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    Thursday, April 25, 2013


    I am super back tracked with my posts... Sorry peeps! I tell you.. One day and one day goes by so fast! Before I actually did something productive, the day has already ended. And..., I have been like slacking and slacking and then finally realising that a week just went by like that. I so TOTALLY NEED to get things reorganised and get things back on track!

    This post dates back to as old as a week and a half ago. The usual updates on daily stuff that I've documented somewhere along the line :) And will skip some stuffs or some days simply cause I didn't have anything documented down. And when I don't have it documented, it either means I was too busy sleeping and onlining with series and stuff. And likely not remember what had happened :P

    Saturday 13th of April,

    Went to Bendigo the day before(which I hope it would be the next post I update on!) and then stayed over at the boyfriend's after that for the whole entire time till the recent Monday only I came home.

    Anyways, Saturday night, the place where the boyfriend stays had a welcoming party for the new year and the new tenants. And it is a potluck party which last year I cooked tom yum fried rice butttt this year all we did was get 3 boxes of pizza from dominos delivered.

    The little party. This year was boring..!! I only knew two people there excluding the boyfriend on his landlord!! Last year was so much more fun with cherly and khai shien around...

    But somehow we managed to survive about 2 hours plus without talking to much people. All we did was stay in our own little comfort zone, talking to the other two people we know, eating and also listening to stories that the half drunk landlord was going on about. HAH!

    Sunday 14th of April,

    I didn't document anything before dinner.

    Went out to Clayton town's Korean Garden for dinner :)

    Then went grocery shopping and stocked up on all the food needed for the entire week!

    And made nachos for supper while watching Runningman! :DD

    Me and the boyfriend, all we do is eat and sleep. Yes, we are That kind of couple :)))

    Monday 15th of April,

    Went to uni as per normal and classes ended at 530pm that day. After classes ended, all I could think about is what to cook for dinner :D And decided on Har Mee Hoon!! First time cooking it! It was from a pre packed paste but still considered I cooked it lah ok..!

    It was seriously super yums lo...!! The paste tasted seriously like the real deal! The only thing lacking was egg and fried onions on the top to garnish.

    Writing about it makes me want to eat it now! Maybe I should cook it again this weekend :DDD This time definitely with the left out items. HEHE

    Wednesday 17th of April,

    Had classes but had a 4 hour break and I decided to meet up with Wei Ping for lunch! :) 70% for lunch and the other 30% was for me to transfer the pictures we took in Bendigo with her camera. HEHE

    Lunch was @ Taiwan Canteen on Exhibition street almost to the corner of LaTrobe street.

    Have been craving for Taiwanese food for like ever! I have been missing the times when I was in Taiwan and literally having food everywhere and they all mostly tasted godly good! Especially 滷肉飯 man!! Just a few days before having this meal, I was just telling the boyfriend how much I miss and wanted a bowl of nice 滷肉飯!

    And this at Taiwan Canteen was goooood! And it was only $6 for this bowl! It'll fill up the girls but not the guys lah. This is the small sized one. Guys can opt for the larger sized ones!

    Pickled cucumber.

    Taiwanese Sausage.

    Our lunch meal. It was goooddd! Thoroughly enjoyed the simple yet satisfying lunch!

    Lunch was ping's treat! So nice of her! :) Actually lunch was really cheap lo. It was $22 for all of that. Reasonable priced and tasted good!

    After lunch I went back to uni for a 2 hour lab and then after the lab, I went back into the city for a planned dinner with Qian Hui, the bf and Wei Nian.

    Dinner was @ Gami on Healeys Lane.

    Starter. Corn and Cheese.

    Our half and half fried chicken. Half original and half sweet chilli.

    Boneless chicken in Sweet Soy Garlic sauce.

    Chicken overload man!! So much of fried chicken for just the 4 of us! It was pretty good lah but I still prefer Oriental Spoon's fried chicken more than this.

    Dinner company that night :) Mainly cause Qian Hui was leaving Melbourne in two days and wanted a dinner with the bf and wei nian. The three of them are highschool friends.

    After dinner, we went for second round @ Joomak for alcoholic drinks! It's been awhile since I went out for a drink and I have been missing the rice wines at Joomak! I suggested it and they bought it :) win win cause Qian Hui hasn't been and I wanted my rice wine.. HEHE


    Mango rice wine. SO NICEEEE!!

    Strawberry soju. And this was just so so.. I think it tasted abit weird.

    But it was just me, the bf and QH. Nian opted to head home after dinner. So the three of us just sat there for about 2 hours plus chit chatting and drinking away. My face turned red la as usual but the drinks were so yums! :))) And good company too! <3

    Was back in clayton at about 12am and then temaned QH to the Matherson library to catch the Monash courtesy shuttle for her to get back to halls.

    And not long after we got back to the bf's, I was nicely in dreamland already. I was super tired from the long day and also cause the bed seemed super duper comfy at that moment. In fact, the bed is always comfy to me :D HEHE that's why I spend most of my time on it whenever I am at the boyfriend's!

    Outfit of the day :)
    Tweed jacket: MNG
    Starry tank: Jay jays
    Leather panel leggings: Bangkok
    Ankle boots: Promod

    Absolutely and totally love my MNG jacket!!!! It has this Michael Jackson inspired look lo I feel :) Bought it when I was in malaysia the last time for RM79! Plus it really keeps me warm with the Melbourne weather. Cheap steal man!

    Thursday 18th of April,

    Had to settle a little mishap in the city. Was all worried out and super fan by the end of it. Thank god now it has somewhat cleared up a little already.

    And also, Qian Hui and Joe Jin stayed for the night at the boyfriend's! So nice to have guests! :D

    Friday 19th of April,

    Woke up pretty early. I consider 9 something early on a day that I don't have classes. And had a small snack brekkie with qian hui and joe jin. Chips with avocado dip that JJ made. Munch munch all the way till about 10 something we went out to go get pho(vietnamese noodle) for lunch at springvale.

    Dear's broken rice.

    And both QH and JJ shared the flame grilled chicken vermicelli.

    Also ordered some rice paper rolls for all of us to share. Ngam ngam one per person (:

    My pho with sliced rare beef and beef balls! :) Been such a long time since I had pho and it was nice! 

    Lunch company :)))

    Lunch was nice! Simple yet pleasuring vietnamese food :D After lunch, we took the train back to Clayton town and went to buy ingredients for me to cook claypot chicken rice for dinner.

    By the time got back to MA also like 3 plus already. Marinated the chicken and then just spent most of the time chatting with them about everything random and before I knew it, it was time to cook. Cause they had to leave to the airport at 7pm.

    I didn't take any photo of my claypot chicken rice lah. Because it looks exactly the same as the one I posted on the bottom. Scroll down two posts and you'll see it. Hit the Older Posts button cause it is on the next page :)

    And so so glad they loved it! Cooking something that people love and enjoy eating, makes me really happy and satisfied! JJ went for three plates and QH went for two. How awesome is that right?! I must admit and self praise abit, but my rice cooker cooked claypot chicken rice is really pretty awesome lo!! :DDD Face super thick I know XD

    We talked and talked while eating and didn't realise it was time for them to leave already. So fast looooo... It always fun and nice when you have guests around! And fun times passes by so quick!

    And self timed our group shot before they had to leave.

    It was really nice having to know them! Grateful for meeting such nice new friends! :) The bf knew qian hui for almost 10 years already! And the both of them are really nice and down to earth people! And cute too! They sometimes make the cutest couple. HAHA! Hopefully we hosted them fine for that two days and hopefully they had a great time in Melbourne! Hoping to be able to see them soon too! :)

    Saturday 20th of April,

    My healthy breakfast to start off the day. Oats with grapes and honey plus a cup of hot chocolate :) 

    I rarely ever have healthy breakfast. When I say healthy breakfast I mean cereals and oats and all that stuff. I don't think I could remember when was the last time I had them. But I could say, at least definitely not in the last 8 years. And guess what? I totally regretted it! Not nice one.... Reminded me of my I never touch oats.. Tasteless and yucky... HAHA! But I still managed to finish everything. Forcefully... Never gonna do it again!

    And then spent the rest of the day on series and stuff. Dinner was just eating leftovers. I was too lazy to cook and there were quite a fair bit of leftovers lo..

    This is how I look lazing around the bed. The bf said I looked like a silk worm. HAHAH! 

    Sunday 21st of April,

    Decided to stay at the bf's till Monday simply cause I was too lazy to head back home :P

    And made "mun yee mee" for dinner! With lots and lots of marinated minced chicken! :D

    Monday 22nd of April,

    My only class for the day got cancelled so I was just lazing around till about 4 plus in the evening only I left for home.

    Coming home means having home cooked food prepared for me and also staying in my room most of the time either on uni work or online or series-ing. Nothing interesting..

    Mum sent me a postcard when she was in New York and I only received it when I got home cause I wasn't around for so many days.

    The painting that was already originally in my room is used as a frame for me to stick whatever memorabilia I have! From pictures to souvenirs to postcards to air tickets, cards, movie tickets and stuff ((((:

    Feeling super loved! I really really want to be there someday!! I SHALL AND I WILL!!!!

    It is a really good habit to send stuff to yourself or a friend or something when you're overseas. Because you'll be able to get it stamp the way the country's post office stamps it and it just makes it more memorable! As you can see in the picture above, mum also sent me a postcard when she was in Venice.

    I am so going to do that next time when I am in another country for holidays!

    Wednesday 24th of April,

    Had only one two hour class and also went to enquire about my student visa extension stuff. THEN... I went down to the city for window shopping :D With the thought of going to get a foundation for myself. I've never used foundation before and so I thought it was time to invest in one. So... I went over to Priceline to have a look and turns out they were having 40% off ALL cosmetics!! It was the last day somemore! So lucky leh...!! I had no idea at all one lo..

    Turns out I bought more than just a foundation. Because the lady that served me was super duper kind!!  Her name is Eve and she is so super helpful!! She hand picked out everything for me and then helped me to try on and see which is best and stuff. They have like about 10 brands and she literally went through everything to get the perfect shade for me! Really so nice of her leh... She helped me with everything! Foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer and even on lipstick colour!

    I was so happy by the time I was done shopping! I've never been so happy when I am buying cosmetics. Ever! I hardly buy cosmetics one... And definitely never had a professional help with it before as well. So yeah... I am now very excited to try them out!

    My buyings! :DD 40% was just too worth it!! And so I splurged a little :P HEHE I saved $50! Imagine that..! 

    After cosmetics shopping, I went to grab some food cause I haven't had anything to eat and then I went to Big W to pick up a pair of shoes for teck wei's sister and then walked over to wei ping's place to collect my Sydney souvenirs from her ((: I told her to get for me a Hard Rock Sydney tshirt and also Laduree macarons!

    Long day lo.... I came home with sore arms and legs because I was carrying my books and ipad in my arms while shopping and also walked everywhere at a very fast pace because I had to rush. And then was home by 8pm.

    Souvenirs!! Totally loveeeee them!!

    I wanted something from Hard Rock Sydney because the last time I went I totally forgot to go and have a look and get something. I normally always get something from Hard Rock in whatever country I am in. Sooo.. I told ping to get this for me and I didn't know it was so expensive! Double the price for what mum paid when she was in the US... But nevermind la.. Once only. And I really really love this tshirt lo! The design is so me!! The back part looks like the picture above.

    LADUREE!!!! The famous macarons from Paris! It was one of my regrets of my last trip to Sydney because I didn't get to try them. And now, I finally got to lay my fingers on them and better somemore, I get to try them!!

    From top to left to right; Blackcurrant Violet, Violet Marshmallow, Lime Basil, Chocolate St Domingo, Raspberry and Salted Caramel :) They were all really nice!!! My favourite is the Lime Basil! I have a huge thing for citrusy sour things and basil is my new favourite herb in food! :D SO HAPPYYY!!!

    Thank you Wei Ping!! For getting them and bringing it back for me 

    And today,

    It's ANZAC Day and it is a public holiday which means no uni! :DDD Public holidays and aunty D being home calls for shopping! HEHEHE and of course we went over to DFO Essendon. This time I bought two items for mum and one for myself? HEHE I tell you... If I don't go shopping or looking at anything, I won't spend my money one lo.. I have really evil eyes man.. See already, and if there is something nice and in my size of to my liking, I sure buy one lo! :P

    Now, I have to clean up my utterly messy room. I am becoming more and more slacky in terms of keeping my room organised. OMGGG man... This will likely take me the whole night already. Provided if I clean non stop and not get distracted with series and stuffs.

    Tomorrow, I am heading to the boyfriend's and will be back home on Monday! Shall update then! Bendigo trip will be next (:

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

    Taiwan Canteen on UrbanspoonGami at Healeys lane on UrbanspoonJoomak on UrbanspoonHoa Tran on Urbanspoon

  2. Unwrapping gifts time!

    Saturday, April 20, 2013


    Sorry for not blogging for a week and a half! I've been here in the boyfriend's place since last Friday and I didn't bring my laptop with me. Plus I forgotten to bring my camera to iPad adapter to transfer photos from my cammie into my iPad sooo I couldn't upload the pictures I've taken inside my cammie to anywhere.

    No pictures equals no blogging about the past week. Actually... there was an alternative but I just chose not to use it. Alternative..., using the boyfie's laptop that has a SD memory card reader and transfer my camera pictures into his laptop and then do whatsoever from there. Upload pictures to facebook, blog, ...etc. BUT, I super don't like to use his laptop laaaaaa! Using a windows laptop with horrible mouse pad is just HORRIBLE! If there were a spare external mouse that I could use, I might consider updating and all but without it, NO I am not even going to waste my time getting all angry and frustrated using it.

    I seriously miss my Macbook!!! Everything about it is AWESOME! It works SUPER DUPER FINE without a mouse. Solely using its track pad is totally sufficient and in fact, if you do buy an external mouse to use with a macbook, you are pretty much wasting your money because it seriously works wayyyyyy enough without one. Plus its keyboard is awesome! Once a Macbook user, ALWAYS a Macbook user! Never will I ever go back to using a windows operated laptop. NEVER! Yeap..., that is how so very much I love my Macbook. My baby have been serving me for almost 4 years and it is still serving me very well!

    Reason for not bringing over my laptop on such a long stay is because last Friday before I came over to boyfriend's, I went to Bendigo for a day trip with Wei Ping and I thought I didn't want to bring it as I was already having quite a few things to carry and also didn't want to keep it lying in the car while we went sight seeing. I could have gotten wei ping to fetch me home to get it after, while we were on our way back into the city but I thought I needed to travel by public transport to the bf's after we got into the city and it would be slightly too heavy to bring over clothes and my laptop.

    I always bring over my mac whenever it is long stay because everything about it is so convenient (ok.. maybe not so much on its weight) for me to blog and now I totally regretted for abandoning it at home!! ....because wei ping fetched me back that night from the city to the bf's. So nice of her to not let me take the public transport back to clayton because it was getting late! I am feeling loved by her! :D And so..., I could have brought it lorrrr!! Aiya... )):

    Usually if it is a stay over the weekends I wouldn't bring it because having my iPad would be enough and the iPad would be more convenient. Because if its just over the weekend, I would hardly blog as I'll be too occupied spending time going out of just plain spending time with the boyfie.

    But now I figured I've been abandoning the blog for more than a week and going on more than a week without blogging makes me feel as tho there is something that I keep forgetting to do and it bugs me.

    So here I am! Blogging with the bf's desktop(nope.. not going to use his laptop for this) as he is still soundly asleep. I've been up for the last 5 hours and been occupying myself with food and series. I'll be back home tomorrow and so, in the coming weekdays I'll update on how things went with our little day trip to Bendigo and also how the past week have been (:

    HEHE now.., I am going to rave on the gifts my mum bought for me and the bf from US!! ♥♥♥♥

    A total of 33 items! (3 items belongs to the boyfie) :))))) OMG super happy!!

    First, a Samsonite Bright Lite Diamond cabin bag! Been wanting a light 4 wheels hard shell cabin bag for a long time now! Altho, I am not really a pink person, but this was the only colour available. So yeah.. I am the girl with a bright pink cabin bag from now onwards. Pink.... I gotta learn to like you more...

    And the other 30 items!
    from left to right, 
    1st row: Micheal Kors medium sized tote bag, Kate Spade Stevie bag, Coach Legacy Penny Shoulder purse, Coach heart shaped coin purse, Coach wristlets with a cute bow (I can't decide on which colour so.. I am keeping both! I think? In the name of me saying I'll share and use it with my mum) :D

    2nd row: Fossil heart shaped studded coin purse, Coach dinner wristlet, Coach Poppy zippy wallet, Kate Spade zippy wallet, Lesportsac colourful heart print travel cosmetic bag and Coach lanyard.

    3rd row: I NY tshirt, Hard Rock New York tshirts, Hard Rock New York hoodie, Hard Rock love hurts earrings and a Hard Rock New York guitar pin.

    4th row: e.l.f eye shadows and contouring brush, Kate Spade iPhone case, New York City keychain and snow globe.

    5th row: Marc Jacobs watch. J.crew portable polka dot iPhone battery pack, LA Lakers tshirt. The last three items is the bf's. LA Lakers tshirt, Hard Rock New York tshirt and Polo Ralph Lauren tee.
    Left two items out because I could only do a collage of 30 items. The remaining two items is an eyelash curler and liquid eyeliner from e.l.f and both at only 99c each! In fact all the e.l.f items were at 99c each! I actually gave a list of e.l.f cosmetics stuff to my mum but unfortunately she found none of the items I asked her to buy so instead she pick these items for me to compensate :D Actually they do have the brand e.l.f here in Australia and the items I want but it is like selling for double the price here as compared to the US.

    I super love all my gifts lo!!! All so pretty and so nice and they were mostly my requests! :D Plus some of it were really cheap compared to the real retailed price because mum went to shop for most of the items from their factory outlets! The Coach wristlets and wallet and coin purse and lanyard were not more than $39 per item. The Marc Jacobs watch was only $40!! The Lesportsac cosmetic bag was only $12. The Fossil coin purse was only $9! Dear's Ralph Lauren polo was only $20!

    Where as the first three bags were more expensive but still much cheaper than their retailed price! And the rest of the items are mostly normal prices. HEHE I now have a New York City snow globe!!! :D I can't believe my mum bought back so many things for me! HAHA!

    Every night I'll either FaceTime with her or Viber with her and I'll always ask her where is she heading to the next day. And then I'll research about the place and then screenshot some items for her to buy. I'll even google map the place and then screenshot the direction and send it to her. HEHEH! I so geng right???!!

    I am so so so thankful for all of these love from my mom in terms of getting for me SO MANY gifts!!! She always says this to me, "You're my daughter, my world and my everything. The only one whom I love the most. If I don't love you then who will I love?" ♥♥♥♥ I am really so blessed to have such a loving mom!! And I have only one promise to her, is to study hard and become a degree holder and to make her proud and then have a good life in the future. For myself and for my mum, I will definitely fulfill this promise! It's the least she asked from me and I will not disappoint her!

    And once I do fulfill my promise, I'll make sure to repay her for her unconditional love. To also say back the same words to her, "Mum, you're my world and my everything. The only one whom I would always love the most. If I have the means, I would give you the best life and so, you wouldn't have to worry about anything else but to live happily everyday." 

    My mum has always been my everything. Without my mum, I wouldn't be who I am today. We've been through pain and betrayal and life and all sorts together. She is my greatest pillar of support and for any problems or doubt, I know I could always turn to her and count on her to make me feel most loved and comfort. She is all I have and I am all she has. I would never trade anything in the world for such an amazing and beautiful mum!

    Everyday while she was in the US, she'll always tell me that she wishes I am there with her and wishes that I could see and experience it with her. She knows I love the US so much and always say sorry to me because I couldn't go with her. Don't apologize mum, you've brought back a lot more for me than I could imagined already :) I'll always and forever love you the deepest mummy! And always always a mummy's girl at heart

    That's it for now! Will be back soon!

    Lots of love,