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  1. Yellowwww~!

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Hey y’all!

    First and foremost, my grandma just got out of the hospital two days ago and back into our house! Super duper good news! That means no more daily hospital visits and spending hours and hours sitting on an uncomfy chair and mamak everyday. Whoop whoop! Hoping that she’ll have a speedy recovery and her usual routine can go back to normal soon! Thank you God, for answering all of our prayers!

    Anyways….. I know I’ve been really bad with the updates. That’s cause I literally have zero time everyday to sit down and face an iPad to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions, let alone to sit in front of my Mac and blog.

    I usually put priorities like series catch ups above anything else I need to do on my Macbook. Even my series-es I haven’t had the time to catch up with them. Ever since I got back I’ve been so busy. Busy with going in and out of the hospital and going to work. By the time I am home, all I want to do is sleep. The boyfie also mentioned that I have been super busy until I don’t even have time to Skype with him.

    Usually whenever I am back to Malaysia and the boyfie being in Australia, we always take the time to Skype with each other at least twice or more a week. More like whenever possible and however frequent... And each session can go up to 2 hours or so. Now….., I barely have the time and when I do, I’ll be out with my friends and whilst I am out with my friends, he’ll be waiting patiently for me to go home and Skype with him. The wait went up to 6am aussie time until he fell asleep and I still didn’t manage to talk to him. ): But but, I did see him and talk to him, the next day for about 2 hours plus! :D

    I miss him so much…. 25 days until I see him! I seriously can’t wait to get him back within my reach!! 

    I gotta get back on track with my usual routine soon. I have to diligently sit down and be discipline enough to get all my pending things done. Edit my pictures and blog em’ all, catch up on series-es and YouTube subscriptions.

    The main thing is to get the pictures I took, up and running on social media platforms cause I promised people that the pictures were suppose to be up wayyyy earlier and I am sooooo overdue!

    PROMISE PROMISE the Sydney trip post will be up by the end of next week! HAHAHA! Now that I gave myself ample of time, I will make it! I know how many empty promises I have been making to this blog.. HEHE :D Cause eventho I can get the pictures done by this week, it is a whole other thing to get the blog post done with it. Cause in case if none of you know, I take super long to blog a long post and it can be drafted for up to a week or sometimes more than a week. My attention span with long posts is very limited… :P and I am super fussy with the layout of the pictures and my word phrases. I’ll keep rereading and moving pictures around as I type which can be a nuisance cause it takes up too much time!

    And I’ll have a summary/reflection post up tomorrow! Although this year didn’t have that many exciting events.., we shall see what I come up with tomorrow haha! I still can’t believe how quick the year flew by man..! Let’s hope for a better year ahead! *fingers crossed*

    Happy New Year’s Eve peeps! And Happy New Year in advance!

    My eve celebration tonight shall be at home munching on pizza deliveries and catching up on series-es! And… spending time with family :) I am on taking care of grandma duty tonight with mum along with the cousins who will be around and it isn’t bad cause I could at least get some things done while I am home :D

    Oooh and also Skype session with the boyfriend before 9pm my time cause it’ll be before 12am his time and I want to be the first person to wish him Happy New Year and give him a virtual kiss hahahahaha! :DDD He’ll get a real big fat sloppy one when I pick him up at the airport on the 24th Yeaps.. I am counting down the days till I see my boyfie!

    Anyways, I better get back to work. Oh wait no, it is lunchtime! HEHEHEHE shhhh… my free and easy time equals to social media reads and blogging :D

    Take care people!

    Lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

  2. My prayers: Get well soon Grandma!

    Monday, December 16, 2013

    Hi guys.

    Thought I better have a short update whilst sitting around a waiting lounge. I am now back in Malaysia supposedly happily for holidays and also to begin my internship with DiGi..but, since I got into the car from LCCT to get home, time hasn't been too good.

    In the car, a bad news came to me. My beloved grandma had two major heart attacks consecutively yesterday early hours in the morning. At that time, I was still in Melbourne, completely clueless about the traumatic experience my family was going through. Especially my mum. She was the one who discovered the excruciating pain my grandma was going through. Alone. Thank god for having close relatives who stays nearby and are able to attend to you whenever for whatever needs. Especially for ultra emergency needs like this.

    Whenever I hear the replay of the incident it gives me instant goosebumps. It sounded so scary. And also after reading her chart that was lying around the table outside of her room, it didn't help either. My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw the phrase "no pulse". The thought of that we lost her even for a short time, it's hard to know.

    I kept my cool while digesting the news in the car. In my heart and mind, all I kept telling myself is, she will be fine. It isn't that bad. Things are alright and they aren't that threatening. But the moment I saw her, I couldn't keep myself in anymore. I broke down. It was too hard and painful to see her lying there, heavily sedated with tubes in her nose and mouth, and machines everywhere. I felt so helpless. I could do nothing. And all I could do was keep giving her motivations to be strong, to fight. While.. I kept myself strong by having her hands grip onto mine acknowledging she knows that I am here for her.

    The whole day today since 9am I've been sitting in the waiting lounge waiting for good news. The good news is, she is off all the tubes except the oxygen to her nostrils. And the doctor was saying she is a tough and alert lady and a fighter. So glad and such a relieve to hear that she is progressing well. Altho there might be other complications, to me, hearing that she is progressing well in one area is already a huge relieve. We shall worry about one thing at a time.

    After she became more conscious, and because I wasn't around when the attack happened, she was trying to explain to me the whole of last night's incident. At least of what she remembered before she fainted. Being chatty and talkative is a good sign I suppose? So so happy that she is somewhat back to her usual self except that she is still lying in a hospital bed.

    I am looking forward to the day she returns home. My whole life, she is always within reach. I am so used to saying "Goodnight grandma" every night before I go to bed whenever I am home.

    Am glad that I just said goodnight to her and she acknowledged me like how she normally does :)

    I am feeling very optimistic that she'll be fine and she'll be home in no time. I am really thankful to have such a supportive family that crowds up the whole lounge area with chatters and tidbits and junk food and drinks and laughters because everyone comes by and support one and another. We always come together when anyone of us needs any support. I have to be strong and support everyone around me. And I will. Things will be alright!

    Now, I shall find a comfy spot at the waiting lounge and serenade myself to sleep by watching chick flicks.

    Goodnight y'all.

    p/s: I am in the midst of editing all the Sydney photos. A total of 977 pictures in a span of 4 days... -.- HEHE prolly the next post coming up will be on my Sydney trip. Wait for it! :D

    I'll be back when I can.


  3. Backlogs Part Two.

    Friday, December 06, 2013


    I am back with Backlogs No.2! Right before I fly off to Sydney tomorrow, I want to get this out of the way so that after I get back, I can concentrate more on compiling solely on the Sydney trip :)

    Just right after I left off with the first part of Backlogs, the next memorable event was Jia Shen's graduation! :D

    My friend for more than 6 years! And the dude that made my first year in Melbourne more endurable because he was the only friend I had here back then. So happy and proud that he made it and am finally a graduated Chemical Engineer! :)

    Wore a simple black skater dress with black tights and a cardigan. But to make it less boring, I threw in a gold plate high waist belt to live up some life in the outfit :)

    All I did was congratulate him, talk to his parents and that was it. His graduation ceremony is smacked right at 7pm so off he went for it and I left for dinner with the boyfie and Jake @ Waya in Glen Waverley.

    Dear's chicken teriyaki bento box.

    Jake's beef bento box.

    Our shared large mixed sashimi platter :D

    Their Waya Maki. Soooo good!!

    Lastly, also shared their Takoyaki which was good as well!

    And I separately ordered their Grilled Salmon Sushi :)

    Overall, the dining experience at Waya was nice! The food was good and it is priced reasonably! I wouldn't say it is the best japanese food I had but it was definitely worth every penny spent! And the ambience reminds me so much like the japanese chain restaurants you get in Malaysia! Waya isn't some authentic japanese restaurant but it does serve a pretty decent japanese meal if you're after something fast and reasonably priced!

    Random #OOTD shots :)

    Next up, random pizza order which happened a lot for the past few months. But for the first time we had Pizza Hut here because they used to charge for delivery and we are cheapo people that don't want to pay for delivery so we will always go for Domino's instead. And right now Pizza Hut offers free delivery for orders over $20 already! So definitely have to take advantage lah right.... :DD

    Sausage stuffed crust! I think I prefer Pizza Hut's pizzas more than Domino's. Or maybe because I just became too sick of Domino's already. haha

    But I do love the Belgian Lava Cake from Domino's! Yummy oozie chocolate-y insides!

    *Kitchen Experiment 4*
    Tom yum fried rice!

    Dinner one night at Nandos. Just me and the bf.

    Yummy peri peri chips!!! Even more awesome when they actually forget to put those peri peri flavour for you on the chips and so they will pass you the whole entire peri peri powder and you can shake however much you want on the chips! I used to not be a chips person. But after being with the boyfie, and knowing how much he enjoys his chips, it made me sorta become a partial chips person as well! :P

    A whole chicken in mild peri peri sauce! Just the way we normally have our Nandos.

    One day we went out pak tor @ Chadstone! Simply for brunch and some shopping :D HEHEHE

    Brunch was @ The Coffee Club because I had a voucher and it made our brunch super cheap and worth it! :D

    Dear's big breakfast. No surprise there. He loves big breakfasts. If there is a big breakkie on the brunch menu, you bet he'll go for that. Guys and their ever so huge stomach that can't tolerate good but small portion of brunch food. HAH!

    My Eggs Benedict.

    To my surprise, I quite enjoyed the brunch we had at The Coffee Club. Considering how many bad reviews I've read about the place, I expected it to be worse than it was. But it turns out, the food was pretty decent!

    One Friday night we had dinner in the city with a bunch of his friends because we were going to go and catch the movie The Prisoners at Melbourne Central.

    My friday night look! All dolled up! :)

    And so, we settled at Red Silk for dinner before our movie session.

    Marmite Chicken.

    Some claypot thingy that I don't remember what its called.

    Kangkung Belacan.

    Asam fish!

    It was a dinner for 8 but basically what we did was order two of the same thing because the table we were seated in was a long table instead of a round one so it is easier to share the dishes like that. And dinner that night reminded me so much of Malaysia. Everything felt like what you'll have at home. Plus taste wise, the dishes were quite good and the dishes were served so quick! Like within five minutes after we ordered!

    I am glad the rest liked the food as it was me who suggested the place and it was only my second visit there. And sorry for the unfocused pictures! I didn't want to hold everyone up before eating by me taking my own sweet time to take pictures of the food. So all I did was snap one shot each of every dish not worrying whether the picture turned out good or not and let everyone start digging into it.

    Next, we stopped by The Lab Nitrogen Gelato for dessert!

    I ordered their Chocolate Fudge Brownie. And it was o...k.... Nothing fancy apart from it being made with liquid nitrogen. I prefer froyo and ben and jerrys over this any day man!

    After that we went for our movie.

    The Prisoners and it was horrible and terrible and the most boring everrrrr!!!!! Like seriously it was soooooooooooo NOT NICE!! It literally wasted two and a half hours of my life! I can't believe a movie by Hugh Jackman could be so bad altho I expected nothing from a Jake Gyllenhaal movie tho.. But yeah, it was the worst movie I've watched in a long time.

    After the movie, we took the Night Rider Bus back to Clayton. My first time ever on it a night rider and to be honest it wasn't scary like how I usually hear from people. HAHA well... technically because the bus we took was at 12 something in the morning and you don't get dodgy people on the earlier buses unless you are on the 3am onward buses.

    The next day, headed down into the city again for brunch with Cherly.

    This time, I wanted to try out The Grain Store.

    Just the way I like my Soy Chai Latte with Honey!! I love the freshly brewed ones rather than the ones they make from powder and serve it in a glass with cinnamon powder sprinkled on it. This kind, I LOVE! Give me soy chai with honey any day and I'll still love it as much!

    The scrambled eggs were the highlight! So moist and so good!

    Chilli & fennel sausage with vanilla parsnip, poached eggs, savoy cabbage, pear and kumquat chutney!

    Polenta Chips! It was soooo creamy and so fluffy and niceeeee!! But the serving is too much for just me. Because after 3 of these, you tend to get slightly sick of it because it is just too creamy. But nonetheless, it was really nicee!

    Overall, The Grain Store was pretty good but it wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. But still good lah! Just that it doesn't stand out to me more than the other decent brunch spots we have here in Melbourne.

    My outfit of the day :)
    Jewelled top : Barkins
    Leggings : Zara
    Wedges : Rubi
    Bag : Michael Kors
    Watch : Marc Jacobs
    Bracelet : Lovisa

    *Kitchen Experiment 5*
    Beef Bolognese Spaghetti mixed with Linguine.

    One of the Sunday, dear's friends decided to have a BBQ lunch @ Monash's Jackomos Hall.

    Jackomos and Briggs Hall. The Monash student halls.

    Nachos with guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream!


    It was a filling and fun lunch! :D 

    Apparently it says it was suppose to shower but we managed to get blue sky! Altho it was a tad bit windy, the weather was still nice to us right till the end of the day!

    After the filling lunch, we sat down and chit chat and then we decided to go and play sports. HAHA I know right.. Super duper random. But the basketball/futsal court is just nearby.

    And we ended up playing futsal for like about an hour plus close to two hours? I haven't played futsal since form 5.. and I ain't that good at it. haha!

    You see... one moment blue sky and the next, it started showering.... -.-

    While waiting for the rain to subside, the rest ended up playing pool and ping pong at Jackomos Halls' game room. I just sat there and chilled cause I was too tired from the futsal. hehe

    And the next day I received a terrible news from mum saying Gong Gong passed away.... Aihh.. am still trying to accept it as it is. It'll be tough but everyone is starting to go back to how things were but with that void in their hearts. Everything is still fresh and new... Soon, it'll feel better. I'll always miss you Gong. Always.

    After a couple of days, I headed over to Chadstone with the bf and his friends for dinner and to watch Thor.

    Ended up at PappaRich for dinner and I ordered their Chilli Pan Mee. It was no where near the chilli pan mees you eat in Malaysia... If you treat it as a noodle separately by itself and not associate it with chilli pan mee, then maybe it tastes quite alright. But if not, mehhhhhh no good! The only good thing was the egg cooked to perfection like how the ones in Malaysia are. And this bowl was freaking $13.50!!!!!! So expensive man... I expected better.

    The movie was good! At least I enjoyed it! It was funny and I reckon it was better than the first Thor! :D

    Last Embedded Microcontroller project! *do the party dance!* An Electronic Dice than rolls whenever you press the button beside the LCD and a Musical Alarm Clock! The yellow numbers are the time and the purple ones on the top is the alarm time. And it'll ring a song when its time :D I found it to be soo cool! We actually had to program all of that from scratch...feels even more rewarding when everything worked exactly the way it should! :))))

    Final Year Project poster presentation! :D Done. But I still have next semester of FYP to worry about.... ):

    I want a Naked3 Palette!! :D

    Petaling Street is the only place I trust to satisfy my Fish Fillet Noodles cravings especially now that I am having a super horrible throat, I need me some soupy noodles. Tho.... The fried fish fillet won't be of much help but it is the only kind of soupy noodle I love :D this is incomparable to the ones I can have back home but this is the best we've got here..

    Coding... You drove me cray cray.... Assembly language/C programming altogether! Embedded Microcontrollers y u so hard?!?!?!!!! This was while I was studying in the State Library with a friend.

    Look at this mini big boss! Sitting in style while watching tv with everyone else! HAHAHA I miss my little baobei!

    *Kitchen Experiment 6*
    Cooked Japanese Chicken Curry for our (me+bf) dinner! First time cooking it >.< I think this plate of Karē Raisu tasted pretty good!

    *Kitchen Experiment 7*
    Fried onion eggs and mince chicken with rice for dinner!

    Just before my last exam paper for the semester!

    And how the sceneries feels prettier after the exam was over!

    *Kitchen Experiment 8*
    Seafood curry for dinner!

    Last Saturday, me and the boyfriend met up with Celine for brunch @ Friends of Mine in Richmond.

    Quite a nice place :) Feels very homey. And it wasn't too crowded as well. The wait for the table for three was less than 10 minutes.

    Celine's very healthy juice. It has apple, celery, kale, cucumber and I don't what else but it tasted pretty good!

    Dear ordered their Hung Over. Herb + cheesy toast, poached googies, bacon + smashed avocado.

    This was my sweet with a hint of savoury brunch.Toasted banana bread w/ maple syrup mascarpone, fresh banana, berry compote + pistachio. It is what this place is famous for! It was nice but the banana bread was a tad bit too soggy due to all that compote. And after a getting through more than half of it, I started to feel that it is getting too much. Felt a little sickly.. Maybe cause I am not use to having sweet stuff for brunch. But this is definitely worth the try!

    Overall, brunch @ Friends of Mine was quite lovely!

    Then after brunch, I went with the boyfriend to the salon cause he has a haircut appointment. His hair was at a super uncontrollable stage and was in desperate need of a haircut already. And after his haircut, we went over to PappaRich in QV to yumcha with wei nian and jason. Then cherly came to join as well.

    My outfit for the day.
    Crop top : Supre
    Jewelled skater skirt : Jay Jays
    Studded gladiator sandals : Steve Madden

    Make up of the day! :)

    Nails for the past 4 days! Love the colour and the packaging of all the Topshop beauty line products!! 

    On Tuesday, I headed down to the city for dinner with Kylie and Cherly. Dinner was @ Mook Ji Bar. This place has been on my list since forever and I finally got to try it!!

    Seafood Pancake. This was so good!!! And the portion was like super huge!! Plus the chilli sauce is like so different!!

    Tteokbokki. Spicy rice cake dumplings! This was good as well! And it was spicyyyy which is rare. I hardly ever had any really spicy korean food here.

    Their highlight, the spicy fried chicken!!! SOOO GOOD!! Top oriental spoon and by far the best spicy korean fried chicken I've had! Cheap somemore! $25 for a whole chicken where as oriental spoon's is like $30++ for slightly lesser portion.

    Dinner @ Mook Ji Bar was yummyyyyy!! I definitely will be back again and again!! :D

    Outfit of the night.
    Statement necklace : Valleygirl
    Aztec top : Valleygirl
    Leggings : Zara

    Make up for the night! :D

    Last night, me and the boyfie had dinner with Jia Shen and Tai @ Waya in Glen Waverley. Nowadays I hardly catch up with jia shen as much as I used to already. We are both busy with our own stuff and the last time I sat down and had a meal with him was when En Lin came to Melbourne.

    JS and Tai both ordered the Katsu Don.

    Me and JS shared a soft shell crab.

    Dear's mixed sashimi bento box.

    The rest of the food we ordered was to share. And ordered the same thing I had the last time I came here. Takoyaki, Waya Maki, Grilled Salmon Sushi and a plate of Gyoza which I totally forgot to take picture of. By that time, I was already super hungry and all I wanted to do was eat HEHE :D

    My Korea goodies that mummy dearest bought for me!!! :D It is sitting in my cupboard in Malaysia waiting for me! So many stuffs man!! This is just the top layer ok..... Still got bottom layerssss.... I will take picture of everything once I get back to Malaysia and have them in my hands!

    I'll end the post with my favourite picture of the Melbourne skyline at night! With a cream back heart bokeh! 

    Now, I have to go and pack for my Sydney trip tomorrow (wait.. technically it's in a couple of hours cause this will be up after 12am) and then hopefully squeeze in at least 4 hours of sleep...cause my flight is at 830am.

    I'll be back soon!

    Sydney, HERE I COME AGAIN!!!! Sydney is like my annual destination right now. I have been dropping by for the last two years and I am again this year :D HEHEHE

    Lots of love,

    Waya Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonMook Ji Bar on UrbanspoonThe Grain Store on UrbanspoonFriends of Mine on UrbanspoonThe Coffee Club on UrbanspoonRed Silks Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon