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  1. Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    whatever you want to do and whoever you want to be with is your own freaking problem. you think you are happy then good. if you end up bad i will congratulate you. you ask for it. i guess we just cant be friends. not before not now but later i dont know. for now i can say is i dont want to turn myself into that annoying you. i will never be that you that i dislike. a so called friend that knows me well? bullshit.

    the last time i am saying it to you. i've-once-heart-you*

    this is the second and the last post on you. i've never mentioned about you in here before. my last and final words of you. its too long ago for you and people to remember. things and useless feelings should be left behind as a past. the good part of my past with you is i had good memories. its good enough eventhough it wasnt long. at least for once i thought i really had you.

  2. Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    my chemistry teacher reads my blog. hi teacher!
    she just came up to me and said new lolipop handbag ah?
    luckily i've not written anything bad about my teachers apart from geetha.

    is it normal that i care that much for a friend? it would be good if it ended up badly. omg i a terrible person. maybe you and me are just not meant to be friends YET. i have to learn to let things lose. if not i wont make my way through it.

    the loves i draw in my book*

    it never seem to find the person i've drawn about. i had a book that i started off with you but it ended up leaving a big scar in me. scars can be healed but it takes time. i am too afraid to open the book again and see your name in it. after you i never settle down with anybody for long. he made me fear the feeling to love. eventhough i said there was this somebody but he didnt give me that feeling you used to give me.

    seeing you again brings back memories. i dont know why but i like looking at you like i always did yesteryear. until today i still can recall what you said to me. <3

  3. Monday, April 28, 2008

    i hate having sore throat!
    slept the whole day after i took my medications.
    the sickness is still bad.
    i havent study for maths.
    i am soo dead.
    and the emoness in me is still there.
    i couldnt get rid of it!

    thanks ernest for calling. to call and ask how am i or just because you are bored? anyway thanks. i can't wait for thursday. its holiday. i dont want to go college.

  4. Sunday, April 27, 2008

    just got back home from malacca. it was a house warming. the house was really really nice. but too bad it is in malacca. their friends are rich and so are they. the house is super huge! nice big and expensive cars are parked all over. since when i had such rich relatives?

    went to undang today before going down to malacca. woo-hoo i passed! 47/50. i was too scared to press the "tamat sesi" button. but i passed so it is VERY good.

    i just got the pictures of jia shen's birthday celebration. so i guess i should blog about it before i get too lazy.

    on the 23rd night, we went for steamboat buffet to celebrate jia shen's birthday. bought him a cake from all of us. chocolate indulgence.

    the cake* specially for you.

    busy arranging candles.*

    sang out LOUD for him*

    the entire floor people sang for him. happy boy. =)

    the guys*

    all of us*

    him with the three girls*

    the guys again*

    i had fun that night. didnt eat that much but yeahh it was good. sheng loong getting all 7 different types of mee was funny. i think he made khai shien, hau yang and hong jiun scared of eating mee for sometime. =)

    and having wey liam sitting beside me was entertaining enough. it was good catching up with them. jia shen actually look quite hot that night. omg what made me say that? haha!

    and we successfully squeezed 7 peoples in a waja. sean's waja. =) luckily it was only to pyramid as the steamboat restaurant was just opposite. if it is any further i wont feel my legs. even that short distance made my leg numb like shit.

    my cousin came to fetch me, cherly and loong home. it was a good night out. jia shen left earlier for another suprise party back at his place. i guess he really enjoyed himself.

    shit la. i am sick. bad sore throat. i dont mind getting fever but sore throats and big flu is a NO for me. i hate it!

    its making me dont feel like talking to anyone at all. dont know what has got into me. maybe it is the tiredness of travelling or the sickness i am having or i just dont like somebody suddenly.

    people just couldnt think for others? is everybody so self-centered? go away! do whatever you people like. i couldn't be bothered anymore.

  5. lollipops.

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    yesterday went to pyramid to watch Forbidden Kingdom. the show is quite nice la. the fact that it is all in english and the sceneries are great. not bad not bad.

    it was damn good that i went to pyramid yesterday. i got my Lollipops handbag! i've been craving for it since last year. but the one i wanted sudah finish. cause each and every bag they only have 4.

    it is on sales due to mother's day. and so happen my mum is in a good mood so i got my bag!

    the paperbag is nice. its baby pink!*

    lollipops* cats*

    my red bag*

    my first lollipops handbag*

    i love it. its red. hot hot hot. after 50% discount it is about RM230. quite good ler. my mum bought another bag too. i love my bag soo much! <3.thanks mummy!

    yesterday's outing was VERY fruitful.

    today college was pretty normal. just that i got pissed by stupid Geetha. annoying teacher! i've never actually seen a teacher like that? she is a terrible one.

    jia shen's got his arsenal jersey that we classmates bought for him. it is good being in the same class with him. he makes me laugh too much. till i kena from geetha just because i laughed. sick teacher!

    tomorrow i have undang exam. wish me luck! i hope i pass. =) after that i am going to malacca for some relative's open house. wonder would it be boring?

  6. Thursday, April 24, 2008

    i am soo tempted to put your acting-stupid faces pictures la. but well it is your birthday so i must treat u better ABIT.

    the aunty you with cherly's guess bag and i dont know what cap. =)

    don't scold me by putting that picture. the picture is cute. XD pinks*

    the hottie*


    yeng kia and me*

    i've known jia shen for nearly two years i guess. wasnt that close with him but ended up being in same tuitions and his class used to be next to mine so we got alot closer. and also one of my favourite dude.

    he is a great guy and so far a GREAT friend. now being classmates i guess we've got closer abit more at least. he is always there for anything at all and my-so-called-kor-kor. he bring joy, laughters and tears (laughing tears). so basically he is a good good guy.

    and hope that wish of yours will be granted. =D

    this is my so far greatest comments on him and i mean it! =) ps: do not say i treat you bad anymore. i've never regretted knowing you!

    see la hot-yeng-cute pictures all also got. i am such a good friend right?? haha!


    we are such good friends you know. belanja you. wait is it just mun hoe or all of us? okayy i dont know. ahah! just got back from steamboat with jia shen, wey liam, sean, mun hoe, chun kit, jia wei, khai shien, sheng loong, cherly, hau yang, and hong jiun.

    we made the whole place sing for you. see we are damn good right?! aren't you touched?? hope you had fun la. XD

    pictures updates will be soon until i get the pictures from mun hoe and jia wei. =)

    happy 18th my dear dai lou!

  7. Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    college was pretty fun today. talk alot. and had fun whacking people. and also got back my chemistry paper. it was hard okayy? and i managed to pass it. i hope it is still a good thing. =)

    today class finish at 12.30 because all the classes was shorten 15 mins due to the moral studies exam at 3. sat with jia shen, teck wei, wei ping and cherly which was there for a while till 2 something.

    then, dickson came to taylor's along with steph to fetch me to visit walter aaron. and also to go to MAS headquarters to hand in his application. going into MAS is very the troublesome. have to give our IC to them. mafan-nya.

    went all the way to kelana jaya (i think it is kelana jaya) to visit walter aaron wong! waited for him at the guard house while he is bathing upstairs then he and sis took us to some new shoplots to eat lunch. somemore he belanja us. thank you soo much darlingg! but i still dont feel nice by him belanja-ing. i bought two pairs of earrings there too. =)

    stephy duck*


    actually i was nervous meeting his mum as only-a few-know-what-it-is. esther made me feel even worst. and did i say she is soo cute! should see the way she talks and treats dicky. =)

    played boggle. wait is that how it is spell. ahah! i finally got the right spelling from walter. i am bad at words! really bad.

    the game*


    at least when i said bye to his mum she did smile. i think she did. hahah. took the "secret passage" to the pool. well according to esther it is a secret passage. took pictures with walter's N95.

    we girls with that one boy*

    esther is soo cute!

    we besties*

    two gay lous*

    we had to leave cause dicky is worried about the jam. i think we left at about 6 i guess.

    my darlingg and his sister*

    i miss walter soo much. and definitely i'll miss esther. she is really cute! hearing her calling me jie jie was like so cute la. =)

    my partner for the day*

    the driver!

    i slept on our way home. it was raining and there was a jam. nice time to sleep. =) anyway thank you dicky for fetching me! i have such great friends.

  8. Sunday, April 20, 2008

    i need someone to talk to now.
    none of those i need are online.
    it is too late to call.
    but i need you people.

    i am sleepy but i can't sleep.
    annoying la~

    how i wish i m in that deep sleep and in that great dream i had.
    please~~! i beg you.

  9. undang.

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    just got back from Taman Sri Muda. somewhere in shah alam la. went there for my 5 hours undang class. it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.

    probably because i have stephanie. hehe =) the first two hours was pretty boring. i was soo hungry and steph was sleepy. then later she complained that she was hungry also. she said why just now we didnt ask our instructor to drop us at mcdonalds to get our free sausage mcmuffin ah? i said you go tell him la.

    yew wei messaged me saying he is there too. but we were in the class for the talk and he is outside. then mana tau he said he left already so didnt get to meet up. sighs*

    went for lunch. that place that is called a canteen isnt a canteen also la. not enough place to occupy the peoples. made us stand there like some dungu while scouting for a place to sit.

    the food can still be eaten. so it isnt that bad. i was too hungry to bother. mee goreng+sausage+nuggets=RM2.00 and a can of ice lemon tea=RM1.60. its okayy.

    we watched people doing the side parking and the slope thing. it didnt look THAT hard but anyway we wouldnt know also whether is it hard or not. =)

    went back to class and sat there for another two hours. the speaker was not bad actually. at least he made jokes and demonstrated funny things.

    the class was going to end so we decided to take pictures and then go back and blog about today. i said to her better take now because michael (instructor) is always on time.

    these are the end results.

    me and you*

    TRYING to look like i am reading.* shit its upside down

    then we need to take out our ic for some thing to scan into the computer and steph wanted to take it and see the difference.

    i look hideous back then. now just a little less hideous.* =)

    suppose to be a small head picture, mana tau steph's picture soo big. see the difference man!

    see la. mine soo small hers soo big. this picture is soo gonna be my P license picture. =)

    in michael's car on our back.

    my first and only attempt to this lala pose.

    i love her too much! <3

    went to padang this morning to catch up with the boys for a while. suprisingly en lin did come early. if not i wont be able to meet up with them. and if he didnt come early qi hong would be headless. haha!

    thank you chun kit for pui-ing me walk to padang and also walking me back home. eventhough your feet hurts. i am soo sorry and thank you!

    i didnt get to see him. sob sob. but qi hong gave me a full report on the match. i mean the important details. so okla. and qiqi, take care of your feet la.

  10. Thursday, April 17, 2008

    i have been in this "create post" page for like soo long but i still have no idea what to write. asking around what to blog about but yet no idea. sighs*

    i dont blog about college that much. probably i should write something. but not to the extend like khai shien la. his is soo detail la. every single thing we do also he write. reading his blog reminds me of my day.


    it been 4 months plus since i am in s9 class. the first day i only knew wei ping, jia shen and khai shien. now i talk to almost everybody. well ALMOST la. not all.

    describe abit about my classmates la.

    behind: felix, jimmy, yong shen

    3rd row: rohit, shem, pavitran, chee xun, me, ernest, teck wei, wei xiang, seng hui, khai shien

    2nd row: michelle, siew yung, masyitah, yuvy, wei ping, audrey

    infront: vincent, daniel, jia shen, ken

    the lala pose*

    jia shen,
    the annoying joker in class. full of craps yet entertaining enough. haha! someone i've known for two years i guess. well he is a not bad guy. see la jia shen, TRYING my best to promote you abit. =) you know la, people that perasan being hot plus cute plus charming must be flattered sometimes also. must motivate him abit. eventhough i always demotivate him. haha! he'll ask me those question yet he knows what my answers will be. so accept the fact la jia shen kor kor! omg thats just so wrong!

    khai shien,
    the maths freak. maths book everywhere in his room. haha! the smart dude that got richer from his spm results. and my punching bag. haha! at least it doesnt hurt right? i just did that to keep me awake in class.

    teck wei,
    random and unpredictable fella. another maths smarty. not only maths la most of the subjects. only got to know him this year. so far so good.

    the day dreamer in class. he may seem to be looking at teacher but yet not listening. his mind will be wondering to dont know where. damn geng in pool also la. always dota and cabal only. sighs* the freaking blur guy that can make you laugh if you really observe what he does. he reads spec maths textbook expecting to be able to know how to do.

    didnt really know him last time. but now i guess it is getting better la. his drawing not bad. a guy that claims he is anti social but i dont think he is even if he insisted. nice dude.

    he is from jb. i use to think he is older but apparently he isnt. haha. he always says "in my underwear". and he knows alex. me being a ke po will always ask him about the other him. =) thanks rohit for the informations!

    another fella which is just like jia shen. full of nonsense. always gaying with jia shen. disgusting yet amusing. =) and he went and cut his hair like a lala. which me and michelle complained about. another rich kia! seeing him telling the cars he owned is funny. fyi, he is a freaking vain fella. haha! and he broke my pencil. my favourite blue pencil. anyway thanks for the nice songs!

    ehh how are you gonna get girlfriend if you keep doing that to a girl la? always whacking me only. hyper man you. last time he is damn gao hyper but now very seldom already la. i wonder why. hmm*

    yong shen,
    ken's gay partner. i guess he is another smarty pants.

    my lab partner. if it wasnt because of lab i guess i wont talk to him as i am now. funny fella. should see his face when he talks to pn mahani. =D

    i dont know much about him but yes he is smart and he is the class rep. haha

    aweird guy that asks alot of questions.

    chee xun and jimmy,
    peoples from kelantan. i never really got to know them that well though.

    ass class rep. assistant class representative i meant. funny fella.

    wei xiang, seng hui, daniel,
    i dont really know about them. haha.

    wei ping,
    i've known her all this while but we dont talk that much la. if you get to know her she is really damn cute and damn funny. haha! seriously la. make me laugh non stop man. another one that always perasan one. all the jia shen disease.

    she is from sarawak. nice girl, and fun to talk to. =) i suddenly cant think of much to describe. one word la. nice. =D

    siew yung,
    also from sarawak. dont really talk much to her though. but she always gets bullied by vincent. terrible fella.

    smart also la. damn funny people. especially when she is with masyitah. all the crazyness are revealed. i didnt expect her to be this sot sot. haha! =)

    my LAN friend. not the only one but among the ones. i only have like two peple i talk to in LAN classes. damn sad man. another small cute funny joker in class. all the true self are revealed man. and she doesnt look like 19! seriously. cute la this girl.

    dont know much. =)

    basically these are my classmates la. i hope i didnt leave out anyone. anyway it is only april. still got another half a year plus to know them. maybe by then i'll have other comments.

    shit shit. why am i thinking so far already? i thought all this while i took you just as a friend? headache la. how la? sighs* help! somebody please.

  11. Sunday, April 13, 2008

    yesterday went to coffee beans and study. =) well supposingly study was the main aim but who knows we were laughing more than studying. haha! at least the studying helped a little.

    the whole night yesterday i was just sitting in front of the tv and watching the seventh day 最美麗的第七天. cried damn alot and the couple are damn sweet. finished the whole series at like 3 in the morning. =) anyway there is no such love stories in real life. at least none anywhere near my life.

    the very sound sleep i had*

    i think yesterday's dream was the only dream i can remember of people i dreamt about. cause dreams for me are like hi and instant goodbye sort of thing. so i cant remember usually. but yesterday's one was different. somehow related to the show i've just watched.

    all of a sudden it was you who was in my dream. rather weird and unexpected.

    it was you who i dreamt about*

    a dream i dont think i'll want to wake up on. not because you were in it but it was just too sweet. there was a smile on my face when i woke up.


    but still everything seems soo blurish. =/

    i m starting to think differently i guess. thanks to walter! but... there won't be any big difference anyway. soo everything just had to end here. sighs*

    okayy now i have to start my 1000 words report. if not i'll die tomorrow. =)

  12. Friday, April 11, 2008

    today is adrian yeong weng kay's birthday. i soo totally forgot to wish him. but nevermind la. at least i did right. i wished before the night is over. =)

    with cherly's nemo fish. form 4*

    known him for about 5 years i guess. since form 2 right? hmm but we werent even close at all. all i do when i see him is i smile. damn funny la. =D

    then form 3 same class and ended calling him kai kai ever since. 3 explorer was fun and entertaining with cherly pinching him and he'll go "ahhhh!!". haha! and form 4 same class too. did alot of stupid and funny things together.

    anyway, happy birthday adrian! hoped u had fun. =) so long didnt call you kai kai already.

  13. Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    peoples these days just couldnt stop bitching about one and another right? especially those who are still kids but acting as though they know a lot. you people have not seen the real world yet.

    a bunch of immatures that are trying to ACT mature.

    there is just something wrong with the kids these days. ehh wait still call kids ah? yeahh i think the word kids is appropriate. they are soo much worst but claims to be the best. omg which part is THE BEST la? that so called useful brain? haha.

    there isnt only one but so many. something is sooo wrong. they dont just bitch around but also advertise their ability of having two faces to everyone. soo damn talented right? acting is their best profession man.

    stop bitching around la... KIDS*

    the intention was good. and even if it is a thick face me, it has NOTHING to do with you. who are you man? why do you even bother? he is my best friend not yours. mind your own fucking business.

    i've not seen such people who does all the wrong things but yet thinks it is right. please la realise abit? know what is realisation or not? if not, got alot of dictionary selling in the stores so go and get one. its not that expensive la.

    so what if i was the one who told him everything? and cause everything? what are you gonna do about it? tell the whole world that is me and what? try to sabotage my life? kill me? oh god don't you have any better idea? sighs tsk tsk tsk. anyway i don't need you people la. =)

    and don't you think you know me. you don't know the real me yet. you don't even have the right to judge me at all. so eff off la. why do you even bother when he doesnt even care? get yourself an effing life please. you seriously need it badly.

    i don't need you to like me cause i equally don't like you as much as you don't like me. or even more. defintely more. so fuck off.

    to the extend of hating*

  14. Sunday, April 06, 2008

    yesterday's college was soo boring. imagine la one hour class one hour break. right up to 4 o'clock. sucky.

    it rained and i was all wet when i reached home. already all wet somemore got damn grumpy. sorry dear for throwing my anger on you. sorry*

    qi hong and jenn hsen came over to my house while waiting for my mum to fetch us to pyramid. fetched chun kit along too. reached there and was suppose to catch a movie but everything was only starting at 9 plus soo it was abit too late.

    went over to adidas to get tim's present. a tshirt and a shoe bag. =) hope he really likes it. i was soo hungry so we went to kim gary and ate my all time favourite baked cheese rice.

    me and qi hong*

    chun kit, me and dicky*

    where are you looking la dicky?

    chun kit, dickson and qi hong*

    me and jenny*

    it was soo good to catch up with qi hong, chun kit, dicky and jenn hsen. ever since qi hogn got back from ns i never see him ler. apart from having a glance of him in taylors la. i mean seeing properly cause at that time i was in a rush to go and get my results.

    chun kit lagi teruk. i forgot to wish him happy birthday when he was in ns. omg i m sooo sorry!! and i claim u as a good friend. shit. and even i see dicky in college sometimes we dont talk soo much.

    met up with jia shen, mun hoe, sean and wey liam in kim gary. talked for a while.

    tim was in pyramid too with some friends so i ask him to come find us. so we met up in front of FOS. we were talking soo loud until everybody was staring at us. cherly and chun kit talked like quarelling like that. tell me la, who dont look? all of them say tim lanc already. made him feel damn bad. but just joking only la. birthday boy*

    hottie alert right in the middle*

    wey liam called and say that they are waiting at the bowling alley. mana tau all also like dont want to bowl so ended up go archery. they are all actually not bad. except for that dickson dont know how he shoot until can patah balik and hit the tv. the girl beside also scared of him already. liam also not bad la hor. then he showed me the picture of whatever he had drawn. omg his drawing damn nice la. very real.

    had alot of laughters that night. something which i didnt have for some time. the laughters with them. <3


    don't be upset la ok? everything will be fine. i am sure. its not worth it. so forget about the past and think about what is coming up and make the best out of it. i will be here for you no matter what. don't think so much as i know you'll go through it greatly cause you are a tough boy. =) love ya!

  15. Saturday, April 05, 2008

    today is the birthday of my favourite dude. somebody that listens to all the crappy stuff i talk about. acting pro about relationships things also he'll listen. a friend that i got really close to since form 5. someone that i've known for only a year yet close.

    without him in 5 browser, it wouldnt be that fun. same goes to a few of you. he is the one that supplies laughter and craps. the "very hardworking" ketua kebersihan. knowing him add another joy in the circle of friends i have.

    someone that always ask me about girls in a very funny way. haha! waking him up at 4 in the morning isnt that hard actually. he sounds awake. =) knowing him will not be a regret for you.

    the big eyes, "lengzhai", tall, Mr. Tang Kah Tim! a great dai lou!

    one of my bestest guy friend* =)

    this picture you look so yeng. wait wait. the pose very yeng* must publicise that yengness of you right?

    Happy birthday my dear!! hope you enjoyed your day and love the present we gave you. turned 18 already so you are legal for almost everything. good luck in everything too!! and remember that u have such great friends you know. cheh cheh. =)

    happy 18th birthday!!!!