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    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    dinner on friday night at oriental spoon in the city for tek yit and cherly's birthday dinner.

    cheesy chicken something.

    seafood hot pot.

    beef bugolgi.

    seafood pancake.

    dinner saturday night.

    double quarter pounder from maccas. awesome stuff!

    lunch today at kotaraya, clayton.

    nasi goreng $8.

    nasi lemak beef $9.50

    coffee break at st ali, south melbourne.



    chai latte.

    coco chanel.
    french toast with berry and rhubarb compote, served with a quenelle of labna and lemon curd

    this was so good.. i am not much of a sweet person but it was damn nice. the bread especially, was the highlight of the dish.

    this was shared among 5 and was done is less than 5 minutes.

    i am so going back to st ali for brunch! everything sounds so yummy on the menu!

    xx, shereena.

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