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  1. Hey,

    So, I haven't took any time in the past six months(?) to sit down and properly write about life.

    And after indulging myself into four books in the past four days, I really felt the pang of how much I really do miss having current events documented and so, one day I could relive them like how I relive stories in books...

    Ever since I felt out of this blogging thing, I feel like my life doesn't have as much colours as it used to be. Figuratively not literally. I mean times in Malaysia were as colourful as it gets and some of my day to day life is still very much as amazing and wonderful as it is but because I never document them enough, I feel like there isn't enough evidence of how colourful it is or was.

    I used to be able to remember details of a day so vividly but now it is starting to slip through my fingers. I barely take much time to remember things to the detail because I don't have that thought of blogging about every littlest detail in the back of my mind anymore. So, evidently, I don't need to remember these little details.

    I know how much I have sunk into the world of moving pictures and videos and movies and series. I should start calling it as in addiction. I have literally SUNK in and it's hard for me to even get out of it because to be really honest, I haven't got the need and pull to get out of it just yet.

    And because I have been occupying my time more on those things, I don't blog anymore. I literally don't have the push or spare time to document my life anymore. And I truly am sad about that.

    Because I know if I would have done it consistently and not push it away and procrastinate it, I would have enjoyed and not dread it the way I do now.

    If you guys do get what I mean...

    Anyhoos, nowadays my life has pretty much been monotonous.

    Doing my last unit in university. My close friend count in uni is still zero. Life in Melbourne still alternates between aunty D's place and Clayton. The boyfriend is pretty much the only constant person I see ever so often apart from aunty D. I still go on my shopping days and shopping clicks as I have always had. Am never letting that go. Not yet. I don't go out for brunches anymore and the last one would probably be last year before I went back to Malaysia for holidays. Started a casual waitress/cashier job about a month ago. And lastly, am feeling a little grateful that I have my close friend back, not that I've lost him but we just were in different places and catching up often just didn't happen. And not naming, I shall not make him gloat further.

    The ONLY thing that is super exciting and something that I just seriously can't wait for is, Japan in August with some high school buddies. It's concrete and official because tickets are already a done deal :D UGH I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    That's pretty much life for me right now. Same old same old but still a little different.

    Sometimes I really do think, although I am more or less seeing the light at the end of my tunnel, I still feel like I am still stagnant over the years. Everyone is moving so far ahead and it feels like I've just been left behind.

    OMG I am really not sure where this post is heading at all. I just typed what I felt with literally no order of any kind. Not sure what of a moment is this that I have having or feeling. But typing about it sure makes me feel a little better..

    Probably should be signing off now. Reflection on life sure hits at the oddest time.


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