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  1. merdeka..

    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    its a tradition after a match.

    just came back home from a party.

    went to padang this morning. i mean yesterday morning. sorry. its to see the guys play football. and they only played for one half of the match because some kids were making too much noise that they wanted to play.

    laze around with cherly while waiting for their half time. and when they finally stop to match, we sat around and talked. mainly craps and planning on our year end trip.

    and settled ourselves with the plan of going to penang at the end of this year for our annual trip.

    finally we started moving to melur for breakfast. the we is me, qi hong, cherly, en lin, jia shen, kah tim, chun kit, ee jun, yew wei and jenn hsen.

    talked and ate till about 10 something 11. and tim sent me home. first time trying out his driving. haha!

    came home and got ready to leave to parade with my mum. first thing was going to uncle lim's for lunch cause mum havent eat yet.

    after lunch, went to blook to try on clothes and managed to buy a jacket which i love. :) the black seems nicer though but the grey i bought seems to be more different.

    spent most of our time in parkson buying girl's stuff. and i love dorothy perkin's clothes. it comfortable and nice. :D

    it rained for quite a while when we were in carrefour buying the rations and mooncakes. and today carrefour alot of people laa. the counters were all packed with peoples.

    then about 6 something, went out to my uncle's house for dinner and after to mum's friend's house.

    it seems that there was a small gathering at mun hoe's house and i was invited. i felt so... err.. felt something laa when cherly called me. cause i dont think i was actually meant to be there at the start.

    but yeahh.. was invited so just go and have a merdeka celebration gathering sort of thing.

    it was fun though. talked and laughed terribly. had pizza, kfc, tong sui and roti canai. there was sean, mun hoe, jack, jia shen, me, cherly and xindi. but xindi left earlier abit.

    now we finally know what cherly does in front of the laptop when she's online. she surfs youtube. and seeing all the so called funny videos. omg laa... especially that laughing girl thing. it was sooo annoying!!

    anyway thanks mun hoe for the invite and food.

    and it was nice of sean to fetch me back. thank you sean. :) oh ya, the moment we left mun hoe's house, they all drive damn funny laa. cut her cut there. turning here and there. sot sot one.


    youu, it was a nice time. dont matter what youu say or do, it somehow still charms me. and i wished that the note i got today was really from youu. *dreaming.*

    much lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Rihanna - Disturbia

  2. school's memories are now all that i miss.

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
    No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
    And if you got something that you need to say
    You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
    Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
    These memories are playing like a film without sound

    harlooo earthlings. :D

    seeing back our pictures we took in school, i am actually missing school alot. though last time i've said i dont like school but now when i am not in it, i miss it.

    last time school was a place where i am suppose to go to, not that i want to. but now, even if i want to, i cant already.

    school was a place friends gather and have recesses together. now, college is different. sighs. those were the memorable school days.

    college today was just normal. and boring. had 3 hours of lunch break today and then only one hour of class after that. i was tempted whether to leave for home or not and skip the class. but in the end, i did not.

    the 3 hours break we walked all the way to kfc for lunch. but i just wasnt in a mood of eating kfc today so went to the coffee shop nearby to pack some vegetarian food and ate in kfc.

    was in kfc with yao yun, cherly, jia shen and khai shien. and en lin came after a while.

    talk and laughed badly in kfc. especially cherly. my god... her laughter is like damn loud you know. and yao yun was TRYING to study. damn potong steam laa..

    went back to college when there was another hour break. cause at that time 5 of my classmates was having presentation, so me and khai shien went to see them present.

    last period was maths and it was sleepy as usual.

    came home and waited for my driving instructor. drove all the way to the driving school and train my slope, parking and 3 point turn.

    today driving was quite good. my slope was quite well. overall it was satisfying and today i did not hate manual so much.

    but i still dont like it that i am only going for the exam in october. i want to be able to drive on the road as soon as possible. sighs.

    after driving i was suppose to sleep and wake up probably around 8 p.m but instead i only slept at 8 p.m. and woke up at 9.45 p.m. i know the time is weird.

    tomorrow morning i will be going to padang with cherly to see the guys play their football. hahaha! go breastzz. :)

    youu, i've not seen you around. are youu doing well?

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kate Perry - I Kissed A Girl

  3. the place i love most.

    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    me love melbourne.

    hello guys and girls. :D

    now, finals and results are scaring me. alot of what ifs are in my mind. what if i cant do my SAM well? what if my result suck and i couldnt get into the course i want? what if i cant get into university? what if i cant go Australia?

    omg laa. everything is coming so soon and fast.

    my main goal and the only one is get at least TER85, get into Monash and in 3 years time get myself out and to Australia.

    i must get to Melbourne. i have to. there isnt any other places that i would love to study at already.

    i still remember my first trip to overseas during the year 1999. and it was to Melbourne. when i was a 8 year old kid, i already fell in love with the place.

    and determine to study there in future. its not only the place i love, i love the peoples too. and moreover i always had someone hot over there to scout out on.

    i am gonna pray hard that i'll at least manage myself to get to Monash Clayton.

    today, college was fine.

    had my physics presentation today though. and it seems i sounded really dead and serious. and also looked very sad. which i didnt know i did that. i thought it was okay.

    today there was a 2 hour break. one hour in Asia Cafe for lunch another hour in audrey's house for fun.


    so we had some photo taking session in audrey's house with the birthday girl and spraying air freshner periods.

    thanks to that stupid jia shen, my fingers smell off Hugo Boss perfume. somemore it was so strong. he sprayed it on my finger.

    and audrey helped me to revenge. she use the lavender air freshner and spray on the fella. they we running all over the house but finally he got the freshner in his hands and sprayed it back on audrey.

    we were like screaming here and there. know girls laa.

    had chemistry after break and i felt so sleepy laa. it all because of the nights before this i slept at 1 something 2.

    during specialist maths, Mr Woon's class, we sang Wei ping, Khai shien and ernest three individual birthday songs. it was funny. we just had nothing better to do.

    came home and rested for 10 minutes then my driving instructor came.

    had driving lesson from 3.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m. it was stupid. well... more likely that i felt very stupid.

    my driving on the road is okay. parking and three point turn is okay too. but my slope sucks. seriously sucks.

    its not that i cant go over the slope. its not that i am going backwards. its just that i cant stop exactly in the middle of the frigging line! its frustrating and stupid!!

    and the worst part is i couldnt go for my driving test until October. thats because in September i couldnt skip my wednesday classes for the driving test. and when i could, it is a holiday.

    i cant own my driving lesson soon. stupid!

    came home and read Me and Mr Darcy for abit. i love the previous book written by Alexandra Potter so i guess this book should be good too.

    and slept right up to 8 p.m.

    youu, hope youu are doing well. i sincerely wish youu the best of luck.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Westlife - The Rose

  4. agent 007.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    currently watching Casino Royale on star movies.

    daniel craig is hott. :)

    change my perception on seeing him already. he maybe old but hott. especially those mesmerizing blue eyes.

    cant wait for Quantum of Solace.

  5. forever and too-oo-dayy.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    I'll write "sincerely yours" and sign my name.
    P.S. I love you.
    Forever and today.

    hiii people :D

    college was so so today. well its just like normal college days. had Chemistry CT3 this morning. it wasnt so bad but alot of careless mistakes laa.

    it seems that my eye bag is really bad. its not that i dont have enough sleep but still like that. Teck wei gave me a very shock expression when he saw me. THAT bad ka?

    i dont like rainy days laa. if i am at home i dont mind. but in college, raining is so "eww". sandals wet, hair wet and so dampy.

    today there's tuition so had to stay till 5. and finished class at 2 so there is a one hour gap in between the last class and tuition.

    by the time class finished it was already raining, so had to walk all the way to mcdonald for lunch. its not that far at normal days, but when it is raining, very ma fan laa.

    luckily had an umbrella in my bag. but i felt so bad because i was walking with jia shen and i was the only one under the umbrella.

    he said two person not enough space and i had to hold the umbrella high up because he is much taller, so very ma fan. it is claim by him that "i (himself) look hotter under the rain". ahhaa!

    and he stepped on a pile of water and it splashed towards my feet. damn wet and dirty laa. but he was in good intention to let me put my books in his car first, then only go tuition.

    so i should actually say thank you instead of scolding him. :) so.. thank you jia shen.

    tuition was okay laa. damn alot of question on differentiation. and this isnt those differentiation we learn in school last time, it is diffrentiating trigonometries. damn ma fan one.

    cherly wasnt in college today cause she was sick. luckily jia shen drove. and thanks for the lift home. :D

    came back and slept. i was just too tired.

    now, off to watch Moonlight Resonance. all the drama, bitchyness and tears.

    youu, good luck yeaa.

    much lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Ps I Love You - All American Rejects

  6. we'll fly high.

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    All your worries, leave them somewhere else,
    Find a dream you can follow,
    Reach for something, when there's nothing left.

    heyy earthlings. :D

    tomorrow got Chemistry CT3. i wonder how i'll do. its not that i dont know the stuff but i cant recall much because very long didnt touch already.

    came back from college today straight away slept already. college makes me sleepy, especially with english as my last period. and i dont like that teacher. she annoys us.

    now, finding for my chemistry notes, and watching tv at the same time. and blogging also.

    oh ya, today i had 3 hours break. damn long laa. wasted 1 hour plus in mcdonald and the other 1 hour plus in audrey's house.

    omg laa. whenever we are there, all sure feel like want to sleep. but yet we discussed about chemistry abit laa. we is me, jia shen, wei ping, teck wei, khai shien and of course there is audrey.

    i was lazing around her roomates bed and jia shen together with teck wei on audrey's bed. both of them look damn gay laa.

    and jia shen's smelled like toilet today. hahaha! thanks to audrey spraying the room air freshner on jia shen. plus the Hugo boss perfume, he smelled even funny.

    i couldnt stop laughing man. laughed till my stomach also cramped. sorry la jia shen. but after a while the smell wasnt so bad.

    it was a good perfume though. and good entertainment! :)

    youu, until today, seeing youu still makes me happy. eventhough we dont talk that much, simple words from is already enough. seeing youu where youu sat today eating, youu look lost yet cute.

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Damn Regret

  7. friends are everything to me.

    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    (click on it for larger viewing)
    You've always been a friend to me I know,
    I'll stick with you till the end,
    Through thick and thin,
    You'll always be my best friend.

    harlooo :D

    was browsing through my pictures folder and came across the pictures we've taken in genting last year.

    the jump shots was all meant to be merge together thats why we took it.

    since no one did it, and i was too bored at 3.00 a.m this morning, i guessed i should give it a try and put them all together. and there it is, the end result.

    that was the only trip that all of us had together. i dont know till when we could have another trip where all of us could make it.

    sorry guys, expose your bodies abit yaa.

    browsing through each picture brings back memories. even talking about the things we did there to other friends, i would laugh my heart out.

    the trip was a real good get together. and a deep memory.

    some already asked whats the plan for the end of this year. because we've once said to have a trip annually.

    but i am just not too sure about this year. many of us are in colleges and our holiday breaks are different. its hard to get a time where everyone is free.

    lets pray hard that there will be days where everyone is free. even 2 days would be good enough. :D

    its another rainy day and i am stuck at home. raining maybe good once in a while but i just dont like the wetness.

    youu, how are things going? i sensed that your mind is disturbed. hope youu are fine. =)

    lots of lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Gabrielle - Sunshine

  8. why must we all conceal what we think, how we feel?
    must there be a secret i'm forced to hide?

    had driving this morning. and my driving today was bad. my instructor said my first class was better than today.

    like jia shen said, there are such things as bad driving day. hahaha!

    stayed at home practically the whole day. and did nothing. slept at 3 this morning and woke up at 10.40 a.m is not enough sleep for me.

    if it wasnt for driving i dont think i will be up by then. lingered around the house and staring blankly at my laptop screen doing nothing.

    slept at 5 something till about 8. that was to cover the sleeping time i was suppose to have.

    and now i am still staring blankly into space. sad man.

    youu, sometimes i wonder whether the feeling is still there. but talking and seeing youu makes me happy. even if it is seeing youu from a far or just chatting with youu. simple words like 'hi' and 'bye' is enough.

    with lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Avril Lavigne - When you're gone

  9. a pair?

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    the other part is youu.
    youu'll always be a part of me.

    i cant sleep yesterday night, i mean this morning. went to bed at 2.30 in the morning but just couldnt sleep till about 4 a.m.

    i had too much things in mind. and suddenly there seems to be others that appears more in my mind than youu.

    very suprising to have this someone in my mind. hmmm...

    cherly called at 11 and woke me up. asking me whether i could go out to One Utama or Midvalley today.

    and managed to persuade my mum to let me go. =)

    went out to One Utama with cherly and my cousin. walked around, tried on clothes but ended up with nothing.

    this holiday i was suppose to shop for myself. and i havent been getting anything yet. sighs.

    i'll have driving tomorrow. i dont like manual cars laa. very the annoying. leg cramps laa. and i hate roundabouts.

    the post i wrote earlier this morning wasnt meant for those who are nice. i only meant those who are not. so yeahh. well if you think it is you, good luck then.

    youu, how are youu? i havent been seeing youu and i dont even know how are youu doing.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Janet Jackson - Feedback

  10. fake?

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    that face, i have goosebumps whenever

    i see it.

    i am feeling from bad to worst.

    come to think of it, life is always full of people that are trying their best to impress yet fail and turn out to be someone who is fake.

    fake in terms of treating a person.

    i find that i am this type of person towards people i dont like. i mean in treating a person. the more fakeness i get from someone, i'll try to treat them double of what they are giving me. at least i wasnt trying to impress.

    actually what is soo good about being fake to impress? i hate it when people are like that.

    dont give me all those nonsense on whatever you were thinking and all the lies you've said to impress. you are just making me not like you more.

    i have this really really bad impression towards you. its not like you've done anything bad but there are just things that totally strike you off from even being an inch close towards what i call friend.

    maybe i am just not a person that forgives. if i really dont like you, you would sense that coldness in me when it comes to talking to you or even looking at you. cause i just simply dont look. i just cant be THAT nice.

    i have no one to say anything about this. so i am trying my best to voice myself out but yet holding myself back a little.

    its simple, i dont like you, you and you! you should be able to tell who is the you yourself.


    eventhough i didnt really get to know him well yet, he is a funny fella. someone nice and friendly.

    i used to know who he was last time but we just dont talk. after knowing him more, he seems like someone that is worth knowing.

    so, happy 18th birthday!

    went to Neway today to celebrate his birthday. in the middle of us singing, a birthday song popped out on the screen and wey liam camed in to suprise him with a birthday cake.

    so happen cherly wanted to go toilet so she saw liam and came in with him together with the cake.

    we sang him a birthday song and made him stand right infront.

    the birthday wish.

    i wasnt in time to take the picture of him blowing the cake. he was just too fast.

    him happily cutting his birthday cake.

    after all the cutting cake and eating we continued singing. sang all the emo songs laa as usual.

    it was suppose to be emo. i also dont know why.

    sang till about 7. actually Neway seems to be alot better than Redbox. we sang for like 5 hours for only RM12++. not bad right?

    jia shen fetched me home cause the rest of them followed liam to fetch jacelyn to kelana jaya i think. and cherly left an hour earlier than us.

    came home and lingered around for like an hour plus then had to go out for Qihong's so called "pre farewell".

    i was so angry you know. limqihong! dont be so fickle minded next time. please!

    it was supposed to be at burger king.

    the boy i'll miss if he leaves. limqihong!

    i've known him for about 5 years already. it was wayy back in form 2. but just got closer with him last year.

    i will never forget the way he calls me NUR and that voice of his. someone i will always bug whenever i have problems and i always had fun zha-ing him.

    i know he wont go far cause malacca is just an hour and a half away. but yet, i'll still miss him alot. he knows i will.

    after burger king we went to Station One. had fun talking with cherly and jia shen and chun kit. well cause qi hong was talking over there and we were talking among ourselves here.

    there isnt so much words this time cause i am not really in a mood. dont know why i am just not feeling too good.

    emoing i guess.

    youu, i also dont know what to say already. things seems to get worst.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Jamelia - Superstar (it is also said to be the clubbing song that got jia shen, cherly, liam they all got high of)

  12. the hatred is in my bones!

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    I HATE HER AND HIM!! forever and ever.

    i only hate one person in my whole life. and i am still hating.

    i would say i dont like alot of people but thats just the feeling of dont like. you know? a simple feeling that gives you a pause when you look at the particular person.

    even people i dont know i would not like them. somehow something on the outside of the person restrain you from liking them.

    i know it is in the books that we shouldnt judge people based on their outlook, but the outlook of a person is the first thing you see. how to not judge?

    whenever you look at this total stranger, your own instincts would tell you whether the feelings towards this person is good or bad.

    sometimes it is also because of the rumours about this person that changes to way you look at them.

    some when i have the first glance of them, i would say 'i dont like her' and some i would say 'she seems nice'.

    but after knowing the person well only it is able to tell about how he/she really is. some from dont like may turn to good friends and some from someone nice would turn to someone that i dislike.

    well this is life right? everyday you meet people and not all peoples are good. and even the good ones may not be the good ones towards you.

    occasionally, you dont have to know the person to tell whether he/she is a good person or not. because from the outlook of that person you could tell how he/she really is. you maybe wrong but the gap wouldnt be too far apart.

    i know that in my 17 years of life now, there are a large number of people i dont like. some are turning from dislike to a friend and some are getting worst.

    i admit i dislike peopleS. as much as i am not like by alot people, i dont mind. =D if i could dislike people, why not them dislike me? its a give and take thing.

    it would be so ridiculous if you dont like people but expects the whole world to be all over you. even friends you are having may not be sincere.

    did i make it sound confusing? i know what i am trying to deliver but somehow the words i phrase them in dont sound right.

    not liking a person can change as time passes. but hating a person will NEVER.

    i only hate one HER. this hatred will never go off . she relates to this one HIM. thats why hating her is the same as hating HIM. if it wasnt her that intrude my life, i wouldnt be who i am today.

    a part of me wants to thank HER. i am soo happy with what i have. if i am still sticking to that old thing in my life, i guess things would not have turn out as it is.

    but the part of me hating the both of them outweighs the part of thanking them. as much as people tells me that hating a person is tired and i should not, i will never ever in my life forgive whatever they did.

    i know i should not involve HIM. but he is related to HER. so dont matter how innocent he may be, dont matter how much he wants to know me, i will not give in even a cm.

    i know it is not his fault, but too bad that he had such a pityful HER in his life. they dont stand a chance to even have a word that i'll say to them.

    there will never be forgiveness towards them. thats just not going to happen. i dont even want to be involve with a tiny bit that has got to do with them.

    but, something that belongs to them belongs to me too. i am already trying my best to get rid of it.

    all this years, i always felt like cursing them to go through whatever i went through, but i just aint that bad yet. and.. i still HATE YOU PEOPLE!!

    i really hope that one day, she trips on her own feet, falls onto the ground, smashes her face and loses her two front teeth. and forever there will be a scar to remind her about the bad deeds she've done. this is bad enough. =D anyway, its just a metafore.

    the hatred is deeply in my bones!

    with sincerity,
    sher xoxo.

  13. bad migrain.

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    my migrain is killing me!

    i wanted to blog yesterday but i was too tired. went to klcc and also yam cha after i came back. i was very tired thats why didnt feel like blogging.

    and i didnt take any pictures also. its just a normal outing where i didnt buy anything and walk until very sien.

    dont know why. went with cherly, jia shen, sean, wey liam and sam. thought of going to pavillion today but last minute tak jadi.

    i shouldnt get too excited over going out. sure last last tak jadi one. sighs.

    now i want to go hang kai and buy stuff also cannot. sighs. rotted the whole day at home. and fell sick.

    was having terrible flu and cough. now cough till i am having headache!

    damn pain laa. like something is banging towards your head. i've been sleeping so much today and yet the headache still comes.

    should be off to sleep soon. nights guys!

    oh ya, youu, i am missing our conversations. we dont talk anymore.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Leavin' - Jesse Mccartney

  14. hottie alert!

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    watched step up again yesterday night. i think i've watched it gazillion times. i think i could remember everything that shows in the movie.

    channing tatum and jenna dewan makes a perfect match laa. both dance soo well. and she's so sweet. somehow i like her alot too.

    even she's the man i've watched it for damn alot of times. but its mainly because of channing tatum.

    if i would have a roommate like him, i think i dont have to sleep already.

    not all guys could look hot in tank tops like that. and he nailed it well. in most of the shows he acts he always wears like that.

    and he keeps girls drooling over him.

    he is not only good in dancing, he is good in basketball and soccer. well the sports part i dont know how people who play basketball and soccer rates it, but he seems good to me.

    maybe its because i love him. so yeahh.

    i've been seeing Audi TT nearly everyday on the road. its making me love it more. <3

    just finished watching the China and Indonesia badminton match for the mix doubles bronze medal. omg laa. why China win?!

    you should see how blardy cocky they were. i cant stand them. they should not have won!

    now i am just waiting for the Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan match. lets see how Malaysia performs as Lee Chong Wei is the only hope for the gold medal. so yeahh.

    its the holidays for me! oo-yeahh~ tomorrow i will be going to klcc and pavillion on tuesday. yeahh!!

    youu, how ah? something reminds me of youu so badly. but... sighs. i also dont know how.

    much lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Drew Sidora - Till The Dawn

  15. partay!

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    yesterday i had my frist driving lesson. i damn scared you know when he ask me to take of the steering. but... ended up i was actually doing quite well. i mean for me that was quite good already.

    i didnt die of the engine you know? damn happy and satisfying laa..

    yesterday night we went back to taylors for the Dance Arena held at our Taylors Carpark. but we went there too early so headed over to AC for a drink.

    Adrian and his friends joined us also.

    at AC toilet. i know i know..what a place to take picture right?

    then yao yun came and joined us too. the whole AC people were watching the Lee Chong Wei's badminton match against Korea including us.

    cherly who doesnt even watch badminton matches also started understanding how it works and was cheering for Malaysia non-stop.

    we watched the match until it was finished. and... Lee Chong Wei won!! woo-hoo..

    after the match was done we headed back to Taylors. going in for the dance thing was soo ma fan laa. had to wait outside for some time.

    went in and saw Tim. too bad didnt take picture with him.

    the stage.

    the emcee of the night.

    the girls.

    and again. with adrian holding the camera.

    the team i like.

    notice that Yao yun is wearing skirt. hahaha!

    this is the picture that Yao yun forbid me to put up. but i cant resist.

    when the dance competition was over, it was party time. a DJ came all the way from Miami and he was so hot. seriously damn hot!

    everyone knows that shereena is into white guys and he is white and he is hot!

    DJ Patrick Oliver

    cherly danced like non-stop man. michelle and her friends too. cherly even danced with adrian. i didnt adrian could dance. hahaha!

    us girls, danced too. but we just werent good. and cherly was the one making us dance like nobody's business.

    especially when the song Low played. omg laa. we dance like mad girls around.

    and.. my leg hurt like mad laa. the stupid heels.

    we left AC at about 1230 because we had to wait for Yao yun's mum to come and pick her up before we could leave cause we cant leave her there alone.

    i cant wait for the sleepover to Yao yun's house and the outings that we'll go.

    too bad yesterday we didnt take picture with adrian and michelle.

    youu, i really shouldnt tell youu. there is no point. i would just lose youu instead. soo no. we are alot better like how we are now. =D

    muchh lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Flo Rida - Low

  16. my future rides.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    suddenly had the mood to browse through sites to see cars. i wouldnt say i am good in cars but i am still able to tell what car is that.

    had quite a number of car i like. all this while i just couldnt stop noticing cars on the road laa.

    these are those car that I WON'T AFFORD TO BUY. but i just like them. my fantasy cars.

    SLK 350

    this car damn sporty damn nice laa. the black is even hotter. i think the one that parked infront of taylors is this is one. it is either this or the SLK 280.

    SL 65

    this is also damn nice. when i saw MTV cribs on Aly & Aj, theirs were the SL 55. that was already damn hot! now the SL 65 is even better. =D but it is 6.5 litres. so it is definately out of my league.

    Audi TT

    the one without the roof is the Roadster. its damn hot and cute! =D i've been seeing a few of them around lately. its damn petite and nice at the same time.

    for me to like it, it is partially influence by the guys last year. Tim, Qi hong they all. they were talking about it and from then i find it damn nice already.

    BMW 645

    this is another hottie. this represents class and luxury. blardy HOT! and yao yun's been in one. omg laa... this is effing nice!

    BMW Z4

    nice right? nice right? so sporty. damn nice laa.. lets imagine me one day driving it. wooshh.. hot like shit laa. i mean the car!

    BMW 3 Series

    this is a just nice car. an ideal own. nice and sleek. =D

    BMW 1 Series

    i find this nice laa. i dont know why. very sporty le i find it. its just nice. not too long. =D hehee.

    Peugeot 207 CC

    this care also damn nice. but i lazy go find the picture already. a two seater car. nice laa..

    Alfa Romeo 147

    i dont know why i like cars like that also. i mean it is the ideal one to drive. another nice car! =)

    everyone likes the Nissan Fairlady Z but somehow it doesnt really attract me. apart from the black one that uses the gold logo and words laa. that one is not badd.

    and also... the Ferrari and Lamboghini is nice. but it is too over already. so i dont even want to have fantasies about it. =D

    these are cars I MAY AFFORD TO GET in future.

    Toyota Yaris

    i like this car. for me it is nice. when i step into the Toyota showroom in PJ, i am very into this car man. i like the sports edition but it is 98k le..

    Suzuki Swift

    this is my ULTIMATE LOVE. i really really want this! i want the sports edition. the one with the body kit. i want red. cause their blue not nice. if got other blue i sure take blue. omg la... i am saying as though i am gonna have it only. sadd.

    Volkswagen Beetle

    this is another car i love. every single time i see it, i cant keep my eyes of it. it is damn cute and people on tv in US usually drives it. the baby blue is soooo NICE! but the 2.0 litre is 160k le.. dont care. i am still wanting it. wait till i work.

    Mini Cooper

    omg laa... i like the blue man. Mini Cooper also damn sok. i want i want! the Cooper S is nearly 200k le... but everyone loves it. including me. =D

    there was my cars post.

    lets talk about today. today, we went down to Klang for lunch. it was damn funny laa going there. nearly the whole class went except 5 of the others didnt go.

    Klang had developed. and people in Klang can dont know how to go to some place which i think it is quite famous.

    lets just say you are a Subang people, how can you not know where is ss19 or ss14. that sort of thing.

    today, dickson scare me like shit laa. suddenly got this deep voice fella walking beside me and talking to me. scare me laa.. stupid dickson!

    after class we went to pyramid to catch a movie. we watched Meet Dave. to me, it was seriously not worth my 8 bucks. the story line is a bit off.

    tomorrow i'll be going to the Dance Arena thing held in taylors. still wondering what to wear. hmmm =)

    and... i'll be having my first driving lesson! my god... i am so scared and worried! thank you jia shen, for teaching me abit of the driving skills today. =D

    youu, had been thinking about youu lately.

    lots of lovee,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Leave Out The Rest - Linkin Park

  17. my rants.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    will i stand a chance to even dream about this?

    what if i told youu that the person was youu?

    or i should wait long enough to tell youu that i've been liking youu for a very long time?

    or should i act as though there is nothing at all, like now?

    sometimes i wonder whether do i actually like youu or was it just a temporary feeling?

    everyday in me, there is this feeling of letting everything out but i dont know to whom. girlfriends? guyfriends? or youu?

    someone told me that i should just let it go. let it fade. but i know that there is a part in me that doesnt want to let go.

    youu were that guy after all this while i took seriously about.

    i really hope that one day i could say youur name out loud. eventhough if youu are a history then, i would want youu to know. if youu were still the one, i would want youu to know even more.

    lets see when that day arrives.

  18. my feet is a blardy size 8. i know it is big.

    my new shoes! love love love.

    i bought a new pair of nike shoes last saturday. remember the one i made on my list?

    i super love it la. eventhough mostly it is white, there is light blue inside and outside abit.

    i've been eyeing on it since like god knows when. i even asked qi hong to get it for me but definately i didnt mean it la.

    yay! i got my RM 279 nike shoes that i loveyy!

    college was like normal. nothing intresting also. apart from going yam cha for two hours today after class at Oldtown taipan with cherly, jia shen and teck wei. other than that, normal only la.

    oh ya, my driving instructor called and i am having my first driving lesson on friday. a part of me is excited, another part of me is afraid. i am afraid i cant function properly infront of the steering.

    and... I DIDN'T GET INTO NS!! damn blardy happy man. wooo-hoo! hooray! anyway if i get in, i wont be going in also. so makes no difference.

    youu, i have to seriously keep up with youu. eventhough i said i dont want to tell youu it is because i am scared i will lose youu, i think i am starting to already. i dont talk to youu as much as i use to and i am hardly keeping track on whatever youu do. and also i havent been seeing youu around. thats badd.

    much love from me,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy