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    Friday, April 05, 2013


    I am so glad to be having this one week of break altho it is already coming to an end... I am practically doing nothing much but eat and sleep and online and spending some money. Going out for food is when my money evaporates. I've picked up the eating lifestyle of a somewhat rich person. Seriously.... brunches cost easily $18 in that one meal.

    Trying to cut down on going out for food. Either once a week on weekends or maybe two weeks once. But I tell you... my cravings aren't helping at all. From now on, have to kiam abit already if I want to spend the allowance equally on food and shopping and basic surviving in Melbourne. Food indulging all the time maybe very satisfying and makes my tummy happy, but... it also makes the digits on the weighing scale shoot up )): How nice is it to eat and eat all these good food and never have to gain any weight... Hrrrr not happening =/

    Despite all that have been said, my past weekend involved so much food that made me feel so guilty when I lie down in bed to sleep with a full tummy. My god... HEHE

    Friday night's dinner was me cooking fried rice. Same ingredients and same style used to cook my signature mee hoon but this time I used rice instead. Fried rice keeps me going for so many plates and meals.

    Spent the whole of Saturday staying in with the boyfriend watching multiple episodes of Runningman.

    And also indulging in three boxes of pizzas for the both of us. Yeap.. THREE boxes!! :D Yummy pizzas! Love dominos here... you can customize your own pizzas! Take out whatever ingredient you don't like and add with whatever you want! :DD And super duper love thier cheezy crust! So YUMSS!!

    And Sunday, made plans for brunch @ Mart 130. Went with the boyfriend, qian hui and her boyfriend, joe jin.

    It has been awhile since I ate at Mart and I still love it as it is! The environment is really nice and the people are friendly plus the food is good! What's there not to love when everything on the checklist of a good brunch spot is ticked off.

    Joe jin and qian hui shared the Corn fritters with smoked salmon, capers, beetroot relish and sour cream.

    The boyfriend ordered their special menu of the day, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, beetroot and asparagus on toast.

    I ordered the famous Mart Corn Fritters with bacon, homemade relish and sauce, and sour cream. OMG SUPER YUMS! It was so filling and I enjoyed my food thoroughly!

    It is said that "a good brunch feeds not only the tummy but also feeds the soul." True indeed.

    After the good meal, we headed for dessert. And since qian hui and her bf are leaving mid april to NZ, I might as well bring them for some good cakes on the same day as there aren't that much time left for them to go out exploring by themselves.

    And good cakes would either involve Le Petit Gateau or Chez Dre and in this case, Le Petit Gateau doesn't open on weekends andddd we were super nearby Chez Dre so Chez Dre it was!

    I personally haven't been a huge fan of cakes until I got to Melbourne and went cray cray with Greco's mudcake and cheesecakes. Then I've learnt that there is a better patisserie in the city but it is only open on weekdays, Le Petit Gateau, for their brownie and passionfruit chocolate gateau. It is to die for. And then, I discovered Chez Dre, a patisserie/boulangerie/brunch eatery at South Melbourne. 

    And boy, they really do have a brilliant set of cakes and macarons selection!! Everything looks freaking delicious! Right right?

    There was a long line waiting to be seated at Chez Dre and we were just there for their cakes so we decided to take away the cakes and have it over at DFO South Wharf as it was going to be our next location. For shopping :)

    We took away this Chocolate with acadamia and mandarin orange cake and another blueberry cheesecake.

    Went shopping @ DFO till like 5 something. Walked the whole round at DFO and came out with two items; one $5 snood and a $2 daisy belt. I iz happy with cheap buys altho there isn't like a 'need' but just that it was cheaaaaap :P

    Dinner that night was us tapaoing Hungry Jacks. Joe Jin was telling me and the bf about the hungry jacks app and that there are always deals on it and all you gotta do is just check in. Downloaded it and tried it for the time and guess what?!! I GOT THE BEST DEAL EVER ON THE APP!! I think it is the best lah? 50% off the order under $30!! OMG so cheap laaaaa! First time trying the app and we were so lucky! Me and the bf ordered 4 burgers and mind I add, yummy yummy and filling burgers for $13.40 only!!! SO SO CHEAP! I am definitely gonna try out that app more often!

    On top of our two burgers each for dinner, we also tapaoed a whole roast chicken from Red Rooster as well. Our dinner was super damn huge and heavy but only at $26 for it :DD I tell you... I think I've been putting on weight like crazy from the rate I am consuming my food. The two of us are like mega eater kind of couple man. We eat and eat and eat and get like super damn full andddddd we both love our foodieees! How to not gain weight?!?!!

    I was somemore on a target to get back to my ideal weight(which I succeeded, the weight I was at just when I got back to Malaysia)... now leh..., I see the target slowly evaporating into thin air and on the other side I get these unhappy figures on the weighing scale.. ))): Need to be discipline again and get back on the targeted track!! NEED AND MUST!

    Despite me saying that, whatever I am gonna write and post about now is still all about food... Sinful yet super damn yummy FOOOOD! Aih NVM... back on track after holidays end. Which is next week :P

    Since sunday night's dinner was super heavy, I just lazed around the bf's room the whole of Monday and just ate simple simple food. Not by choice because he ran out of anything proper to eat because the both of us has been very lazy to go out and get groceries. Walking 10 minutes to the bus loop and taking a 10 minutes bus ride to Clayton town for groceries is very the farrrrrrr :PP Dinner was just tom yum yeemee with egg.

    After being bored of staying in on monday, I made plans to meet up with Wei Ping for lunch on Tuesday. I wanted to have bagels and she has never been to this place sooo... Carnegie's Huff Bagelry it was! So me and the bf went to Carnegie to meet up with her :)

    Wei ping ordered the #2 in a plain bagel which has ham, beetroot, onions, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.

    Dear ordered #3 with The Lot bagel that has chicken aioli, avocado and lettuce.

    I ordered their Autumn Brekky with The Lot bagel. It has loads of ham which is so awesome, egg mayo, beetroot and cheese and it was sooo gooooood! I am so gonna come back alot more times!

    Went grocery shopping after brunch and then splited ways with the bf, he went home with the groceries where as me and ping went to Chadstone for shopping!

    It was purely window shopping for me because I am feeling guilty for spending somemore on clothes and stuffs. Mummy dearest is already buying me lots of things from the US and so... to compensate all these not very cheap things that I asked her to buy, I have to cut down on shopping here. MUST!

    But I am glad that wei ping had fun shopping as the dresses she bought were so pretty! IF it was cheaper I think I would have gotten it too :X $40 is way way wayyyy out of my budget.. But they were really pretty!

    Parted ways with her about 530pm. She went back into the city and I went back to the boyfriend's.

    I am so going to miss her!! ))): She's leaving back to Malaysia end of this month already.. sob sob.. AIHH..

    My outfit for the day :D WHEE to my $2 Dasiy belt!! <3
    Blue chiffon long top: Cotton On
    Inner plain black tank dress: Temt
    Daisy belt: Dotti
    Suede boots: Siren
    Bag: Dangerfield

    Cooked asam seafood and simple stri fried veggies for dinner that night :)

    Wednesday and Thursday was just staying in with more sleeping and pure lazing. Dinner was simple and surprisingly I didn't document anything in those two days on instagram.

    Apart from this Throwback Thursday picture taken a year ago in Gold Coast's Wet N Wild with the bestie, Yao yun <3 I miss our traveling times! I should totally get the girls to go for a getaway when I get back!

    Today, I was suppose to meet up with Audrey and Wei Ping for brunch but had a sudden change of plans and I ended up being home the whole day sleeping and sleeping and series-ing. OMG this whole week I was a total pig man...... All I did was just being lazy and did nothing. Did nothing yet took me a week to update on this post. Procrastination at its best and so so not good!! I took the word holiday literally man.

    Cooked curry chicken and stir fried veggies in oyster sauce again. HEHE comfort food and my tummy iz happy!

    Doubt I will be going anywhere tomorrow. Doesn't seem like there is an update of plans. Maybe I'll go out with the boyfie to buy his long overdue birthday present and also settle his phone plan stuffs.

    Till next time!

    Ending this post with the self shots I took that I super like! Simply cause I love my makeup that day! :DD I hardly ever put on any make up most of the time. Finally found the perfect eyeliner! Cheat one* I reduced my eyebags by alot HEHEHE :P Aiyo if no eyebags how good lehh... I have double somemore! ))): 

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

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