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  1. A QuickUpdate!

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013


    In the span of two weeks since my last update, so much has happened. The lost of a respected family member, crazy FYP datelines, exams (which are still going on) and mainly just about processing news that you've found out that comes straight in your face with no warnings whatsoever.

    Altho the past two weeks have filled with some sorrows and sadness and bad news, I still survived it. Somehow or rather, you'll eventually live through it and all that is left are memories. Totally and entirely up to you (or me in this case) to decide how you want to churn in these thoughts and overwhelmingness and react from it. 

    What has happened, happened. Life goes on. I just wished that we had time to know that it was coming beforehand to do and say the things we wanna do and say.. =/

    Anyhoos, I am still in the midst of exam period and it's sort of draining me out. But I still have my fair share of sleep tho.. hahah :) Two more papers to go and I'll be on holidays! In about slightly less than a month, I'll be heading back to Malaysia. Mainly for my internship and to see all the peeps back home and spend time with them :D Andddd home to all my pressies and goodies mummy dearest bought for me from Korea! She bought sooooooooo much for meeeeeh! Thanksssss mummy! Love you lots and lots and lots for enduring the walks and hunts for me even when you're sick. A mother's love, is unconditional ♥♥ And I have the best mother in the world! She is my superwoman, wonder woman, my everything! :D

    Um... what else? Oooh yeah.. Had my first phone interview the other day. Totally didn't know what to expect but I guess I did pretty well :DD I got hired immediately at the end of it :)))) Altho I pretty much already have the job in my hands and it was more like a formality to have an interview, but I would like to think that I did great HEHEHE :D

    And the even better plus side, I am only working 15 minutes away from home. Every morning, I'll only need to go through a non jammed route and I'll be at work! 9-6pm isn't all that bad when you don't have to spend an extra hour on the road jamming! WHEEEE! The next plus side, the dress code is smart casual :) Say yes to comfy jeans/jeggings/leggings hehehe

    I have a whole wardrobe screaming out casual more than formal. So YAY!

    Wokays, back to fighting for another week and I'll be done with exams! I can't wait to just sit around and watch episodes after episodes of series, go shopping eating eating glorious good brunch food or yummy food of any kind and not think about uni related things. And... maybe go on a holiday? WHEEE :P Well keep and continue the celebration... until results comes out. But whatever, I am sure I'll make a good time out of anything! :D

    Will be back on all the food updates I have been having after my exams! Which will be next week!

    Till then,


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