so called "social life"

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    life isnt as easy as it looks.

    sometimes i feel like i am in a room and a world of myself. i am like totally shut off from my social life.

    its not done intentionally but its happening.

    people who are close to me knows me too well that they can tell i am not a person who goes and hangs out with friends always.

    especially now with the restraining order of my mum to forbid me from going out this whole month until my finals are over.

    its not i dont want to go out, but i cant. and i wont do stuff to lose my trust from my mum.

    and sometimes going out too much its like too much you know.

    actually i dont really mind staying at home if i have people to chat with, shows to watch and things to do.

    but now, i am here doing nothing and trying to blog lively. that includes hearing emo songs, staring at my own nails and wondering whether my mum will call back tonight or not.

    ahh whatever. enough of describing things that can never be decribed fully.

    college time today passed so fast. as all class were shorten 15 minutes so by 1.15 p.m i was already done.

    and the head counts of classmates by day are getting lesser.

    came home and slept till 7. i am indeed a very going sleeper. (: i admit.

    finally the episode 6(s) of gossip girl and one tree hill is done. and now i am hunting high and low for supernatural's episode 5.

    even the episode 11 of the oc is in progress about 80% left. still a long way.

    i'll be going to the monash campus tomorrow. maybe i will feel my life there in future. and then i should be going to klang i guess.

    it will be a whole day out.

    in the morning i should be catching up with the boys in the field for a while before i leave. it seems there is a match.

    thats all. waiting for my mum to call back... (:

    ps : i am starting to fall in love with lifehouse's songs. and his voice is hot!


    music addiction : Lifehouse - All in All

  14. one year of great friendships.

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    college mates?

    college is soon coming to an end. eventhough i said it wasnt as fun as high school used to be, it is still considered as kinda fun.

    our class bond got closer by day. and after a month we wont be seeing each other again already. well.. for most of us.

    i guess after college things will be different again. a whole new group of friends, a whole new lifestyle and for some, a whole new life and environment.

    there is still one more week of class to have some fun. (:

    college was so so today. i felt so useless sitting there watching the rest of them play cards. was wondering why i was even there.

    basically, nothing much happened today.

    p.s : ernest's phone have nice songs. seriously. thanks for lending me your phone to kill my boredness. (:

    ughhh.. i am hungry. ):

    much love,

    music addiction : Midnight Hour - Running Away

  15. finally freed and happy.

    good news people, i passed my driving test! i am finally a legal and certified driver. (:

    actually the test wasnt so scary. thank god the car i got was functioning very properly. unlike those stories i heard about.

    and everything was sort of like going my way because during the road test, damn little car, at the roundabouts i dont even need to stop and the moment i got out of the car and walk to the shelter only it rain damn heavy.

    so i would say, it was luck. :D

    thanks allah buddha jesus or whatever that is.

    but the waiting time seriously damn blardy long. alot of testers wasnt working today. so to wait for your turn seriously took up alot of time.

    after everything was done, had to wait for them to give you the blue card somemore. that also i waited nearly for two hours. siao man.

    reached home a slept for half an hour then went to summit for the sushi bonanza thing. the queue was long. seriously long.

    despite the queue, i walked out of the shop feeling damn full. seriously ate damn alot. because the whole day i only had two slices of bread. so yeahh.

    omg laa. i seriously do not want to even rare a pet in my house. i am getting more paranoid by day. thanks to the cute yet annoying fella in my house.

    tomorrow have to go back to college. i wont be able to get up at 12 anymore. ):

    ciao peoples.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Lifehouse - Who We Are

  16. driving test is scary!

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    the perfect love? its plain crap.

    i was lazy to update yesterday. nothing much happened anyway. i am losing stuff to blog about already. life isnt as intresting as it used to.

    went to college today. actually going is the same as not going. and we got back our yearbook today. i am very satisfied with out pages.

    unlike the one i had last year. it was hideous. as it funny type of not nice. something like that. no offense to those who did it and who is reading this.

    i think our class was the only one with 3 coloured pages and it was really good memories.

    the whole book i spotted less than 5 guys i would say my type. as in those I find good looking. especially that one that i was looking since sometime ago.

    tomorrow is driving test!!

    omg laa. what IF i fail? and its in the afternoon. so much for good weathers these days.

    my mum called and she bought me stuff. stuff that i asked for. even the hoodie i asked. and its like 500 plus HKD. around RM 200 plus. and its blue!

    i am gonna love everything. love you mum!

    ookayy.. i am freaking out for tomorrow's test. wish me luck. (:

    bloody hell. can girls get anymore fake? watching australia's next top model and one of them just gets on my nerves. well.. its great that she left. so long Sam!

    ciao guys, :D

    music addiction : Candleburn- Dishwalla

  17. 18th birthday.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    happy birthday dicky!

    how come not many knows your birthday huh. i thought i missed it or something. you never told me when is your birthday also.

    anyway, happy 18th! may everything turn out well. so does you AS finals. good luck!

    studied physics till 2 something in the morning. and woke up pretty late today. nowadays, i lost my sense of time when i am asleep.

    started plurk today. when i woke up, i saw a message from yew wei on msn. he said it is fun so why not signing up. anyway its free wert.

    seems kinda fun somehow.

    mum called from guangzhou yesterday. she already bought me a bag! and its damn cheap. she's going to hong kong now.

    i hope i'll get all the stuff that i asked her to buy. if not, i am soo making my mum take me go to hong kong soon.

    finally, i watched episode 3 of supernatural. its nice laaa.

    maybe i should have a couple of episodes of the oc in between my study times. i am somehow into OC already.

    i cant find one tree hill's and gossip girl's episode 6. sob sob.

    thats all today. toodles!

    love ya,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Flo Rida - In the Ayer

  18. go liverpool?

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    i am standing strong ALONE.

    i got up damn late man. slept about 5 a.m and woke up around 2.30 p.m. if it wasnt a phone call that woke me up, i think i will still sleep till god knows what time.

    had to wash my own clothes cause mum isnt around to wash for me. went out for lunch with the cousin's girlfriend.

    there's a puppy in my house. those who knows me well enough will know dont matter what type of dog, big or small, i am afraid of it. literally terrified.

    even cherly's dog i am afraid. the very harmless barry. so you know how bad is my fear towards dogs. (:

    studied, and realised how much i dont know about stuff. some looks so new to me. i must really revise more and really deep into it.

    the 3rd episode of supernatural is still downloading. once in a while, i need my series to reduce my stress.

    for me, watching series and listening to songs helps sooo much. :D

    now, good looking guys are depleting. well.. at least in front of my eyes they are. there is no particular hot guy that i would even bother staring for more than 2 seconds.

    i got another hi from him again yesterday. its like what.. the 3rd hi in the year?

    nowadays, i dont even get much news on torres already. i dont watch club footballs, i dont watch liverpool's match and i dont google about it. how to get news on torres laa?

    but, he is still-hot! (: fernando torres. the stud footballer.


    music addiction : Jesse Mccartney - Leavin'

  19. love you mum. have a safe journey and enjoy yourself!

    just got back from lcct. mum is leaving to china for two weeks. that means i'll have "souveniers"! yay!

    i'll miss her though. <3

    okay laa. its 4.40 in the morning and i am damn tired. i'll update later in the afternoon or something.

    good morning people. (:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

  20. music is somehow fun.

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    singing at the top of my lungs.

    musics seems to help alot. i am stressing myself out but when i hear songs i like, i'll tend to sing it out loud to release all my stress.

    well... maybe thats why 8GB of my computer space is made up of my songs.

    i finally told my mum my results. i wasnt as bad as i expected her to react but i am still feeling the guilt. i am disappointing her. sighs. ):

    college was just fine today. nothing much happened.

    there will be a driving lesson tomorrow. i dont know whether i still remember how to drive or not. and my freaking test is next wednesday?! oh crap.

    i like the song Thunder by Boys Like Girls.

    this song recently only got famous on radio. actually i have this song since mid of last year.

    the starting of the song, the lead singer sounded really sexy. and actually he looks not bad. haha! finally some humour in me.

    ciao people. :)

    music addiction : Thunder - Boys Like Girls

  21. good friends?

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    my dearest limqh.

    had a good chat with qi hong yesterday. he made me feel less stress out. even he could sense the coldness when i chat with him before he left.

    well.. he is the only one that i talked stuff with that i dont speak to others. and yeahh.. whenever i start looking for him means something is wrong and he knows it.

    thanks for being there so much. <3

    i am really wondering.. its not that i am not contented with the amount of friends i have but friends that i could really talk to ones are really finger countable.

    and i dont usually say much about my problems to anyone actually. unless i really really had to.

    all i do is hear other's problems but not that much cared about mine. so why bother letting them know? its like some stupid fella making someone care about your problem when they clearly dont.

    college was so demotivating. sighs. i also dont know already laa.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Coldplay - Fix You

  22. tired.

    Wednesday, October 08, 2008


    it fits my mood now. the finals is seriously scaring the crap out of me. its near the corner and it is coming fast.

    and.. i have a driving test next wednesday. i dont even know how i would i do. i havent been touching the steering wheels in weeks.

    emoing. by the way, i think it is really gone. if it is, who am i going to see from now on? stare into blank space and imagine there is this hot guy in the room?


    season 2 of OC soon will be finished watching by me.

    i am getting bad migrain. havent been sleeping much. whenever i close my eyes wanting to fall asleep, i think alot. thinking about my blardy papers and what would i do if i cant get into Monash.

    wondering whether engeering would be right.

    i should stop all this. its taking over me. well... somehow i have to get it stuck into my mind so i'll work hard.


    music addiction : Zetta Bytes - Nothing's Wrong With Me

  23. the good old movies.

    Tuesday, October 07, 2008


    college was so so only la today. everyone's mood was so down for the first couple of periods. well.. i know i was.

    i so have to start studying for my finals already. i have been saying this since god knows when but i have to seriously start moving my butt and sit down for hours to study.

    i really have to!

    went out for japanese dinner just now at rakuzen. the one near SJMC. but i personally think that the one in downtown kl, at chulan square seems to be better. they serve more variety at least.

    came back and the minute i turned on the tv, it was showing Twister on HBO.

    i find it rather intresting. eventhough, the show seems to be kinda old, it is nice. i remember watching it when i was a kid. but there was only bits and pieces about it. now that i've seen it, everything seems to fall back into place.

    finally my OC season 2 episode 20 finished downloading. i had the whole season but the episode 20 was the only one missing.

    i had to download this first before i continue on.

    i guess thats it for today. bye bye. (:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink

  24. i got through it.

    Sunday, October 05, 2008

    fitting rooms.

    i didnt blog for yesterday. no doubt the laptop was on the whole day, i didnt even bothered updating. it was mainly on for the shows that was downloading.

    i slept the whole day. literally the whole day. and i am still feeling tired now.

    well... sleeping the whole day means nothing happened. or whatever did happen in my dreams, i cant recall at all.

    oh god, college is starting tomorrow. results?! and about a month away from the finals. blardy hell.. things are catching up so quickly.

    somehow i want time to pass fast yet sometimes i dont.

    i want it fast because, it will soon be holidays. the sooner it is to chinese new year, then mua trip to chiang mai, then uni life. :)

    thats if i get into the uni i want and to the course i want. if not, i wonder what would i really do... let me keep it as a mystery to me first.

    i want it slow because, finals is soo soon.

    someone told me today that a diary is important. that i should take up some time to write a diary not only about my daily life, but also planning my life.

    i havent been writing any. all i do everyday is trying to make some time to get online a blog a little. thats all.

    life is soo gonna be all home next weekend onwards. mum will be in china, and i am not suppose to be out anywhere. how sadd. :(

    oh great. college means no more late night series marathon. great.... :(

    bye beings.


    music addiction : Natasha Bedingfield - Angel

  25. outings.

    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    yao yun was too busy with house of the dead III.

    instead of midvalley it was pyramid. cause of some problem came up the plan changed.

    met chun kit there. had a long walk with him around.

    watched eagle eye. its actually a good movie. its the kind of show that i would want to watch again. an action pack that is not too much actions.

    something like that laa. and i am amazed. wonder will there be anything like that in future?

    i'll leave this update for later until i get the pictures laa. bye (:

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Pussycat Dolls-Lights, Camera, Action

  26. the close friends.

    Friday, October 03, 2008

    the five of us.

    we will be hanging out tomorrow. finally the five of us are going out together. its been quite some time since the five of us are out together.

    midvalley will be the destination. that means, window shopping, guys scouting, gossips, movie, foods and pictures.

    it should be fun. :)

    today was out to pavillion with a mum's friend. and i managed to buy a jacket from P&Co. i finally got something.

    was in pavillion till 4 plus. didnt really do much shopping though.

    came home and rested. there was an open house at night at a relative's place. ate quite alot. i have been eating alot lately. :D

    nothing much today laa. watching some series later. maybe terminator i guess. :P

    much love,

    music addiction : Alicia Keys - Superwoman

  27. house warming.

    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    australian? malaysian?
    chinese? white?

    if next year monash starts in february then i cant get to join them to thailand. and he'll be joining too. and it will be his birthday month. :)

    somehow he is too skinny laa. and shoulders not broad enough. maybe it is the cause of mixing.

    first, happy raya to those who are reading and celebrate it. not that many malays reads my blog but still. i dont even know whether is there any also.

    went out for dim sum this morning. first thing in the morning somemore. i didnt have enough of my beauty sleep. i only slept at 4 but had to wake up at 830. not enough. :(

    then uncle asked us to join him for an open house in rawang. blardy far i tell you. thank god his innova was comfy enough to let me catch up with some of my sleep.

    got home and slept again till about 6. :D

    wei ping's house warming thing starts at 730 so jia shen came to fetch me. and i was suprise to see the other classmates there also.

    ate and chit chatted. some of them drank till the face damn red.

    then we went up to wei ping's room to hang out and take pictures. later, the rest of the classmates went to the master bedroom to play nintendo wii. its ken's wii.

    had fun seeing them play. its really really entertaining. :)

    jia shen left earlier. we took quite some pictures and had alot of laughters. i had to leave at 930 so khai shien fetched me back along with teck wei.

    wei ping's house is really nice. 3 storeys le. and very cosy.

    even in the car on the way home, we laughed like mad. and teck wei is sooo annoying! :P seriously. the noise he makes. i tried to ignore but i couldnt.

    reached home safely and now, i am watching tv plus blogging. :D

    off to some tvb drama and later, the oc. bye peoples.

    love ya,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Christina Aguilera - Keeps Getting Better

  28. gardens?

    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    pmr was going on.

    tuition buddies. two in australia, one in utar, one in taylors pj, me in taylors subang and two more i have no idea.

    havent been keeping touch with them.

    i just felt like posting something up about them cause kar kiat triggered me. he wished me, happy raya all the way from perth.

    once great buddies, forever will cause the friendship memories lies beneath all of us.

    today i went to low yat. i saw the cute fella. he is still cute. the way he talks, walk and look. :) tried to look without anyone noticing me doing it.

    went to midvalley after that. remember i said i must get something? unfortunately i didnt. everything was out of sizes.

    i only got one pair of earring from perlini's silver and also a belt from fos. thats all. :(

    because of me going out today, i missed the outing to parade to meet up with qi hong. well... i guess this break i wont be seeing him.

    anyway, from time to time i might see him on webcam live from malacca.

    new blogskin for the new month. its my every month routine. i hope this one looks fine. :D nothing much today.

    oc-marathon again. toodles. (:


    music addiction : Flyleaf - All Around Me