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  1. there is always a reason to everything.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    all the reasons matters.
    all the past matters.
    all of you matters soo much to me.

    everything happens for a reason. i like you at the start was with a very simple reason but as time passes the reasons became more and more complicated and more not understandable.

    but those reasons seems to keep me going on in some way. things never comes easy. it never comes the way you wanted. that is why wishes are for. but a gentle reminder i always tell myself, becareful of what i wish for.

    people has destiny ahead of them. how everything is going to turn out is fated. just make the best out of whatever you do.

    maybe that i was at melbourne for my first ever overseas trip when i was eight, it was destined that i'll wish for what i am getting today.

    my biggest dream i had in me was to work towards to studying in melbourne. but now that it is fulfilled, i feel so heavy hearted leaving. i am seeing more details in my life. my mum. my family. my friends. those that i love and care for.

    the details are coming more and more obvious.

    i love whatever i had back here. i am hoping i would love things over there as much as i loved mine back here. but certain things can never be replaced. the memories i had with my darling ones back here. the stuff i went through.

    it may have been bitter or even really sweet, but it is still something that happened and made a mark in my life.

    from kindergarden friend that i am still good friends with which is steph and primary school bits and pieces and high school laughters to college fun and work.

    everything marked something amazing in my life. especially having friends that i went on my first whole bunch of friends trip to genting then to going college together then to late night yam cha sessions then to movies nearly every week and then to sleepovers.

    a whole new chapter of things and people is coming up for me on the 3rd of august onwards. i wonder how it will be like. i am curious and excited at the same time.

    but i'll really miss whatever i have here that i treasure sooo much. ):

    coming to think of all my past, i thought i had forgotten it already. its good to be refreshed once in a while. it brings some smiles in me. (:

    but whatever i had these recent years were unbeatable. friends i've newly met and friends that i got closer to and things i've done, its just priceless. i love it all and i love all of you.

    i'll make it a habit to blog about my chapters of life every week. from wherever it started. kindergarden?

    lets see.

    work was good today. maybe a bit boring but it was fine. had alot of time in between to joke and laugh and even play. it had been so far so good.

    i just finished supernatural episode 15. i somehow liked the show even the concept is wayyy off.

    had to go to bed soon. since my astro died, no tv for me for at least 3 days. how sadd. tomorrow i have to be at work at 9.15 am. soooo.... nights people~!

    with love,

    music addiction : 心跳 - Wang Lee Hom

  2. i miss it all.

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    something new is coming ahead.

    i cant get it out of my mind. i heard it and it is still stuck in my mind. i am not only thinking about just now. i even thought about the ones before. the ones that was few thousand miles away but yet i was the only one who received it from you.

    will i ever get the same thing that happened before and get it when i am in australia? i miss the mics and the lags.

    and my dates the melbourne is fixed. bought the air ticket already. if things goes on as planned, i am leaving on the 26th of july at 11 pm.

    my darling friends please come and just see me or something before i leave. at least i can say bye and give you guys a goodbye hug. it doesnt have to be on that day but as long is i say bye before i leave.

    i am starting to get quite again. maybe its the phonecall. maybe its the air ticket. maybe its because i am leaving everyone behind.

    i dont know.

    goodnight~! off to some one tree hill to get me back into the mood or something.


    music addiction : Pink - Sober

  3. some good laughters at work.

    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    the new couple i like in gossip girl. (:
    and omg~! chace crawford really damn hot lo.

    work was fine. everything was in order. just that we have damn alot of customer but not enough of people to serve them.

    at least our sales is quite good today.

    and... i think today is the only day that i actually laughed till the extend of tearing in work today. that nick laaa go pin the sensor on clement before we finished work.

    then he made clement walk first and had to pass through the sensor thingy and it started beeping like mad. clement pula panic cause dont know what happen.

    and i am sitting there laughing till my tears were out. i dont know how nick managed to pin on him without him noticing. funny laaa that two.

    earth hour was just now. it seems like a usual hour only laaa. nothing happened also. all i see is tgif is participating and jusco. can you imagine that. jusco weihh.. the lights were dimmed. look even more malayish kinda area. (:

    and whatever insult en lin or jia shen is going to come up with.. shut up!

    oklaaaa. i want to continue watching my gossip girl episode 18 then go to bed. i am sleepy. tomorrow going doctor. didnt make it today cause i couldnt wake up.

    nights people.


    music addction : Beyonce - Halo

  4. much much better.

    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    the three yam cha kaki.

    i just finished the series EU. finally it came to an end. a good ending though. but it was a hanging one. i am sure there will be another continuation.

    first i couldnt get enough of the guys and second i couldnt get enough of the love they had. i want them to be together. they've been through soo much so they have to. (:

    tomorrow i am working from 10 to 10. wait. i mean later. yesterday i sold 4 pairs of shoe in one shot. some foreigner guy bought 4 pairs of shoes together that cost RM 1152.

    i damn proud.

    and.... i should be getting two pairs of shoes from nike. i hope it will be the last things that i'll get from there. ever since i started working there i have been eyeing onto sooooo much of things. sighs. :D

    went yamcha with cherly and qi hong after work. had a good talk and some good catching ups. especially with cherly. well... she should understand this. (:

    i'll always love her. dont matter what.

    and qi hong had been that gentlemen. he helped me to carry the 3 heavy water bottles into my house. cause it was heavy for me.

    not bad hor having such great friends in my life.

    welll... life has its ups and downs. soo far my downs have turned better. but... i am not sure when the other downs will come up again.

    lets hope for more and more ups to come. first, getting my first pay. second, my shopping spree for australia preparation. third, me leaving to australia and staying there for the next 4 years. i am looking forward to it yet feel that heavy heart of leaving.

    oklaaaa.. i am going to bed. tomorrow i have to wake up early cause i need to go see doctor. sien lo. then have work from 10 am to 10 pm. how saddd.


    music addiction : Love is Gone - David Guetta

  5. its settled.

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    feeling lighter. happier.

    everything got better. i said it all out. i even told it to the person itself. and saying it out is sooo much better. i feel a relieve.

    and so happen we were both disturbed by the same matter. coincidence huh.

    facing it is always better than hiding away from it. leaving it at a corner and not solving the matter wont bring any good.

    eventhough at the process of solving there was tears, i guess it was for a good cause. (:

    and en lin maybe right. i am complaning too. i may had expected too much. but well... things got better. alot better in fact.

    and i am happy.

    i love you. and you know that. :D

    okayyy... i am leaving to work. waiting for ferns to come over and fetch me. ahahahaha! my driver.

    tonight i'll finish at 8 pm and by the time i get back its probably 9 pm. and i might be going out for yamcha with cherly they all. we need alot of catching ups.

    bye people!


  6. its cold and nice.

    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    the rain.

    i love looking out at the rain. everything that was dark and gloomy becomes bright and chilly after the rain.

    i love after rains. its soft and touchy. the wind that blows is chilly.

    but i hate thunders. it destroys the mood. it brings out the moody part of me. i guess in everything in life, nothing comes happy in every single way.

    there has to be something i love but yet come with something i hate.

    its my off day today. i had all the sleep i can because i had the trouble of falling asleep this morning.

    as much as i want to say it all out. i cant.

    i hate this. but i love you. seeee... its always.. ALWAYS like that. i just had it shared out a little to a friend i just known for a year.

    hope by telling things out, i hope it works.


    talked to yao yun too. maybe she is right.

    i tired of caring soo much already. there wasnt even a point. no one bothered. as she said, i shouldnt stress myself up anymore since i've tried anyway.

    it does feel better after telling it to someone that knows me well enough.


  7. i dont feel fine.
    but i wont show.

    work has been fine. the only person that came to visit me today was hong jiun. and steph came yesterday. i havent been seeing her so long. i miss her.

    sorry i didnt blog that you came yesterday. things had been bothering me lately.

    i just read jo ann's postcard. i have soo much to say to her. things i cannot blog about anymore. and things that i can say to nobody at all. some wont understand. some wont care.

    everyone complains about their problems. complains about how sucky life is. complains about how terrible things went in their lives.

    what about me huh? i have my own set of problems too. but because of not wanting to be the next person that complains, i just cant speak out my problems to make myself feel better.

    i cant speak to anybody over here. i dont want to make things worse.

    i have soooooo much to say now. i just typed something soo long but i just cant seem to post that up. i'll ruin things even more. making things even worse.

    i am really scared. really scared. does crying or tearing really helps? because it is not helping now. i feel as though the things i treasure soo much is slipping off my fingers.

    i am still here yet things are already like that. i am so scared. things is definetely going to change when i leave and it is not going to be changing to something better.

    i dont want to lose all this.

    do you really have to see each other everyday to be close? i dont get it. i wonder if ever anyone feels like what i am feeling.

    i feel the distance soo badly. jo, when you see the postcard that will be delivered to you, you'll understand this post of mine.

    not only you people have fucked up problems okay? i am also a human.

    i am trying sooo hard to make things better with my emotions. trying so hard to laugh to talk at work to make myself feel better.

    yes indeed at work i feel much better but i dont like being home and being alone. i feel as though it just all hit me in one shot. it hurts soo badly.

    i dont only feel alone physically, i feel alone in the inside.

    and crying nor tearing dont fucking help. i feel stupid caring over something that people dont. i am really scared. i am scared of losing things i treasure soo much. people that i treasure so much. the relationship that i treasure so much.

    i guess this is life. it never goes your way every time. everything is fated.


  8. whats love?

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    it is love at that moment.

    finished work at 8 pm. supposingly was 6 pm but the new stocks came so i had another 2 hours overtime. but mainly during the overtime period, i was just lingering around and talking to the rest of them and laughing over their condo's condition.

    even the new guy bryan we are fun people. but too bad he'll only be working till next sunday. and he only knew me for like few days, he said i was "very friendly". not bad hor.

    and it seems fellest yan was in pyramid today tooo! and i didnt see him. even guys says he is hot. imagine that.

    now i have all my colleagues msn. even the new dude, bryan. sooo... its easier to communicate. (:

    i am trying so hard to write something right. write something happy. make myself think that things are fine.

    but it isnt.

    whats love? how do you know that you are loving a person?

    to me it is simple. i would do anything for that one i love. i would make it as simple as possible. complications makes things worse.

    if it is within my reach, i would do it. because i can so i will. but if i cant i wouldnt say i will.

    missing them 24/7 isnt entirely love. claiming that you love them maybe not be entirely love either. you have to feel that you really love the person and the person has to also feel it back. thats relationship.

    unless situations like what i have been through, i wouldnt use to term love. i've never loved a guy. i dont dare to claim i did. i dont want to get committed because i have not found someone i would be committed to.

    so its not love.

    but if you claim yo love a person, do as you claim. show them that you love them. dont just say, action always.. always speaks louder than words. dont just say.

    i've only liked two person with all my heart. one made a scar in me. it became a fear.

    sooo if you say you love a person, please really love them like you mean it. and dont say forever if you dont mean it. words are only nice to hear if their sincere.


  9. i regret choosing.

    i saw Fellest yan today! my god he is soooo much more good looking in person and his body is toned up well. what to do right... people is a celebrity dancer. but he was with jen from inti. soo who knows what is going on.


    lets get to the not soo happy part. relationship sucks. even not being in one, i feel it sooo hurting. especially at states were i am now.

    at a point were i am neither here nor there. at a point where i dont know what words can i use to describe my thoughts and my feelings.

    i dont know which is right or wrong anymore. i hate being alone at home and not doing anything but just sitting there and thinking about nonsense which tends to bring my mood down.

    now, i am thinking back about all the words said. the good and the sucky ones. the sucky ones are really piercing through.

    everyone has problems. i will want to help out people i love in my life with their problems if it is in my league.

    but my own problems, i never seem to be able to help myself out.

    sometimes i hate that i cant get over. well most of the time. as i am only left with memories that brought me tears.

    but for the ones out there with obstacles in front of you, i will only hope that you'll be strong enough to pull it through. i will always be there to support you in all ways.

    problems like this is not fun. and i remember this soo much, "having problems like this isnt fun huh? dont think too much. everything is going to be alright."

    its bullshit.


  10. shopping and problems.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    shopping spree~!

    yesterday i finished work at 7 pm. nick allowed me to go back an hour earlier. (: and at that time my mum was already there.

    once work was done for me, we went for dinner at Tony Roma's. omg the beef ribs is damn nice laaa. and had some salad and some soup.

    like that also cost RM 106 already. the taxing these days are damn blardy high laaaa. around 14 bucks of tax.

    then walked over to La Senza. bought pajamas and girls stuff and joined the membership. all together the buying sumed up to RM 350 something laaa. cant remember. mum was the one that paid. (:

    as i said, i will be back to visit Nike later in the night. soooo i went back with a motive. i wanted to buy things and after i get my paycheck only i'll pay my mum back.

    soooo i bought two training tops, one grey and one blue. and also jia shen's present. i know it is too soon to buy but only one piece left laaa so must be quick.

    the total of these three items which every single day i have been eyeing on is, RM 238.

    mum was complaining she got conned to come over for dinner. and ended up spending sooo much. but i am happy and she is too. :D

    went over to Machines hoping that i will get to show my mum the laptop sleeve i wanted to buy but sold already! stupid ferng lin laaa say help me to hold it for a while. and its blue somemore. but sold already!!

    after visiting ferns and the camera shop, we went back. detoured to my uncle's place for a while then came home.

    and my connection had problem so cannot online at first. when can already, it was late. sighs.

    since i cant go online, i was watching Camp Rock. that show not bad. i like the songs and somehow got to see the jonas brothers up closer. but still not lengzhai laa.

    anyway... work these days has been fine. apart from being cashier has a BIG responsibility and we lost a football. i mean come on laaaa. that also want to steal meh. cheap skate.

    bonding with colleagues has been good. even the new guy bryan. should have seen his face when i was speaking chinese to the china lady. ahaha.

    work is fine but something else isnt.

    i am tired. and lost and dont know what to do or how to make it better. things about this is never easy for me. its getting harder by day. i just do my part and leave.

    much love,

    music addiction : Midnight Hour - Running Away

  11. it just pulled me down.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    as long MU loses. then fine. (:

    hahahahahaha. MU LOST!

    somemore lost to Fulham. how saddd hor. me dont like MU because of stupid christiano ronaldo. he got face problem to me. (:

    who knows maybe liverpool woll win the title. and maybe Torres is their good luck charm this time. as tim said, "i am all about the guys." its my nature.

    work has been tiring. i have been working 4 days full shift already this week. all in a row. sighs. my leg hurts like mad.

    and finally i can finish at 8 oclock pm tomorrow. then mum will come over and we will go get dinner together in pyramid.

    i finally can because we hired a new staff. Briyn Leong from Sunway college which look like our age but mana tau sudah 22 years old. ahaha!

    lets hope my mum is in a good mood tomorrow. then i can get her to buy me stuff from nike. (:


    my god. this is killing me. i just hate to hear that line. and somemore i had to help to be nice. when those words were typed out by me, i feel that my heart hurts.

    and when i saw that line by you, i was like "fuck." i hate being someone to talk to. it sucks.


    music addiction : Taylor Swift - White Horse

  12. tired like shit.

    Saturday, March 21, 2009


    work and work only laaa for me.

    i have been having 10 to 10 shifts for three days straight already. and tomorrow and also the day after tomorrow.

    sighs. tired like shit. my leg hurts like mad laaa.

    now i am busy burning songs for my supervisor. and i cant sleep early cause some of the stupid songs is taking ages to finish dowloading. sighs

    anyway, i hope things work on fine. i am really looking forward to it and had everything planned in mind. lets hope things goes on as how i planned.

    too busy and too tired to write much.

    i didnt update yesterday already. soooo today must update. or not it will feel soo dead to me.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Beyonce - Halo

  13. life. sighs.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    alone everywhere i go.

    work today was fine. apart from me missing the bus this morning and thank god another one came fast. and also me making may wong and nick sick.

    it seems i am the culprit cause i made them sneeze and flu and have fever. i know laaaa i was fluing badly on monday but still... it was monday. (:

    wei ping came with woan yin to visit me. then at night wey liam, loong and adrian dropped by. and they also helped me to go over to Studio R to buy my BLUE NIKE bottle. eventhough i didnt get the big one, i got the small one. yay!


    things got better for me. i still feel sooo bad but yet life has to still go on. i dont feel like sharing it with anyone. it maybe a big deal for me but i am sure it isnt for whoever out there.

    i should be fine. it isnt that hard to manage it by myself. but i wonder how many times i am able to really work things out by myself. sighs.

    thanks to those that cared and asked about how am i. nothing to worry you guys about. its just a phase of my life.


    music addiction : Taylor Swift - Love Story

  14. i really wonder.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    even tears wont pay it.
    its the heartache.

    i really feel so bad. i've never felt so bad for what i did. when i heard it being said again, i feel my heart sank. then it gets better then when i think about it again i feel sad again.

    i've never cared so much. cared till it became a problem of mine. even work is not keeping me away from it. eff man this feelings sucks.

    everything will be different from the day it started. i know it is just that it is yet to be honestly told.

    why does only problem like this always have to happen on me? always. without fail it will always come back and pay me a visit.

    was i really such a terrible person to deserve this? was i not being good enough all the time that i have to pay such deed? for that one thing i said or did had to be such a big deal over the rest of the good stuff i've done or said?

    it seriously made my heart sank into my stomach when i saw it.

    sometimes i wonder who i can let all this things out. i used to have someone that stays up late with me coincidentally but yet still listens to all my rants and helps me out. well as i said i USED to.

    now, i have nobody. i mean i have friends but to me none of them helps me at moments like this. its not that they dont want to its i just dont seem to give in to them. i feel alone at stages like this.

    my late night buddy left. one of my listener left. one of my listener is so busy with her own things. another one of my daily listener just wont get what i am being upset about.


  15. my love for you will only remain till that day.
    or probably more than that
    but... its advisable not to.

    yesterday night i was too tired to blog. as usual everyday is working for me. yesterday i helped nick with the stocks and the tying up and the checking.

    it was a short day for me yesterday caused i finished at 6 pm. which was early for me. but i couldnt come home yet cause mum isnt back and i wont have dinner so i went over to my uncle's house and stayed over for dinner till mum came to fetch me after her functions.

    today had to wake up at 9.30 am cause i had to go and settle my uni payment at IDP. well... today is the only day i will be free for the week cause it is my off day.

    and i had Subway for lunch. i dont know why these days i am sooo into it. but it costly. ):

    basically i am just rotting and lazing around the house now. i will most probably be wayyy asleep later because i am still tired. and probably have good dreams. (:


    i feel sad for those that have to be another person to fit in. be another person that they hate just because being the other person is a task or a job they have been force to accept and do.

    seeing friends around them hate them. scold them. the pain inside them is unbearable. sometimes i wonder how they can possibly stand it.

    maybe in the inside i am just not that strong to compare.


    now that the payments for uni is done, all i am waiting for is my visa and my scheduled medical check up which will all be done only in july after my birthday where i legally turn 18.

    thinking about being a student in Melbourne really excites me. i am sooo looking forward to step on the grounds and claim myself as a student at a uni there.

    but yet not looking forward to leaving Malaysia. leaving my family and friends. sighs. what to do. life still has to go on.

    tomorrow i'll be back to work. lets hope that may wong managed to get me a blue bottle from the Cheras Selatan outlet. i want a BLUE NIKE bottle. (:

    and i think days to come i will be even more tired. i might have to take up more working time because we are really lack of people. su chian just left two days ago. soooo.. we are really lack of staff.

    thankfully we have may wong to come from time to time to help out.

    k laaaaa.. i want to go and sleep. and god knows what time i will actually wake up. ciao everybody~!

    love ya,

    music addiction : Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

  16. magnificently beautiful.

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    this is soo pretty.
    marriage can be so beautiful.
    love between couples made it even prettier.
    but it is hard to find.

    work was fine. alot of people la today. i was busy till time passed soo fast. and at least i sold 12 pairs of shoes.

    tomorrow is 10 to 6 pm for me. lets hope things goes on fine tomorrow laaa.

    i am too lazy to blog too much about today. i dont know what else to write already. i am getting sleepier. oh ya one colleague left already. too bad for the guys.

    i know i never got rid of you. i know i never wanted to even said it was making me sad. i will only force myself to let go when i leave.

    one day i am still here, one more day i will still hold on.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Paramore - CrushCrushCrush

  17. work.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    my favourite hot footballer.
    he is the reason i am supporting Liverpool.

    went to work at 9 am today because there were new stocks so i have to go back and sort things out. which was only me and nick who came in at 9 am.

    su chian came in at 10 am though cause she wasnt called to come in at 9 am.

    even may wong was early today. i continued doing all the new stocks arrangement and the pricing till i was finally done. then i had a small talk with may wong.

    she seems like such a cute person. and really nice also. i seem to go along with her. well... thats how i feel it laa.

    from 9 am till 2 pm, time passed sooo fast. because it was like so fast it is my lunch break already. which was a t 2 pm.

    so i went Ming Tien with jack and had sarawak's laksa. well.. food and drinks there is affordable and kinda nice also. after lunch i went to met up with my mum cause i felt like buying some stuff in fos and since she is there, she pay lo. ahaha!

    but unfortunately, dont have my size already. only left with the big sizes. so at last i tak jadi buy.

    went back to work and served customers. even 3 customers at once. and also my General Manager, Mr. Chim.

    because today there is only 3 people working soo it was really tiring. but as usual, people come in in a whole lot then leave then no customer then rotate again.

    qi hong dropped by with jenn hsen before they went to catch their movie. talked a while then they left. i even asked for qi hong's opinion on which t shirt i should buy for jia shen's birthday,

    and after that i was busy with a few customers at once and guessed who i saw.

    Ivan Yuen! remember that hot and cute squash player?? the one that used to be from SMK USJ 12 and Seri Selangor. omg laaa. he is still hot and cute! my god. and his smile is still the same. killer man. ahhhh...

    and he remembers me. i doubt he remembers my name but at least he remembers me. i used to be close with him in form 2. and it had been soooo long since i saw him. since form 2. my god. ahahaha!

    then i also dont know what i did and it was time to close shop already. apart from chatting with nick abit and also serving some customers and sold some shoes. oh ya and did cashiering and impressed customers with my cantonese.

    today i sold 10 pairs of shoes. not bad hor! ahahaha.

    ferns fetched me back today though. and we even detoured for ramly. i was seriously craving for it. and the Manu - Liverpool match was playing soo people started cheering at shouting.

    and Liverpool won! it was an obvious win. 4-1. Manu sucks laaa! it sucks cause of Christiano Ronaldo. terrible fella which has face problem.

    oklaaaa. i am off to bed.


    music addiction : Paul Mccartney - This Never Happened Before

  18. it never stop hiting me back.

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    i want to fulfil that Walt Disney aim towards Disneylands.
    i hope my wishes and dreams and hopes come true.

    today was a 2 pm to 10 pm shift for me. i took the bus and reached pyramid around 1.30 pm. i tell you malaysian's public transportation damn slow and got problem one laaaa. sighs.

    was at work early and as usual sold stuff, serve customers.

    sold 4 pairs of shoes i think? i think laaa. one of it was bought by terence. he came together with wai yi.

    went to break alone today though. stupid ferns ffk me. made me went to Subway and ate all alone. the were having some promotions. and i was craving for subway. it cost me like 7 ringgit plus.

    i feel like eating curry laksa for lunch tomorrow. maybe go Ming Tien and eat? hmmm... see how laaa.

    tim came to visit today. which is a good thing. since he already promised me he will. but i didnt get to talk to him much laaa. i was doing cashiering and stuff. and he had to go back so yeahhh..

    as usual laaa. the same old thing happened at the store today. customers, money, serving, smiles, sweeping.

    tomorrow i will have to be at work at 9 am. and i working all the wayyyy up till 10 pm. come and visit me laaa. to kill my tiredness and my boredom.

    aiyo... my feelings now is only about one thing. i havent had the time to think nor to feel too much these days. work had been taking me up.

    but suddenly today, everything started coming up again. i am starting to plan ahead. plan ahead for you. plan my offs my leaves. what to say and what to do for whatever that is coming up.

    the day i am looking forward to is coming soon already. i am really hoping things will turn out great.

    fcuk man. you cant seem to leave my mind. you leave and come back again. its like a never ending thing. cant i just say those three words out loud to you and hope for something in return?

    i havent been blogging much about all this already. i guess its time to have at least one post after a longggg time.

    chatting with a friend brought back even more memories which i thought i already left it behind and moved on. but it seems, its still very much in my mind.

    oklaaaa. i think i should go and sleep. i have to be at work at 9 am. sighs. and its only me and nick. and stocks. sighs.

    love ya'll.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Flo Rida ft Katy Perry - Right Round

  19. day 9 of work.

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    inside is blue!

    work has been tiring. 10 to 10 really damn tiring laaaa... my leg hurts like mad.

    was early today and waited for nick in front of the store. did some house keeping then talked to nick, serve some customers, then continue talking to nick again.

    since only the both of us in the morning. i was teaching nick about his 'new' phone. then when he was free-er, i paid for my bag.

    nice or not???

    its supposingly a gym bag which before discount it cost RM229. after discount it is RM137.40. my second item purchased ever since i started working. and i havent even get my pay yet. har har.

    then talked abit about my personal stuff to nick and how guys practically suck. some maybe great friends but terrible people to like. sighs. currently facing it.

    and jia chen came in around 1.30 pm with his results. omg man. the fella damn blardy smart. 12 A1's 2 A2's and 1 B4. damn good right?

    and he told nick that it is 'disappointing.' sighs. his expectations too high already. if i get that kind of results (which i wont laa but...) i sure dont know happy till where already.

    saw su chian coming into pyramid but she didnt come in to visit laaa. i wonder how she did. should be quite fine laaa if not she wouldnt have looked soo happy.

    today i had fun doing the cashier things. i admit that i am still slow with it but at least i am learning.

    sales today wasnt too bad but still not good enough. aiyo... how to make more sale? people! come and buy laaaaaaa... we got sales laaa!

    tomorrow i have to take bus. everybody i know is starting at 10 am and i start at 2 pm till 10 pm. i am damn tired already.

    i feel like energy is drained out from me. i am exhausted. leg hurts. eye lids are about to close.

    good night people!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Love Story - Taylor Swift

  20. new friends?

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    work.... and you.

    work is tiringgg...

    i am too lazy to blog already. i'll try to make things simpler and shorter sooo i can go to sleep soon.

    today really nobody man. we were sooo bored and sleepy. even sales dropped soo much. all i did was TRY to serve customer and talked to su chian.

    got to know su chian better though. which is a good thing. and told her quite some stuff about me. even the personal ones. seems to be a happy go lucky girl.

    nick only came in around 6 something. and he looks stressed up and no one dares to really talk much with him.

    but at least when we were going back he was sooo much better. can laugh and say he wants to go back and play dota. ahaha!

    tomorrow is 10 to 10 again for me. and have to open shop together with nick. he is doing full shift and same goes with me.

    i'll only get my bag tomorrow.

    watch my EU first then i'll go to bed. i am seriously damn tired. and i have to wake up at 8.45 am so i could give ferns a morning call so he'll come to fetch me on time.

    k laaaa. ciao people~!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

  21. offs.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    music is part of my life.

    was up at 9.30 am today. cause i had to go with my uncle to IDP to enquire more on what to do to accept the offer.

    consulted and had to get the bank drafts and some form done for next week. then i'll pay then i am secured a place in Swinburne.

    as much as not many knows Swinburne and people tend to say it isnt good enough, but to me its the same. i will still be in Melbourne and i will be there for 4 years. plus the fees is sooo much cheaper compared to others. so whatever laa. it works fine with me.

    because if its other uni, i wont be there for 4 years. and fees is tooo expensive.

    qi hong called today and we talked for a while. and found out that they are going to one utama this saturday. sighs. i have work. and it will be a hectic day.

    only three people will be at work. and it is a weekend. even more customers but less people working.

    this is my first job, but i am liking it. apart from the standing long hours and my feet hurts, i like it. i am getting use to be in the store and talk and stand and take stuff and laugh.

    but tomorrow is full shift for me. from 10 am to 10 pm. lets just hope that we have more sales and things goes on fine. (:

    there goes my off day. all i did was online, sleep, eat, shine clothes, running out to take when i heard it rain, and now, watching EU!

    the guys are hot. both are equally good for me but in their own way.

    and in work, there isnt any hot guys that i came across. wait... maybe one or two? but i fell in love with a small boy yesterday. he has a damnnnnn cute smile and soo adorable.

    much love,

    music addiction : Nicholas Tse - Angel

  22. blueeee...

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    how nice if its in baby blue colour. it will be even prettier.

    work was fine today. fun in a way. as usual i'll be singing to myself in the store. i cant resist not to laaaa. and when there are songs only lively ma. not so sien.

    gave my blog url to nick and jia chen today. soooo.. i must becareful of what i post? nahhh.. so far no bad stuff also right? (:

    went to break at 5.30 pm and went with ferns. while waiting for ferns in machines, his manager asked me, "you and him what relation?" ahahaha! i said, "friends with benefits." true what. he fetches me home and teman me for dinner. :D

    spent dinner in Jusco's food court. and i knew something which i never knew. i didnt know i share the same liking with you. now i know.

    and you always have something that reminds me of you. everywhere. somehow somewhere.

    while walking into Nike after my break, i met hau yang at the store entrance. apparently he was looking for a pair of gloves.

    and before i left for break, Mr.Chim was there. it seems somebody printed wrong price tags on the socks. which was really expensive. RM45 for a pair of socks? RM149? ahahaha!

    vanessa thought me how to do the cashier stuff today. i scared i forget laaaa.... and i did my first transaction already.

    somebody kena scolding today. i mean... 15 cents to photostat one side of paper???? expensive laaa. who also know laaa. vannessa scolded him kinda bad i heard.

    bonding with colleagues got better. and everything seems fine. another 6 pairs of shoes sold by me today. har har. but.... thats not alot laaa. i have other colleagues with better sales performance.

    finished work around 10.15 pm. didnt even finish sweeping the floor. (:

    tomorrow is my off day! yay! i can finally sleep. ehhh wait. i have to go IDP tomorrow to enquire more on the student visa, payment and stuff. omg. have to wake up at 9 something. sadd.

    nevermind laaaa. i can come back and sleep.

    oooooo... i am buying a bag from Nike! i reserved it already. and mum's paying. wait till i work on wednesday, i'll pay for it. and it will be mine!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : One Republic - Dreaming Out Loud

  23. i miss you.

    Monday, March 09, 2009

    soooo cute!
    the "happy" couple wedding cake top.

    just came back from pyramid for a shop meeting. woke up at like 8.30 am and left the house by 8.50 am. and was early there too. nick didnt show up yet and the keys were with him.

    then everybody gathered and may wong came too. by 10.10 am meeting was over. and i drove to mcd drive thru to buy my breakfast. damn long didnt eat already.

    i am soooo tired. yesterday finished work at 10 pm and went over to my uncle's till 11 something.

    ]and had to wake up early today. aiyo sien. today until 10 pm also.

    but at least yesterday i sold 11 pairs of shoes! hahahaha! new record for me. i'll try to sell more each day. and bonding with colleague seems fine.

    later i have to go to work at 2 pm. now, everything is about work for me. boring yet fun in a way.

    oklaaa. i am off to some rest. i am really damn tired. and i have problems to settle. and i am looking forward to meeting you. dont know why but i miss the sight of you. its been long.

    its was a good one yesterday. eventhough its short. it paid off. dont matter how tired i was, it still paid off.

    ooo wait. i feel like watching Never Been Kissed again. omg the guy is hot and good looking! ahahah!


    music addiction : All American Rejects - I Wanna

  24. love? bullshit.

    Sunday, March 08, 2009

    true love?

    a princess wish? a dream? to me, it wont be fulfilled. love these days are crap. true love only exist in screens.

    just got home. actually finished work at 6 pm. but... after work i went over with mum to my uncle's place. had dinner there and just reached home.

    started work at 10 am today. and had to wake up at 9 am. damn tiringg laa. sighs. reached work around 15 minutes earlier. which is a must for the morning shift people.

    the target for today is each staff has to sell 5 pairs of shoes. and i sold 8 pairs! ahahaha! a new record for me. (:

    and nick is trying to get the Taylor Swift new album to play in the store. he seems to be in love with the song Love Story. which will be a good thing cause i love her songs too.

    as usual during work i will either be talking to nick or vanessa. ahaha!

    and kar hoe came by today with xin yee. they were doing shopping. its been sooooo long since i saw him. and talked a little while.

    work is not badd today. things seems kinda fun. apart from me going to break alone again. its saddd. i had to go eat mcdonalds nuggets by myself.

    left for home at 6 pm.

    and tomorrow i am starting at 12 pm. but have to go for breakfast with the family at 8 am. omg! i must wake up early. aiyo.... its soooo not my thing.

    waking up early is murderous when i cant sleep in the afternoon or something. sadd.

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Love Story - Taylor Swift

  25. day 4 of work.

    Saturday, March 07, 2009

    my jacket. with BLUE stripes.

    woke up at 11.30 am today. cause i am suppose to catch the 12.30 pm bus. which i managed to catch the Rapid KL. the moment i walked out, the bus arrived.

    eventhough Rapid KL is more expensive than Metro bus, it is more comfy and lesser people. sooo it is not soo crampy.

    reached pyramid around 1.15 pm and then went to Mcdonalds to buy my lunch. bought the beef burger and ate finish within 10 minutes. and had qi hong to message all the way from the moment i stepped onto the bus till the moment i start work.

    before going to work, i went to adidas and disturb jack. today is his birthday tau. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!

    i went to work earlier again. i had no where else to go so i went to punch my card and started work.

    my first day with nic seems to start off fine. he asked lots of questions and explained to me alot of things also. he seems to be that type which really wants to educate the juniors and get to know them better.

    went to break at 5 pm and went alone. how saddd. went to jusco and ate curry me all alone. sighs. i dont like the feeling of walking around shopping malls by myself.

    before work started, i paid for my jacket. ahahahhaa! now i finally own something with my own money.

    and i love it.

    today is jack's birthday. sooo most of them came to club with him after that. as he is working from 10 to 10.

    the first person to come and visit is wey liam. then was adrian then was cherly then hong jiun and chun kit.

    adrian was having his own sweet time talking with our supervisor, nic. and i was talking to cherly. talk quite alot to them.

    then it was time for closing down. everyone was already outside waiting for jack. which was keng yew, shelaine, kar mun, xindi and cherly, adrian, wey liam, chun kit and hong jiun. oh ya! and jack.

    they all laughed at me when i was sweeping the floor. sighs. my friends.

    even wey liam took a picture of me when i was standing near the door. and when i told him my mum was sitting at the chair there waiting for me, he looked funny and said he knows.

    oh ya and cherly took a picture of me too. i think it is too rare that i am actually sweeping the floor.

    went back with mum and had sushi for dinner. ahaha!

    now, at home watching astro on demand. i am sooo into the show EU. the guys are hot! both of them. maybe as jia shen say, lan jiao people attracts me. and also yeng people with some character laaa at least.

    have to sleep earlier. tomorrow i start at 10. saddd.


    music addiction : Lifehouse - Who We Are

  26. my first off day.

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    this is sooooo cute.

    guess what time i woke up today?

    i think by far my latest time i woke up. i woke up at 2.45 pm. it was raining and i had the air cond switched on so it was even nicer to sleep.

    mum's phone call is the one that woke me up. suprisingly it isnt qi hong's morning call messages.

    but as usual, he message me asking me to wake up. ahaha! and today it was a mms message. sadly my phone no mms so i cant see what picture is that.

    got up and as usual is to switch on my laptop and my wireless router. and i sat infront of the laptop till i was feeling hungry then only i went to cook food for myself.

    unbelivable that i cooked? i fried two eggs and fried some ayamas chicken meatballs. (:

    finally went into the maxis website and saw the picture qi hong sent to me. it was a longgg ago picture that we took together during our crash course in segi college.

    limqihong and me.

    gosh i miss those days. days that he'll sit beside me and concentrate but i will be disturbing him. ahaha! days that we will all walk around summit during lunch breaks. and days he'll take my handbag and walk around.

    then i lied on the couch while watching American Idol. but none seems to attract me. hmmm.. except Kris Allen. (:

    waited for mum to come home with dinner which i had beef noodles. and after that quietly sat down to watch Astro on Demand.

    till about 10.15 pm. blardy hell man. in one show there is two hot guys! :D

    i am surfing through some wedding blogs. everything about it amazes me. the location, the dresses, the groom, the little details and the mesmerizing smile of someone being in love.

    there goes my off day. tomorrow i start at 2 pm. i guess it will be the bus again. ): and the first day i'll work with the supervisor, nic. lets hope things work fine.

    and..... i am gonna get my jacket from nike! its from RM229 to RM137. its already marked down. (: and it black with BLUE stripes.

    i had to borrow money from my mum first. then when my pay is out, i will pay her back. soooo indirectly, it is gonna be my first thing that i'll get with my hard earned cash.

    it must be purchase fast because its only left with 3 pieces.

    our nike store is having sales now! most of the stuff, i mean the old stocks which is last year's stock is marked down about 40%.

    soo... come and visit the store people!

    i know i am promoting, but if there is more sales, there will be more commission for me and more customers which will help me to pass time.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror

  27. uni is soon coming for me.

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    i had to let go somehow. because i will be leaving.

    i woke up at 11.30 am today. cause i had to leave the house by 12.30 pm to catch the bus. because it will be my first time sitting the bus to pyramid sooo i dont know it will take how long.

    by the time i was ready and done, i left the house aroun 12.20 pm thinking that i could catch the 12.30 pm one cause it seems every half an hour there is one.

    mana tau the stupid bus came like nearly 1 pm. and suddenly i had headache. somemore damn blardy pain. destroy my mood only.

    it only took half an hour. and throughout the whole journey i had limqihong to message. as it is considered as my daily routine already.

    the first thing i did when i reached was going straight to Guardian to get medication for my headache. and that strip on Synflex cost me RM12.50. sighs. and i only took two out of ten tablets.

    then went to buy some fruits and then headed to nike. cause i have no where to go. i went to disturb jack already and ferns wasnt around.

    was early for work like 15 minutes.

    khai shien, teck wei, siew yung and wei xiang came to visit today. i tell you that teck wei ahhh always appear behind me and say nothing. scare me only.

    went for break at about 5 pm with ferns. ate at jusco's food court. i tell you the food is expensive and not that nice. sighs.

    i need some accesories for machines. i need the blue laptop cover! ferns!! (:

    i had fun today at work. sold about 4 pairs of shoes and other stuffs. and time passed soo fast cause i got quite some stuff to do and talk about with my colleagues.

    i won a cd holder from nike and also got a free torres poster from them. (: i am wanting sooo much stuff from nike. but i cant buy. how saddd.

    and tomorrow is my off day! yay!

    i finally can sleep for as long as i want. i feel that i am not getting enough of sleep already.

    i guess now i can release my burden already. i've already settled things i had to. and i hope things are really fine. i really hope so.

    i am suprise over something today. and it was a good suprise. it is sooo long since i last heard it. i missed it.

    and.... i got my Swinburne offer letter already! i am definitely confirm leaving to australia already. and its most likely end of july.


    music addiction : Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

  28. work. work. and work.

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    in china. and i was actually really happy.

    instead of the bus today for me, i had jack to fetch me to work. ahahaha! but i think tomorrow i have to go with the bus cause none is starting about the same time as me. which is 2 pm.

    work was fine for me today. sold about 7 pairs of shoes. which is a good thing. my second day only le. (:

    time seemed to pass faster for me today. but my leg still hurts. the standing is tiring. like really tiring. i was leaning against the counter so much.

    instead of finishing at 10 pm, i was allowed to go back at 8 pm. but had to wait for my mum and my cousin to come over and eat dinner so i worked till 8.30 pm. which i sold 2 pairs of shoes in that half an hour.

    had sushi king for dinner and was messaging qi hong the whole time. well... its almost a tradition that i'll message him everyday.

    thinking about it, i'll miss him soooo much when i leave to australia. sighs.

    and he told me something that suprised me. i cant believe someone would actually ask for it but what the hell.

    soooo blardy not my type. berkenalan my foot laaa. i rather liking someone my type than giving into somebody sooo errr.. not my type laaaa.

    its still bothering me. i think tomorrow i'll try to make it right. lets hope things work out. i dont want it to become what i dread it will become.


    sien lo. tomorrow got work. at least i can sleep till 12 pm and then leave the house at 12.30 pm to catch the bus.

    wish me luck with the bus.

    love ya,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Gavin Degraw - Follow Through

  29. i wonder.

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    tired and regretful and wondering how things would turn out.

    work was not too bad today. the people seems nice. and the working environment is quite good. got to know alot about nike things and how things operate there.

    but the standing was tiring. and the smiling and greeting was boring.

    till now my feet hurts. tomorrow will be another 10 hours of standing for me. sighs. at least i got to know that the pay is attractive. (:

    lets just hope that i can stay up till 4 months so that the last month i can get my nike apparels with staff price.

    its a must to be a 3 months staff to purchase with the staff price. anyway, now most of the stuff in the store is already marked down up to 40%.

    i start at 12 pm tomorrow and no one can fetch me there cause jack starts at 1 pm and ferns starts at 10 am.

    so it will be the bus for me.

    i will be off to sleep in a while. i am tired and drained. after soo long, i am actually sleeping early. if not tomorrow i cant wake up to catch the bus.

    and by the way, i am sorry. one sided as it is, i am sorry. if this is where it ended then i will only regret over the words i've said.

    thats the only thing. i cant do much to repair anymore.


    music addiction : Katy Perry - Thinking About You

  30. its still counting.

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    the love for blue started deeper because of you.

    work is starting in about 12 hours. its my first job so cant blame me for being excited in a way. but there goes my late night sleeps. i am sure i'll be too tired to stay up anymore.


    i am sorry. somehow it isnt my problem and i am feeling bad about it. maybe its because of the words i've said.

    something made me feel bad. i dont know why whenever i come up with harsh words in the end i am the one who softens up and feel sorry and feel bad.

    sighs. off this topic. i am not able to put my feelings that i am feeling into words. i dont know how to phrase it into words that wont bring up anything.

    okay okay. off it.

    i took the time to read back posts i've posted last time. i guess i was really a sour person back in the end of last year.

    i felt it in my posts. at least now the slightest things about you wont make me emo anymore. maybe i saw the feelings that i had for you into something else.

    i am happy on how things are now. really happy that things went well and still is going on well.

    seeing things simpler helps on opening minds which are soo narrowed. i never hope much anymore. just one. its for you to be happy. (:

    and maybe the thoughts are holding me back. holding me back from letting it go. i somehow enjoy the process of not letting go. i am happy so why not hold onto it somemore?

    okayy.. its time for my America's Next Top Model. by 3 am i have to go to bed. if not, tomorrow work will be horrible for me.

    and Kris Allen has this something that charms me. and he sings well to me too. (:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror

  31. i thought it to be too easy.

    tomorrow work is starting. i am suppose to be there at 1.30 pm. and it seems i do not need to take the bus because cherly will be going to pyramid to get her RAM for her laptop.

    lets just pray hard work will be fine tomorrow. i have to work till end of june le. sooo pray hard it is fun and i can last that long.

    i'll finish at 10 pm tomorrow. sighs.

    today went to jaya 33 with cherly to get some accesories. hope she'll like the present we got for her. (:

    now i dont know whether what i said was what it really is. i wrote it when i just heard it and just feel like saying something.

    but after talking, i wonder whether is my words to bias only on one side.

    i am now trying to understand both parts of the story. and it seems both sides has its right and wrong.

    who am i to judge anymore.

    maybe my words where too harsh earlier. maybe at that particular point i wasnt thinking about you. then i guess i should at least say sorry.

    but i've already said and its done. i dont know how am i to help anymore. i dont even know who am i to say anything anymore.

    it makes it hard for me to hear words being phrased like that from you. thinking that maybe i am not a good friend that i misjudged or something.

    i really dont know what to say anymore. maybe i shouldnt say anything from the start. maybe i shouldnt know at all.

    both are my important people. and yet i am feeling as though that if i say something slightly off things will be different.

    no one knows how much i care for both but yet i feel as a terrible friend for one for not understanding well and for not being able to help.

    i really dont know how words should be phrased by me that things would get slightly back onto its path.

    somehow i feel as though i am losing a friend to talk to and as a friend for you to talk to.

    maybe all i said before is bullshit now but i meant it. i meant every single word that came out from my mouth.

    this is the part where i was dreading for it to happen. my good friend then to be a hi bye friend maybe?

    i guess i somehow saw this part of my life coming by.


  32. pavilion. and ferrari(s).

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    i went to some warehouse this morning on the sports things. i managed to buy two tshirts and one swimming attire.

    then at 1 something pm qi hong came to fetch me and then headed to cherly's house.

    and after fetching her, we took off to KL. our destination was to Pavilion. since cherly wants to go shop on her Guess? things and and qi hong havent drove to Pavilion before.

    we reached around 2 something pm.

    first, we headed to Tangs. and they were having sales on the really expensive brands. BCBG's sales was up to 80% and cherly saw this dress which was really nice and after discount was 300 plus.

    but it was big for her.

    her in it.

    him while waiting for her to change.

    then we went to the Guess? outlet in pavilion and cherly tried on some clothes but only the one which was the corset like one was nice.

    ended up didnt buy anything from there so she said she wants to go over to the one at Lot 10.


    while walking to Lot 10.

    somehow the crowd is little in this picture. but honestly there was damn alot of people and mainly malays.

    in the Lot 10 outlet.

    cherly in action.

    then she settled down with only a grey vest. which was 120 ringgit i think. i think. suprisingly it is the only item she bought.

    qi hong was already complaining that he is hungry so we went across the street to Secret Recipe.

    cherly and me.

    qi hong and his mushroom chicken.

    after food we headed back to Pavilion to walk around more.

    the three of us. (:

    me and my darling.

    cherly and qi hong.

    me and my best girl. (:

    we went walking around Pavilion. and i got some stuff from Pull and Bear. the vest which i like.

    qi hong holding our stuff while we were trying on clothes.

    we walked all over Pavilion and decided to go back at around 7 pm.

    in the car on the way home.

    my driver.

    the jam along the road in front of pavilion.

    LV's main store at starhill.

    a grey ferrari.

    alot more ferrari's. all parked infront of pavilion cause they were having some ferrari club meeting at Carat Club. some diamond shop laa.

    his bmw aircond very cold le somemore outside raining. qihong was kind enough to allow me to borrow his jacket eventhough he was also feeling cold and he is sick.

    and he actually noticed i was cold when i didnt even say it. oklaaa maybe i turned the aircond down but guys i usually meet or encounter, none are like that. except my dear qi hong. (:

    when i was opening the house gate i saw him putting on the jacket. means he endured with me throughout the whole journey.

    awww.. i'll miss him sooo much when i leave to australia. ):

    reached home around 8 something pm. and then the uncle and aunties and cousin came over.

    and i just finished the pizza's i ordered. i just felt like munching and eating something. and i havent had pizza since en lin's house warming thing.

    anyway, i had an amazing day today. i spent it with my two best friends. one my girl friend the other my half heng dai half zhi mui. (:

    thanks lim qi hong for fetching us there. and thanks girl for what you did. i'll get back to you when i am capable of.

    much love,

    music addiction : James Blunt - 1973