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  1. Unwrapping gifts time!

    Saturday, April 20, 2013


    Sorry for not blogging for a week and a half! I've been here in the boyfriend's place since last Friday and I didn't bring my laptop with me. Plus I forgotten to bring my camera to iPad adapter to transfer photos from my cammie into my iPad sooo I couldn't upload the pictures I've taken inside my cammie to anywhere.

    No pictures equals no blogging about the past week. Actually... there was an alternative but I just chose not to use it. Alternative..., using the boyfie's laptop that has a SD memory card reader and transfer my camera pictures into his laptop and then do whatsoever from there. Upload pictures to facebook, blog, ...etc. BUT, I super don't like to use his laptop laaaaaa! Using a windows laptop with horrible mouse pad is just HORRIBLE! If there were a spare external mouse that I could use, I might consider updating and all but without it, NO I am not even going to waste my time getting all angry and frustrated using it.

    I seriously miss my Macbook!!! Everything about it is AWESOME! It works SUPER DUPER FINE without a mouse. Solely using its track pad is totally sufficient and in fact, if you do buy an external mouse to use with a macbook, you are pretty much wasting your money because it seriously works wayyyyyy enough without one. Plus its keyboard is awesome! Once a Macbook user, ALWAYS a Macbook user! Never will I ever go back to using a windows operated laptop. NEVER! Yeap..., that is how so very much I love my Macbook. My baby have been serving me for almost 4 years and it is still serving me very well!

    Reason for not bringing over my laptop on such a long stay is because last Friday before I came over to boyfriend's, I went to Bendigo for a day trip with Wei Ping and I thought I didn't want to bring it as I was already having quite a few things to carry and also didn't want to keep it lying in the car while we went sight seeing. I could have gotten wei ping to fetch me home to get it after, while we were on our way back into the city but I thought I needed to travel by public transport to the bf's after we got into the city and it would be slightly too heavy to bring over clothes and my laptop.

    I always bring over my mac whenever it is long stay because everything about it is so convenient (ok.. maybe not so much on its weight) for me to blog and now I totally regretted for abandoning it at home!! ....because wei ping fetched me back that night from the city to the bf's. So nice of her to not let me take the public transport back to clayton because it was getting late! I am feeling loved by her! :D And so..., I could have brought it lorrrr!! Aiya... )):

    Usually if it is a stay over the weekends I wouldn't bring it because having my iPad would be enough and the iPad would be more convenient. Because if its just over the weekend, I would hardly blog as I'll be too occupied spending time going out of just plain spending time with the boyfie.

    But now I figured I've been abandoning the blog for more than a week and going on more than a week without blogging makes me feel as tho there is something that I keep forgetting to do and it bugs me.

    So here I am! Blogging with the bf's desktop(nope.. not going to use his laptop for this) as he is still soundly asleep. I've been up for the last 5 hours and been occupying myself with food and series. I'll be back home tomorrow and so, in the coming weekdays I'll update on how things went with our little day trip to Bendigo and also how the past week have been (:

    HEHE now.., I am going to rave on the gifts my mum bought for me and the bf from US!! ♥♥♥♥

    A total of 33 items! (3 items belongs to the boyfie) :))))) OMG super happy!!

    First, a Samsonite Bright Lite Diamond cabin bag! Been wanting a light 4 wheels hard shell cabin bag for a long time now! Altho, I am not really a pink person, but this was the only colour available. So yeah.. I am the girl with a bright pink cabin bag from now onwards. Pink.... I gotta learn to like you more...

    And the other 30 items!
    from left to right, 
    1st row: Micheal Kors medium sized tote bag, Kate Spade Stevie bag, Coach Legacy Penny Shoulder purse, Coach heart shaped coin purse, Coach wristlets with a cute bow (I can't decide on which colour so.. I am keeping both! I think? In the name of me saying I'll share and use it with my mum) :D

    2nd row: Fossil heart shaped studded coin purse, Coach dinner wristlet, Coach Poppy zippy wallet, Kate Spade zippy wallet, Lesportsac colourful heart print travel cosmetic bag and Coach lanyard.

    3rd row: I NY tshirt, Hard Rock New York tshirts, Hard Rock New York hoodie, Hard Rock love hurts earrings and a Hard Rock New York guitar pin.

    4th row: e.l.f eye shadows and contouring brush, Kate Spade iPhone case, New York City keychain and snow globe.

    5th row: Marc Jacobs watch. J.crew portable polka dot iPhone battery pack, LA Lakers tshirt. The last three items is the bf's. LA Lakers tshirt, Hard Rock New York tshirt and Polo Ralph Lauren tee.
    Left two items out because I could only do a collage of 30 items. The remaining two items is an eyelash curler and liquid eyeliner from e.l.f and both at only 99c each! In fact all the e.l.f items were at 99c each! I actually gave a list of e.l.f cosmetics stuff to my mum but unfortunately she found none of the items I asked her to buy so instead she pick these items for me to compensate :D Actually they do have the brand e.l.f here in Australia and the items I want but it is like selling for double the price here as compared to the US.

    I super love all my gifts lo!!! All so pretty and so nice and they were mostly my requests! :D Plus some of it were really cheap compared to the real retailed price because mum went to shop for most of the items from their factory outlets! The Coach wristlets and wallet and coin purse and lanyard were not more than $39 per item. The Marc Jacobs watch was only $40!! The Lesportsac cosmetic bag was only $12. The Fossil coin purse was only $9! Dear's Ralph Lauren polo was only $20!

    Where as the first three bags were more expensive but still much cheaper than their retailed price! And the rest of the items are mostly normal prices. HEHE I now have a New York City snow globe!!! :D I can't believe my mum bought back so many things for me! HAHA!

    Every night I'll either FaceTime with her or Viber with her and I'll always ask her where is she heading to the next day. And then I'll research about the place and then screenshot some items for her to buy. I'll even google map the place and then screenshot the direction and send it to her. HEHEH! I so geng right???!!

    I am so so so thankful for all of these love from my mom in terms of getting for me SO MANY gifts!!! She always says this to me, "You're my daughter, my world and my everything. The only one whom I love the most. If I don't love you then who will I love?" ♥♥♥♥ I am really so blessed to have such a loving mom!! And I have only one promise to her, is to study hard and become a degree holder and to make her proud and then have a good life in the future. For myself and for my mum, I will definitely fulfill this promise! It's the least she asked from me and I will not disappoint her!

    And once I do fulfill my promise, I'll make sure to repay her for her unconditional love. To also say back the same words to her, "Mum, you're my world and my everything. The only one whom I would always love the most. If I have the means, I would give you the best life and so, you wouldn't have to worry about anything else but to live happily everyday." 

    My mum has always been my everything. Without my mum, I wouldn't be who I am today. We've been through pain and betrayal and life and all sorts together. She is my greatest pillar of support and for any problems or doubt, I know I could always turn to her and count on her to make me feel most loved and comfort. She is all I have and I am all she has. I would never trade anything in the world for such an amazing and beautiful mum!

    Everyday while she was in the US, she'll always tell me that she wishes I am there with her and wishes that I could see and experience it with her. She knows I love the US so much and always say sorry to me because I couldn't go with her. Don't apologize mum, you've brought back a lot more for me than I could imagined already :) I'll always and forever love you the deepest mummy! And always always a mummy's girl at heart

    That's it for now! Will be back soon!

    Lots of love,

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