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    Friday, August 26, 2011

    i am really falling out of the routine blogging thing already. promise i'll try to get back on track!

    the week has been as usual in terms of uni. work haven't really been piling up yet.. i am assuming it'll be soon... which i am dreading..

    hmm.. my dear had a misfortune on the ankle and i am not feeling much like myself not able to be there... =/

    meeting up with derek yong tomorrow after like years not seeing each other! excited at the same time, busy because i have to head over to ma asap after i am done catching up..

    worried even more when i can't be there to actually know whats wrong and how bad.. tho i know i shouldn't be.

    suppose to go club tomorrow but i bailing on them last minute. so sorry! it was meant to be a celebration for wei ping, khai shien and ernest's birthday..

    i've been watching the voice ever since i got it from rachel the other day, and adam levine is soooo fine! ♥♥ like seriously.. hehe rocking those skinny jeans and those basic tees.. =P

    jia shen just told me a remedy to a sprained ankle and i now have a whole list of things to get and make sure i do.. and make it right.. ):

    and lastly, i'll be over at ma for the weekend again. no surprise there.

    i am kinda updating for the sake of it. my mind is kinda not here right now... hopefully things work out fine la...

    on a happier note, i finally heard what i've been hoping to hear for a long time. no one has any idea how so very happy i am reading what i read two days ago. life has been pretty good for me and i am more than thankful (:

    okay.. i am going to bed. needa rest my mind... but before that, gotta make sure things are alright first.. hmm =/


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