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  1. Food from home. Recreated.

    Monday, April 08, 2013

    I am now craving for my own cooked claypot chicken rice. It was so gooooooood! To me it was really good lah and I think(?) the boyfriend likes it too but I am not sure how it would be to the taste buds of others. Maybe I should cook it when I am back in Malaysia and see what are the reactions of the family members back at home :)

    I ate close to 4 plates. In one night. Nuff said on how much I loved it!!

    It even had the burnt crunchy bits at the bottom and I absolutely lovee munching on those. I still have half a packet of those sausages lying in the fridge. Maybe I should make another batch soon :DD It was seriously so yums leh... :)

    Recipe credits to here. I tweaked it a little and here and there but generally, it is a good guide.

    xoxo, sher.

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