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  1. Favola @ Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Hey guys!

    I am slowly catching up on some past events that I should have wrote about a long time ago because they are worth mentioning!

    I haven't really blogged about my holiday back in Malaysia much and bits and pieces of what has happened may likely pop up in between occasionally.. But only to those events that I particularly want to remember and talk about and document about.

    Anyways.. back to Favola. It was a fancy dinner date I had with my girls which happened precisely about two months ago.

    We've been wanting to catch up and ideas of places to eat were thrown back and forth in our little WhatsApp group. Ranging prices from mid range to really expensive(at least to our pockets) and super fine dining. After some pondering, we've decided that we will go to somewhere nice because we called it as our "New Year dinner" and not go to the usual restaurants that we could just patronise as and when.

    So... our "New Year dinner",

    We were all working that day so dinner was scheduled for 8pm. But yet I managed to get home from work, get ready (shower, put on a nice dress and makeup) and was out of the house slightly after 7pm. Me, Steph and Michelle car pooled together and headed over to Le Meridien from Subang. Where as, we would meet Yao Yun there straight because she works in KL.

    Once we've arrived, the first go to place was for toilet break. And girls being in toilets, calls for picture takings!

    Steph and Michelle <3

    And then there is Yao Yun! <3<3

    Favola was on Level 8 in Le Meridien Hotel. And the moment we walked into the restaurant, we instantly received the vibe of a poshy restaurant. Everyone was quiet and even with deep conversations, everyone was civilised and well mannered.. So not our "typical" kind of scene.

    But the service was really good. We were seated nicely and was explained with the specials and the menu and all that.

    *I tried my best to tone the colours of the pictures to the colours of the moment, but some of it still looks funnily red.. ): The lighting in the restaurant wasn't very friendly for my baby camera.. =/*
    The table setting. 

    Our surrounding and ambience. It was really nicely designed.. I sure felt like I was dining in Europe. 

    We were served with a variety of breads and dips to start off. It is generally an Italian thing to start with bread and usually the novelty is the balsamic vinegar in virgin olive oil dip.

    Andddd.... The FOOOOD!!

    YY's entree. Stir fried calamari with roasted tomato, sauteed garlic, crushed chillies, lemon and Italian parsley. 

    My entree. And the most expensive dish of the night. Seared jumbo scallops with sauteed white mushrooms and truffle. It was goooood and so yummy but expensive! This was priced at RM65.

    Michelle's Funghi Pasta. Simple penne with assorted mushrooms in cream sauce and basil. Simple but flavourful and deliiicious!

    Steph's lasagna. Traditional beef bolognese with chunky Wagyu beef cheek layered with fresh pasta, cheese crust and truffle oil. I can't remember how this tasted tho..

    YY's spaghetti with prawns, chilli, garlic, parsley, pine nuts and mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil. I vaguely remembered it as pretty nice. Considering there are no sauces, it was delicious enough just with all of that going on.

    My Anatra Affumicata. *God knows what that meant.. I totally just took it off the menu I am referring to right now :P* Fresh made Squid Ink Tagliolini with smoked duck, chilli, garlic flake, basil, Portobello mushrooms and spinach. This was really nice! The fresh made squid ink pasta was cooked perfectly al dente! And the flavours in the dish was just nice. The ingredients complimented each other well! Overall, I do remember really loving this plate of pasta!

    We sat there for about two hours and just chatted away. I just mentioned earlier on regarding how well mannered the rest of the people are in the restaurant but we were the total opposite. We talked and laughed considerably loudly for such an upper standard restaurant.. HEHEHE But I remember it being good talks and good laughs! These girls, you can count on them to take any stress away because its like a constant stomach aching kind of laughters with them almost all the time.. I love them!



    My girls! We should always do these sort of meetups whenever I am back at home! ♥︎

    The restaurant at closing time. I really the ambience of the place! And also I played abit with the colours and made the picture slightly towards the cooler(blue) tone.

    Their wall of masks was really pretty! I always had a thing for those Venetian masks and I'll be sure to pick out at least one for my home someday directly from Venice itself!


    You see those two on the left, they were conspiring to do something totally unladylike and totally not suppose to happen in such a fancy restaurant...

    I do have picture proofs but I shall spare them the public post up. But it was funny as hell man...!! When I would think they will run out of these "crazy ideas", they will always still come up with another.. HAHA! Of course our high school days were filled with like tonnes of those crazy things and totally random things... It will forever be remembered!

    Dinner was really nice. Good company, nice restaurant and good food! They were offering 30% discount with my credit card so of course, I swiped it and the girls paid me back in cash. But I think spent too much on a dinner that night. I think it was just slightly under RM100 for my entree and main.

    For those of you who wants to check out the place.. here is the address,


    But yet, I do think it is quite nice to spend and splurge once in a while on a good meal with good everything :D

    A lift shot. Just before some entered the lift :P

    My outfit of the night :)
    Studded clutch: Dotti
    Suede wedges: Urban Soul

    And that concludes the awesome night out with the girls! Whilst writing this up, I miss being home and spending time with the people back at home. I miss the girls and the dudes and the food and everything... Not that I am home sick or anything, but I just miss the lifestyle I was having during my holidays..

    Anyways, that's all for now!

    I'll be back sooooon!

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

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