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  1. who knew he had a funny talent. har har

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    i tell you the week has been passing by so fast. i haven't been updating regularly and i've been out everyday.. going to uni counts as going out too.. then when weekend comes, i'll be in MA.

    been in MA the past weekend for most of the time as i had to be a butler to my dear. and i tell you.. it is not easy taking care of someone who can't get around much. haha also.. i've been a chinese sinseh as well. i've been chopping up ginger almost every night to put it on his leg to help with the sprain. hmmm.. somehow it helped for the swelling but not much of the pain tho..

    yesterday night we went out for a random late night snack. we as in me, cherly, sean and ck. all the sudden cravings for pancake which brought us to a nice ambience pancake parlour branch with a nice manager. haha

    came back and found out my dearest fell and scraped his skin by hopping and sliding on a pillow that was on the floor ):

    slept about 3 something this morning and was up at 8 something to walk with him to monash's campus centre then went back to MA, cleaned up the room, slept for half an hour then went out to campus centre again. this time for lunch and accompany teck wei for his doctor appointment. after all that, walk him back to MA and stayed for an hour then left for classes.

    which i have a report to write on the lab i went for just now ): and it all looks so complicating. hmm.... i'll see what i can come out with la..

    oh, aunty D cooked some awesome pulut hitam for dessert tonight! yumsss!

    hmmm... a couple of pictures from the weekend. a jumbled up one.

    korean lunch which was treated by derek's sister as me and yao yun met up with him to catch up. yao yun haven't seen derek for 8 years! and i haven't seen him in 3 years? good catch up tho. i miss that boy!

    sunday afternoon was all for wei ping as it was her birthday. brought her to lunch and then to dfo for some shopping and we ended the day by her belanjaing me chatime's bubble tea. hehehe thank youuu wei ping!

    sunday's night dinner. awesome nasi lemak. which only cost $5.50 btw.. yums!

    yesterday afternoon's grocery shopping at clayton town along with cherly and khai shien.

    that's pretty much it about whats going on from friday till yesterday. (:

    now, i am going to bed once i get this posted up. i am exhausted... tomorrow class starts at 1030am somemore..

    and i wanna announce my regrets...! i regretted not going for maroon 5's concert when yao yun went!!

    i am currently very very into adam levine~ always had been, but now just slightly more than before. hehe =D

    he is so fine (: ahah and i realised a habit he makes when he sings. and now teck wei is using it on me. haha ahh~

    kla goodnight!


    music addiction : Dia Frampton - Inventing Shadows

  2. The distinct voice.

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Done watching the whole season of The Voice.. No more Adam Levine ): he is so cute at some point with the smile and the dimples. Plus looking hot and sexy in a full black suit. Oh my..hehe =PP

    Hmm meeting wei ping later in the afternoon for lunch and shopping. Promised her that today will be hers. So yea.. Should prolly be getting to bed.

    I just wanted to post about Adam. Haha!

    Nitee peeps (:

  3. it beats for you, so listen close.

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    i am really falling out of the routine blogging thing already. promise i'll try to get back on track!

    the week has been as usual in terms of uni. work haven't really been piling up yet.. i am assuming it'll be soon... which i am dreading..

    hmm.. my dear had a misfortune on the ankle and i am not feeling much like myself not able to be there... =/

    meeting up with derek yong tomorrow after like years not seeing each other! excited at the same time, busy because i have to head over to ma asap after i am done catching up..

    worried even more when i can't be there to actually know whats wrong and how bad.. tho i know i shouldn't be.

    suppose to go club tomorrow but i bailing on them last minute. so sorry! it was meant to be a celebration for wei ping, khai shien and ernest's birthday..

    i've been watching the voice ever since i got it from rachel the other day, and adam levine is soooo fine! ♥♥ like seriously.. hehe rocking those skinny jeans and those basic tees.. =P

    jia shen just told me a remedy to a sprained ankle and i now have a whole list of things to get and make sure i do.. and make it right.. ):

    and lastly, i'll be over at ma for the weekend again. no surprise there.

    i am kinda updating for the sake of it. my mind is kinda not here right now... hopefully things work out fine la...

    on a happier note, i finally heard what i've been hoping to hear for a long time. no one has any idea how so very happy i am reading what i read two days ago. life has been pretty good for me and i am more than thankful (:

    okay.. i am going to bed. needa rest my mind... but before that, gotta make sure things are alright first.. hmm =/


  4. bit bit la =P

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    i've been really bad on the updating regularly recently. been lazy and not that there is anything much to blog about anyways.

    hmmm.. well uni and classes has been pretty boring as usual. i am at the end of week two but yet i am still abit lost. gotta start catching up already.

    one of my unit has gotta do with games. and so, i've been playing some game during my tute.

    this game. and i suck at it!

    being the only girl in the whole entire unit with only 11 other boys, i kept getting killed and i have no idea who are my teammates! i kept killing someone on my team! damn, i suck at it. i think i am destined to not play first person shooting games..

    instead i've been pretty hooked on plants vs zombies' zen garden. i am trying my best to get all the plants. hehe =DD

    oh and i received a new iphone case in the mail today. hmm.. not one but a couple but this is my favourite!

    and i super duper love it!!! ♥♥
    in my favourite colour and one of my favourite pattern (((:

    mind the pjs. when i am home i literally will be in them the whole day. haha..

    was watching love and other drugs just now,

    and i quite like the show =D

    i have a thing for love stories. there were scenes here and there but generally the movie is nice. at least my kind of story line (:

    and the show kinda changed my perception on jake gyllenhaal. brokeback mountain completely blew me off and prince of persia was nehh. but yea i guess he doesn't look too bad. but anne hathaway is really pretty. love her since way back in princess diaries..

    okieeee.. off to drying my hair. and i'll be over at ma for the weekend (:



    poor sparky... aunt's dog btw, she's kinda coughing real bad these days ): i am hearing her from downstairs as i type.. ):

  5. went back to uni today to get some stuff sorted out. which is now all settled and i am super happy about it!

    then went to the city with aunty D.

    first stop was yu-u for lunch. $18 set lunch.

    aunty D's crumbed salmon.

    and my sashimi set.

    yu-u is think quaint basement japanese place on flinders lane. its pretty easy to be missed as there isn't like a huge sign and the entrance seem pretty dodgy like you are about to go underground to some don't know what place. ahah

    then was just walking around in the city till about 5pm. then headed to sensory lab for coffee break.

    my chai and aunty D's skinny latte at the back.

    about 6 plus we got home. ordered thai take out which was really good. i really enjoyed my dinner. the food was yums! and now... prolly heading to bed early.

    early start tomorrow. provided if i can wake. haha


    first puffy sleeves top.


  6. food and more food.

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    dinner on friday night at oriental spoon in the city for tek yit and cherly's birthday dinner.

    cheesy chicken something.

    seafood hot pot.

    beef bugolgi.

    seafood pancake.

    dinner saturday night.

    double quarter pounder from maccas. awesome stuff!

    lunch today at kotaraya, clayton.

    nasi goreng $8.

    nasi lemak beef $9.50

    coffee break at st ali, south melbourne.



    chai latte.

    coco chanel.
    french toast with berry and rhubarb compote, served with a quenelle of labna and lemon curd

    this was so good.. i am not much of a sweet person but it was damn nice. the bread especially, was the highlight of the dish.

    this was shared among 5 and was done is less than 5 minutes.

    i am so going back to st ali for brunch! everything sounds so yummy on the menu!

    xx, shereena.

  7. today's lunch.
    two packets of microwavable mac and cheese and a slice of tasty cheese melted inside. *yums* =P

    a new addition to my brogues family.
    a pair of black heeled brogues. ((:

    and lastly,

    a random picture of me in a pink furry hat.
    courtesy to LOY yao yun who made me wear it! =D

    ♥♥ sher xx.

  8. i just woke up from a 4 hours nap at a weird hour. which was from 845pm till like 1245pm. around there la..

    so i shall still take nao as monday la okay? hehe ((:

    anyways.. i just got back from MA this afternoon. was there for the weekends. as jeremy had a potluck house warming thing on saturday night which means staying at MA in order to attend.

    but before that i met up with yao yun, sheng nee and celine for coffee break at 3pm in the city. we went to Le Triskel on hardware lane.

    celine and sheng nee's mocha.

    me and yao yun shared their savoury crepe. which i so liked! $11 with an egg, swiss cheese, mushrooms and ham inside! yumssss!

    i wanna go back for more.. hehe

    then we switched over to mcdonalds and sat there while they had chicken and cheese burger and the soft serve ice cream. and also while watching the video dick in a box on my iphone. ahahah!

    its so funny! and it sounds pretty wrong but sounds nice in terms of melody too. hahaha!

    then it was jeremy's potluck thingy at about 7pm. supposed to be at 6pm but we only got there at 7 and we weren't the latest. ahah!

    this was just like half of the food. there was still mash potatoes with vegies, mince meat, roast meat, baked mushrooms and yam rice. i think?

    the food was nais tho!

    i ate mainly just the fried meehoon which khai shien cooked that i super loved!! cause it was super yummy! and also tek yit's claypot chicken rice which was naisss too! i don't think i ever had good claypot chicken rice in melbourne before!

    so yea that night for me was just meehoon and claypot chicken rice and baked mushrooms that gen made.

    and i was so full! and there was dessert too! rachel made mango and lychee jelly and jeremy made strawberry shortbread as well.

    rachel and me =D

    plus it was a good gathering ((:

    pictures credit to jeremy's camera. =D


    met up with wei ping in the morning. since she was in clayton might as well take her to chaddy. the both of us walked around chaddy for like 3 hours or so? then came back to MA, woke teck wei up and had a mahjong session over in khai shien's room. well.. the three of them played only lar. me just being spectator.

    then was heading over to carnegie for thai food. cherly and jia shen joined us too.

    teck wei's panang curry. $10.50. which i like!!

    and my pad khee mao. $10.50 which was good as well! a tad bit too spicy and alot of bamboo shoots(which i really hate) and baby corns that i gotta pick out one by one. but it was nice so i still enjoyed it!! (:

    wei ping left back to the city from carnegie where as the four of us heading back to murrumbeena and clayton respectively.

    supposed to go over to khai shien's room to kacau or play mahjong or something but hehe... i fell asleep at like 10 something. =DDD


    woke up about 10 something. heheh 12 hours.. i know =P and headed over to monash's campus centre with cherly to meet up with teck wei, jia shen, ck for lunch.

    was there till about 1230 cause rachel dropped by later too. then i left for home and was home by 2pm.

    was don't know doing what and watching hercules the cartoon and munching on red rock deli chips then dinner and then napping off.. haah!

    tomorrow back to classes! but i only have one class from 930am to 1030am. nouuuuu )): should i go? should i go??

    and just had a short skype session with fei lin (: me miss him!

    kla. i think i should head back to bed if i want to wake up at 815am for class. goodnight ya'll!

    i am kinda loving the preppy look (: