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    I have gone totally MIA for the past 4 months and a bit..... :D Gosh, it doesn't feel that long but it HAS BEEN THAT LONG!!

    In the past 4 months, I survived my second last semester of uni, went back to Malaysia for two months for holidays and have since been back to Melbourne for a month already now.

    Nowadays I am just feeling too lazy to blog... It's not that I didn't have time for the past month since being back in Melbourne because uni only started last week, I just...., kinda lost my touch towards blogging?

    When I do bum around and just do nothing significant, I spend most of my time either on YouTube catching up on my list of YouTubers OR watching series or movies constantly. And blogging just somehow dropped out of the picture...

    I am TRYING this thing where I'll only blog significant and worth remembering over events and food places(of course!) from now on. No promises as to how often I'll update but I would when I want to :D

    And since this is a coming back post after 4 months, it may as well be REALLY significant :P

    ♥︎ The Boyfriend's Birthday! ♥︎ (As the title has already given it away..)

    I don't normally do big things for our birthdays. Not for his nor for mine. Every year it has been pretty simple to be honest. A nice meal, pressie, hugs and kisses :P

    Since his birthday falls on a Monday this year, it'll be hard for us to head out for dinner to celebrate soooo I thought we might as well celebrate it on the Saturday before that. *A Melbournian student life crisis when you do not have a car and only with fast food joints or mediocre meals within the 20 minutes walk vicinity, it's hard to do any celebrating over meals of any kind... And on Sundays, you pretty much stay home for dinner because the Sunday public transport schedule ends early... =/ *

    Sooooo let's start with the Saturday prior to his birthday!

    It was a 36 degrees day and so, I insisted on wanting to watch a movie because I do not want to stay indoors with no air conditioning whilst withstanding the heat. And so, we bought our movie tickets online that afternoon itself and looked up on bus timings and we were off to Glen Waverley for lunch and the movie!

    Lunch timeeeee!

    I haven't had Pancake Parlour in agesssss so that's where we went to :P 

    The boyfie had their Chicken Parmigiana pancake. Guys and their meat and protein :D

    I went for the more breakfast like pancake. Cheese Kransky with fried eggs and pancake! Gotta love the sight of this man!! *slurps* :P

    As usual, our meals are on dutch and I kinda forgotten how expensive Pancake Parlour is... My pancake alone was $26.30..... :( Nice but expensive.. Not cool.

    And then we were off for our movie! I was really excited for the movie because the trailer looked good andddddd I've heard a couple of people raved about it. So yeaps!

    It was reallyyyyyyyyyy good!!

    It's been awhile since a movie gave me that awesome feeling when I walked out of the cinema. The movie was funny and comical but serious at the same time! Not spoiling it for those who haven't watch..., but the fireworks part???? At such a serious moment????!! EPIC.

    Colin Firth still has that charm after all these years man! And them british accent in the movie???!! Especially the cute lead actor's accent! HELLOOOO! SO SEXYYYY!

    I am not sure how it was screened in Malaysia because the movie has quite a fair bit of vulgarity and at the ending you kinda get to see a women's ass... So, was Malaysia screened the same? One thing awesome about Australian screened movies, you'll never need to worry much about censorship :D

    After movie, we went on for an early dinner at 6pm @ Koedo. I think it's a new Japanese restaurant in Glen? Passed by it earlier when we were on our way to the cinema and thought, we should come back for dinner cause it's Japanese food... And we LOVE Japanese food! :D

    Ordered some Takoyaki to start off! :)

    A plate of sushi and sashimi platter to share! Look at the glorious sushi and sashimi! YUM YUM! :P

    We didn't really eat much because it was still early and we had our lunch only 3 hours before. But dinner was nice! As usual, Japanese food in Melbourne when it comes to sashimi and sushi, it ain't cheap. So we pulled back a little on the ordering. IF we were in Malaysia, I think we would have eaten our hearts out because the Japanese food prices in Malaysia for the same quality of food, it would be cheaper!

    Took this picture when I was standing outside of Happy Cup :) I was grateful of how nice the day turned out to be!

    And as per my normal usual routine at Glen Waverley, I always end the day with a cup of bubble tea @ Happy Cup! 

    Mango green tea with mango pudding! My favourite! :D

    Up until that point, all I was thinking was "the boyfriend's two days early pre-birthday celebration" is a success! Little did I know, we were heading for second round. The boyfriend already had the thought of heading out after this for some arcading and pooling :P Well...., my bad for not thinking about it earlier because it is probably one of those kinda things to do that he genuinely really likes and enjoy :)

    So, we took a bus back to Clayton and then walked over to the arcade and pool place which is about 10-15 minutes walk from his place.

    Dear and me, both, relived our high school self and played rounds of Daytona! But obviously, we are on different levels because I only enjoy the Beginner level and he enjoys the Advanced level. So yeap, we just sat side by side and played our own thing :P It was really fun tho!

    Playing arcade games together seriously brought me back to my early high school days... I haven't touched anything in an arcade in possibly 7 years? At least. And Daytona was really funnnnn!! I am just one of those people that only play beginner level and with automatic drive and still feel happy and so much fun out it? HAHAHA! :P

    Then, we went for an hour of pool together :)

    I always love the sight of him when he plays pool. It's just something about his holding that cue... Am I weird? :P

    ANDDDD guess what????? After playing 5 rounds of pool with darling, I WON ONE FREAKING ROUND! I WONNNNNN! :DDD Sorry for being overly joyed, but, I am totally no good at pool or probably below okay but still could manage some shots and the boyfriend has been playing since agesss ago and he is good. So, excuse my moment of gloatness because it was a big deal for me :P

    I need to gradually buck up on my pool skill level! Cause I foresee having to play with the boyfriend more in the future :P

    It was a really nice day out together that involved good food, a great movie and an impeccable company! 

    I guess this "two days earlier pre-birthday celebration day out" for the boyfriend was even more of a success!! He was a happy happy boy at the end of it :) Technically we did all the things he likes and love that I could possibly find in Melbourne already. And so, mission accomplished!! :) ♥︎

    Make up of the day! #selfie :P I AM LOVING MY TURQUOISE STREAK! Love the colour so much!!!!

    Top: Seed
    Shorts: H&M
    Crystal Necklace & Bag: Sportsgirl

    I of course took a picture of the two of us together but decided to post it up on his actual birthday :D So that explains why there isn't any picture of us! Oh and another thing, he only takes pictures with me for that one moment of time only one..... We are not one of those couple that has a bagillion pictures taken together in that ONE outing. Nuff said.

    On Sunday,

    We went for our routine groceries shopping outing together. I needed to get food mainly to cook for him his birthday dinner :) And this time, we went to somewhere new. We went to Pinewood instead of Clayton town.

    We had lunch at this random Vietnamese place and this place is kinda awesome in a weird way! They have bottles and bottles of soft drink on all the tables and they were there for patrons FOC. How cool? Plus the food was cheap, like $10 cheap. Andddd best part, it was a really hot day as well, and they gave us free icy poles! Who gives out free drinks and icy poles when the food is only $10???! Plus, the lady at the counter saw how Teck Wei enjoyed his icy pole, she even offered him a second one. Such a nice touch and gesture! Altho the shop isn't much, a very basic standard Vietnamese place which tbh, didn't quite appeal to me at the first place but turns out, it really surprised me :)

    After lunch and the groceries shopping, we headed back. I can't remember what we did after that tho.... Not even sure if I cooked or we had takeout? Oh wells.

    On Monday, the boyfriend's actual birthday!!

    My exact birthday wishes on the day itself....., :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!! May you always be blessed with great things because YOU always deserve the best of everything! ☺️ I Love You! I feel so bad that what I bought for you for your birthday won't be in your hands today... It's on it's way! And I know you'll love it :P Hopefully the day will pan out in simplicity but with lots of love! ♥︎❤︎♥︎

    First, I followed him to uni and had lunch @ Saporo with Jia Shen. Considering how hot the weekend was, that Monday itself, it was cold and wet.... Such weird weather...... Melbournians and their weather talks. I know. But it's still such mood swing weather to me, you would think I have already gotten used to it but nope I still have not HAHAHA!

    Dear had their Parma Ciabatta and I had a Schnitzel Wrap :) JS's came much later sooooo I spared him from having to wait for me to snap a picture :P HEHE

    After lunch I went to Clayton to get somemore food and then headed back to his place and chilled and prepared for dinner. As it takes around 2 hours to boil :)

    I make it a point to cook this for him on his birthday because he loves it and I know how to cook it perfectly already :) And this huge pot was our dinner for two nights! It was a lot...!

    And then..... I surprised him with an unlit cake :P A mini(?) fail... YUP, I couldn't find the lighter HEHE *smacks palm on forehead* So I had to ask him where it was and light up the cake for him :D Then sang to him the birthday song ♥︎ Bought this mini hokkaido cheesecake at Clayton town earlier and hid it in the fridge which was totally out of his sight :) Oh and, the cake was really nice!!

    Gave him this card first because his present didn't arrive as planned. So.... a card would just have to do for then.. :D

    I guess the day turned out to be simple and lovely? I hope he felt some kinda love :DD HAHA!

    So....., his birthday pressie, a week after his birthday, it finally arrived!

    I guess the engraving took more time than I anticipated.. But it was worth it! Had it engraved with some lyrics that is from one of his favourite artists and also, the lyric quote was a fitting match to be a engraved on a present from me ♥︎ I love him. And I mean it exactly as the engraving says :)

    I guess that concludes the Birthday Post! :DDDD

    But...., I wanna post about this too! Since I didn't blog about Valentines, I thought maybe I'll just insert the gifts exchange we had :) 

    The gifts I bought for him :) A pair of skull cufflinks that comes with a tie pin as well. I just thought it looks so cool! And if I must say so myself, the boyfriend's style is kinda on the edgier side and this pair of cufflinks would seriously suit him so well! I kinda want to get a pair of silver ones for him as well if I ever come across one! ANDDDD I bought for him some whisky stones. Basically they substitute ice when you have whisky on the rocks. Supposedly, whisky lovers would appreciate it? Well, the boyfriend loves his whisky and cognacs soooo I figured I might as well just get it too? HAHA! ♥︎♥︎

    And my gift! I did the choosing of gift myself but I am rather pleased by it! A dainty infinity bracelet from Pandora! Always wanted a nice infinity bracelet and I finally have it! I LOVE IT!!!! A lot. Thank you so much darlinggggg!! ♥︎

    That's all for now!

    Lots of love,

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