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    Tuesday, April 09, 2013


    I just finished watching The Voice Australia on TV and I'll be moving onto The Voice USA once I am done with some Italian homework.

    The OZ one has Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem and the new comer, Ricky Martin! Come on... Ricky Martin..., that's not fair! He practically went off the radar for a long time and he still looks as attractive as ever andd he is such a nice person cause the words he says to the singers are genuinely complimenting. Where as the US one has ADAM LEVINE(♥!!), Blake Shelton and two more new comers. Shakira and Usher. And seriously I prefer these combination of judges wayyyyy better! Everyone is so nice and funny and the relationship between blake shelton and adam levine is so so funny!

    The judges on both shows are so nice and kind and genuine. I totally totally LOVE The Voice especially the US one for obvious reasons!!! Obvious reasons like Adam Levine, Adam Levine and Adam Levine... :)))) And adam gives hugs to people on the show all the time whether is it they got onto his team or just mere comfort hugs for people who have talent but didn't make it. It is to tell them never to give up, try harder and then come back. Seeeeeee he is so sweeeeeeeet!! :D

    I am a fan of the voice simply because I prefer the concept of the show rather than the normal auditioned ones. This way, you truly only hear the singer's voice and won't judge based on the sappy stories they have and tell you. If one is an extraordinary singer, it'll be heard and they will get in just solely because of their voice.

    Was just talking to mum not long ago and she is still in the US. In New York City. Staying only a couple blocks away from Times Square!! I so want to be there leh... Now, NYC in my mind is imagined from all the pictures and shows and movies I've seen. I can't wait for it to not be imagined but to be witnessed with my own eyes and have those scenes and every tiny detail be seen and felt by me and then be hard wired into my brain and to be labelled, "New York City through my eyes."

    Mum will be leaving in two days and will be heading back to Malaysia with all these gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. Mainly for this precious daughter of hers :P Like seriously... Almost everything(the affordable priced ones) I have asked for and listed down for her, she bought them for me. I have THE BEST MOM in the world. Truly and genuinely thankful and blessed for having my mum preciously love me so much!!! Unconditional love ♥♥♥

    I am not entirely sure of the full list of items I have yet but I can assure you, it is A LOT! Gifts and shopping always makes a girl happy whether you're the one shopping for it or not. Well... if you're the one shopping for it, it would be happier la but still... :D

    Speaking of gifts... I finally bought the boyfriend's birthday present. The gift is a month and a half late. Because it is something that was thought of thoroughly before getting and.. at least he really likes it! 

    A Razer gaming mousepad. Gamers and their gaming gadgets.

    My pro gamer boyfriend. He'll always be The Pro to me 

    Next... moving onto my gifts to myself. HAHA! I have slowly been collecting all the Moustache items. And this is my little collection :)

    Artsy rightt? :P

    Love them! Black and gold is one of the most awesome colour combo ever!

    Other than these, I have earrings and rings and necklace as well :P HEHEHE! I dont know why I like it so much but I think that they are cute leh.. and yet don't look kiddish.

    And of course I love the pictures my cammie takes! I just discovered something called a Wi-Fi SD Memory Card. I can't believe how I have never heard of them! They are like god sent at this era man... It will solve all my problems of not having the pictures from my cammie instantly transferred to my phone over wi-fi!! Well.. all these while I have been taking the trouble to transfer the pictures through a memory card adapter into my iPad and then post it up from there.

    But now... with this Wi-Fi SD card, I don't even have to take the memory card out and it could be transferred to my iPhone straight away!! I checked the price of it and altho it is tad bit on the expensive side, but I am seriously considering on getting it leh... Then I wouldn't have to take pictures on my cammie and then take pictures with my iPhone to instagram. I wouldn't have to do the capturing twice anymore!!

    Won't have to be somewhat like the girlfriend in the #AsiansAtWork video on how she stops the boyfriend from eating first cause needa take picture of the food when it arrives. Which I will ALWAYS stop him HAHA! I mean I would still take but at least with this card, I'll make him wait for me to take it with only one device :PP HEHEHEHE! But hor... I was also considering of getting the fujifilm polaroid camera leh.. Aiyo what is this lahhhh... No cannot, one thing at a time. The polaroid will have to wait!! But but.. they have this really really nice baby blue colour leh.... I can't resist any baby blue gadgets one leh.. In fact I can't resist any blue gadget at all..! ))): AIHHH....

    That's it for now! Time for Italian :) Ciao!


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