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    Friday, August 19, 2011

    i've been really bad on the updating regularly recently. been lazy and not that there is anything much to blog about anyways.

    hmmm.. well uni and classes has been pretty boring as usual. i am at the end of week two but yet i am still abit lost. gotta start catching up already.

    one of my unit has gotta do with games. and so, i've been playing some game during my tute.

    this game. and i suck at it!

    being the only girl in the whole entire unit with only 11 other boys, i kept getting killed and i have no idea who are my teammates! i kept killing someone on my team! damn, i suck at it. i think i am destined to not play first person shooting games..

    instead i've been pretty hooked on plants vs zombies' zen garden. i am trying my best to get all the plants. hehe =DD

    oh and i received a new iphone case in the mail today. hmm.. not one but a couple but this is my favourite!

    and i super duper love it!!! ♥♥
    in my favourite colour and one of my favourite pattern (((:

    mind the pjs. when i am home i literally will be in them the whole day. haha..

    was watching love and other drugs just now,

    and i quite like the show =D

    i have a thing for love stories. there were scenes here and there but generally the movie is nice. at least my kind of story line (:

    and the show kinda changed my perception on jake gyllenhaal. brokeback mountain completely blew me off and prince of persia was nehh. but yea i guess he doesn't look too bad. but anne hathaway is really pretty. love her since way back in princess diaries..

    okieeee.. off to drying my hair. and i'll be over at ma for the weekend (:



    poor sparky... aunt's dog btw, she's kinda coughing real bad these days ): i am hearing her from downstairs as i type.. ):

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