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  1. Adriano Zumbo in Melbourne.

    Monday, December 02, 2013


    Am back with a food update :D I am always with food updates... I know. HEHE

    I don't think I was ever this excited about a newly opened place in Melbourne. Ever. I heard about this news whilst I was in Venus Bay from one of the girls that came along with for the trip. And at that moment I knew I HAD TO GO!

    I have been missing and craving Adriano Zumbo's zumbarons since my last Sydney trip end of last year. And whenever someone goes to Sydney, I am always tempted to ask them to buy back for me but I never did. So.., I have just been enduring all the missings and cravings until I go back to Sydney again one day. But now, I don't have to endure anymore!


    I am super late at posting this up but better late than never! Zumbo came to Melbourne in the early days of October and I paid the store a visit on the 16th of October :)

    And it is so easily accessible! Just literally a 5 minutes walk away from South Yarra train station and it is situated on Claremont Street.

    I stopped by the place a total of 3 times in 2 days. On my first visit,

    The whole place is in a fluorescent pink theme!

    Once you enter the shop, you'll be greeted by their bakery and then these yummy babies! Their zumbarons!

    Whilst queueing up for order, I took pictures of their cakes selections. At least what is left of them at about 11 something 12pm?

    Had to abstain myself from indulging into more than one piece.

    Their fancy decor melted marshmallow pink chair? And my splurges of course.

    Bear in mind, the shop has only 4 of these chairs and another smaller version of this. And maybe some bar top that could sit another 3 people? So... there really isn't much place to actually sit down there and enjoy what you've purchased. More like a pack n go kinda place I would say.

    Not sure if it is normal at all the other zumbos because I've only been to the one at The Star and this one! :)

    Super yummy quiche lorraine!! At only $5! Love this!! I am a sucker for quiches, and I do know good quiches. And this is gooood!

    I ended up going for the Wassaup-Bi cake. Description of what's in it is above. I wanted to try something different. Altho this tasted not bad but still a bit weird because of the strong wasabi scent and taste, I think I should went with the Non Che Nudo Ka. But this was still pretty good tho!

    And of course... ZUMBARONS!

    The first box on the left, Lychee and Coconut, and Passionfruit. The other is the Caramel au Beaurre Sale and Blackcurrant.

    So it continues.... why did I go back again after 4 hours?

    My ultimate missed and craved and favourite thing from Zumbo is the Salted Butter Popcorn zumbaron!! And they didn't have it when I went there the first time. Should have seen the look on my face from noticing the zumbaron counter and wishing for my favourite flavour until actually noticing it wasn't there. So I had to ask the waitress when they'll get it. And she told me they usually get in another batch of shipment around 3 something 4pm.

    So..... I thought, after my classes around 4 ish, I should drop by and see if they have it. Which comes to my second visit,

    They still didn't have it. BUT, I spotted a new flavour and I just had to give it a try lah ok!

    It's the Salted Butter Caramel on Toast. And it was so so so good! Still not as good as Salted Butter Popcorn but good enough!

    In my mind, I've already told myself that I HAVE to go back again the next morning and check it out again! I will never give up until I get hold of those Salted Butter Popcorn zumbaron!

    My third visit, the next day,

    I finally saw it!!!! Salted Butter Popcorn!!!!!

    Even the waitress could recognize me from all the questions I had about this flavour! HEHEHEH :D I was mentally jumping up and down in joy when I saw it!!

    The rest of the flavours.

    I couldn't resist everything else because there are so many other different flavours. And I caved, I bought 10 of them! At a price of $2.50 each, I had just spent $25 only sweet tiny little macarons that could disappear in your mouth in like a second. But they are just too too good!

    I bought 3 Salted Butter Popcorn and ate one straight on the way back and the other one was solely for the boyfriend. These are the remaining eight,

    From R-L, SALTED BUTTER POPCORN Strawberry, Wasabi & Green Tea, SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL ON TOAST, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pancake, FRANCESCO BROWNIE(This is my new favorite!!! Omg sooooooo gooooood!! Literally tastes like you're eating brownies!! Completed with big chunks of nuts in it as well!), Pandan Sticky Rice and Yogurt and Passionfruit! My happiness in boxes!!!! #thebestmacaronsever

    I have concluded that my favourite flavours are in this order, the Salted Butter Popcorn, Francesco Brownie and Salted Butter Caramel on Toast! :D

    My all time favourite macarons! My all time favourite flavour, Salted Butter Popcorn! Altho, it literally feels like the moment you eat this, you feel like your heart walls are thickening because it is a whole slab of salted butter squished in the middle but that is what that makes it SOOOO GOOD!! Worth any kind of thickening! HAHAHA!

    And since, I'll be in Sydney the coming weekend, I am sure to be visiting more Zumbos again!

    Overall, I am super stoked and happy that it is finally here in Melbourne and within reach! Me love me some Zumbo anyday!

    Next item on my list, Zonuts!! I'll definitely try them out! Have heard so much and I have to go and live up with the hype as well!

    Two thumbs up for Zumbo!

    And that's it for now! Will be back in a couple of days with Backlogs No.2 :)

    Till then, much love,

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