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    Thursday, November 28, 2013


    Exams are overrrrrrrr~~~!! It was my toughest semester yet and I am glad it is over and done with! These weightless shoulders sure feels good!

    Anyways, I promised to be back after my exams and catch up on my backlogs. I have been accumulating backlogs... :X I'll try to get to all of it in these two weeks lah ok.. I get so tired whenever I do long posts so I keep pushing it off and procrastinate. So maybe I'll break it up into a few little shorter posts alright? :)

    Ok.. where shall I start with? Hmmm... Attended my first concert in Melbourne! That dated exactly 2 months ago... Better late than never posting it up I suppose :P

    Whenever I look at the stats of my posts archive and how my rate of publishing is decreasing tremendously, I feel sad-ish but yet, at that point of time it didn't motivate me to keep up with the posting. The past semester has just been too crazy to spend my free time editing pictures and writing a long post of how the good things have been. As much as I miss writing down my life stories (altho they are mainly food stories) to ease my stress, but I love me some sleep and chilling and lazing more HEHE

    These backlogs posts are just going to be about the outings I had and some kitchen experiments. Boring days that are uni related are not required to be written about.

    Anyways, back to the concert I attended. It was Eason Chan's! I ain't that big of a fan but since Wei Nian asked dear and dear said ok, so I just tagged along :D

    It was at the Melbourne Convention Centre at $99.

    And we were comfortably seated in this huge ass auditorium. I kinda like the place and the seats were comfy :)

    After 10 years, I finally heard this song being sang live by the man himself! Loved 岁月如歌 so much back in the days because of Triumph in the Skies! 

    Overall the concert was pretty good. One thing for sure, Eason is such a great singer! His live singing sounds exactly like what you hear not live. Like seriously one! And altho, the whole night I think I only knew five songs he sang, but I still enjoyed it! :) And he is such a funny guy! The way he talks and entertained the crowd, he seems like a genuinely nice artist.

    The concert ended nicely around 11pm.

    Next, potluck party @ the boyfriend's friend's house.

    And of course I HAD TO cook my bestest tasting dish. Claypot Chicken Rice! :D I still love how amazingly well I cook this hehehhehe 

    Who knew we could get awesome homecooked Butter Oat Prawns in Melbourne! It seriously tasted like the real deal! Maybe the prawns isn't exactly like the ones from home but the dish itself tasted so authentic and good!! Courtesy of one of dear's friend.

    Herbal eggs! I haven't had this in years! I might sound totally weird by admitting this, but the only part of this dish that I fancy is the soup :D I am seriously not a hard boiled eggs person so to me the eggs are like mehh.. But I love eating the egg white with the soup! Yeap... only the egg white cause I HATE hard boiled egg yolks!! Anyways, egg white + the herbal soup = so tastily good! And to prepare this, they actually boiled it for almost 31 hours!

    Creamy corn underneath this super thick layer of sugar crusted cheese! Sinful.... but I loved it!

    Dinner that night! All of that to feed around 10 people :)

    And dessert was Panna Cotta! :)

    For the rest of the night, we played mahjong and had a karaoke session! This house of theirs has like a karaoke machine so everyone basically just kept singing and singing. It was a potluck plus cheung k party man!

    p/s: Sorry that all the photos at the potluck turned out so yellow and green! It was seriously not a very good lighting to be taking nice pictures of. Or maybe I should have played around with my white balance..

    *Kitchen Experiment 1*
    Random side note, this may not look appetizing, but I love this so much! It is such a simple dish to prepare and it fills me up all the time! Tomyum noodles with egg and meatball and fish tofu! :D

    Next outing was with the S9s! Initial plan was to go to The Grain store for brunch but since we did not make any reservation(I know right.... since when do brunch places do reservations....), we couldn't get in. So we headed over to Degraves street instead and entered any random cafe that could sit 8 people.

    My french toast.

    Omelette special.

    Just the normal scrambled eggs with bacon on the side?

    Food wasn't great lah to be honest. It was more like a makan together session. But since we couldn't really chit chat much because we were seated in two separate tables, we went for bubble tea after brunch and just sat there for like an hour plus catching up about whatever. And then after that we all headed back home. And that was before 1pm I think?

    *Kitchen Experiment 2*
    Awesome ham and cheese toast! I reckon the mini toaster oven is the boyfriend's best investment. It is the thing that has been keeping him alive here because it cooks everything for him. Hahaha! Apart from me, because I am the other thing that cooks food for him to keep him full fed :))

    *Kitchen Experiment 3*
    Our version of Carbonara! :D 

    En Lin was in Melbourne and of course whenever someone in the close circle of friends comes here, it is a must to meetup. And I obviously was the one who decides on where shall we go for food and this time, I chose Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana!

    I've heard so much about how affordable this place is and how it serves yummy authentic Italian food! Plus when Steph was here, she went there too and she told me it was good! So of course, must go and try!

    Tucked in a little alley way between Flinders Lane and Collins Street.

    Baked Maccaroni Incasciati. Penne with napoli sauce, mince meatballs, eggplants and baked mozzarella cheese. This was so so only la... I think it was the least nicest amongst all that we ordered.

    Gnocchi Mushrooms. Homemade potato gnocchi with mushrooms, cream, parsley and parmigiano cheese. I liked this! Their gnocchis are so small and tiny instead of the usual big ones which I don't really fancy as much cause it may feel too much after awhile. And because these are tiny, it was so much easier to eat and it tasted yums! They remind me of the bubble tea tapioca pearls. hahaha! And anyways, pasta in cream sauce are my favourite! This dish is simple and delish! :D

    Their Osso Buco. Braised ossobuco and diced vegetable served with saffron risotto and parmigiano cheese.  Aunty D has cooked this before so I am quite familiar with the taste but however, the risotto that came with it was so so so good!! It was creaaaaaamyyy!! So nice!

    My favourite for the night! The most simplest dish but it tasted so goooooood! This is their Ravioli with Pesto and Mascarpone. Homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli with pesto, mascarpone cheese, cream, almond flakes and parmesan. I am a massive fan of pesto and this was just perfecto! Loved it!

    Our dinner meal!

    The meal was niceeee!! The food tasted great but I don't think it is the kind of restaurant that you want to go with a bunch of guys because the food portion is quite small. These 3 guys that I was with wasn't filled up after this meal. Hahaha! But for me, it was just nice! And I seriously loved how everything tasted so subtly yummy and authentic!

    Next stop after dinner was for cakes @ Brunetti on City Square.

    Shared a New York Cheesecake with dear.

    Jia Shen's rum and raisin cake.

    And my Iced Chocolate on just nice chilly night :D I love cold drinks on cold nights! Even better if its ice cream or gelato or cold desserts on cold nights!!

    And that's it for this post! All of this happened before Venus Bay and I thought I'll just break it up here. Because next will be a post solely on Adriano Zumbo in Melbourne and after that another continuation of backlogs until right now.

    You should probably be seeing at least 2 more updates by next week! :)

    Now that I am exam free, I have even more free time to catch up on these posts. And especially because I hardly have much friends left here for me to go out on outings with as regularly as I did last time after my exams.

    So now all I do all day is literally lazing around. Watching series, eat and sleep. Now that I am at the boyfriend's for a week, added another one more thing to do, which is to annoy him. Muahahaha!

    Wokays, I shall be back soon!

    sher xoxo.

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