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  1. fucking bitch

    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    wat the hell is your problem lah?
    read already then fine lahh. why must go tell my mum?
    youu too free already is it?
    go find something meaningful to do lahh.
    well.. i cant blame you. no life people does stupid things.
    what to do right? ass(s) like youu. aihz.. tsk tsk.
    people like youu do not earn my respect!
    get a life lahh.

  2. Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    havent been updating for a week plus already. a week seems to past soo fast. and that means is gonna be nearer to november 12th. aihz. shittyy shit...
    i like the song big girls dont cry by fergie. i just dont know why. ahaha. and 1973 by james blunt. i mean i like lots of songs now. but these are the ones that are highlighted.
    watched the VMA last saturday. was quite boring lah. and they cut alot!!! why lah.... adam levine was hot! and mr. JT.. a.k.a justin timberlake.

    school was fine.
    bored with the stupid exams.
    got latih tubi somemore.
    one thing is good that...we are on holiday next week!

    you.. hmm.. nevermind nothing.


  3. Monday, September 17, 2007

    was suppose to be in tuition now. but.. we skipped! because we din have the transport. stef couldnt make it. anyway i was lazy to go. i'd rather stay at home then go there. 2 hours there just pass soo slow.. tick-tock*

    i miss you.
    why is it soo hard to reach you huh?

    talking to you brightens my day.
    but i havent been doing it for some time already. =(
    its you sabah boy. ahaha.

    yeah! finally exams are nearly over. except bio 3. argh...i dislike bio. eventhough its pretty intresting. * woo-hoo*** 1-more-to-go
    i want my new room.
    but the problem is i don't have the guts to ask my mum.
    i want it badly.
    thinking of already owning it puts a wide smile on my face. =)

    ps:iheartyou. darling.

  4. Friday, September 14, 2007

    i m feeling soo empty now.

    i hate it.

    and sleepy too.

  5. oh my god. eww!!!

    what the heck was on my mind?? *shaking from head to toe*

    damn gross man. argh!! why you??!! of all the person around me..

    one hectic week had just passed.. relieved* i dont have to drink those coffee(s) anymore to keep me awake. cafein is just not my thing. =)

    a list i just made. no not just. but recently. yup thats the word. *vocab is getting worst*:

    *i need a new room. i meant customizing. (but.. mummy wouldnt
    cost that much.preeetty please?)

    *i miss derek yong alot! you better be back soon my dear.. =)

    *do my spm well. i m starting to feel "it" (itu pressure) coming already. shitty.

    thats all that i remember what i made. the paper just went somewhere. missing. i just forgot where i kept it. =D

    gosh.. i hope things go on well. i've been having massive screw ups lately. aihz.. *thinking positive is the start to everything right??*

    =) smile.

  6. promise.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    today chemistry paper was not soo good. i expected to be able to do it well but aihz... was just bad... argh!

    tomorrow physics!! one of my weak subject. how lah???? another day of waking up at 4 again tomorrow. after this week trials i'll sleep all i want. ahaha. *sleepy*

    everyone definitely made a promise but somehow certain people just don't keep it. i'm soo fed up of having those fake hopes. hopes that would make me feel soo happy and then take it away from me. if you can't do it then don't promise please. i m sick and tired of it!!!

    just grow up lah okay? don't bullshit. i hate you for it*

    feeling damn emo now. just don't feel like talking to anybody. for once do something for me...get the hell out of my life.

    a promise you've once made. remember?*

  7. Monday, September 10, 2007

    yesterday was boring! suppose to be studying but ended up sleeping and watching shows. damn smart ryte?? ahahaha.

    watched high school musical 2. the show was okay.. very lively.. finally i have a new perception on zac efron. he is kinda hot.. omg did u see his eyes?? damn blue damn nice....

    after HSM2 i was going through the channels and they were showing you me and dupree..

    you,me and dupree*

    watching this show remind me of youu. i kept the ticket for the movie but now i lost it. i guess both of us just weren't meant to be.
    it was our first show together after we knew each other. i missed those times.
    well its history.
    crap!!! today add maths paper 2 very hard... *sob sob* i am soo gonna die for my add maths.. shit!!!! how lah??? aihz.
    today is the first day of "the program". hope it will work out. see how it goes. *keeping my fingers cross* =)

  8. hott guys.

    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    after two mornings waking up at 430 is killing me. very tiring!! even during exam i feel like sleeping. *yawns*

    woke up at 730 this morning to go to school for maths extra classes. well it helped. so i don't mind waking up early. *semangat man!* thats the way lah...

    steph bought the new seventeen magazine and i was distracted by the magazine than studying... the things in the mag are soo nice! i want it... =(

    me reading seventeen.. woo-hoo*

    watched janice dickenson modelling agency yesterday.. omg.. i tell u ar the guys are superbly hot!! i meant the body.. incompeteable. but as for looks only a few of them.

    especially this dude. brian kehoe. first time see him also my eyes were glued onto him.. the packs and the lines and everything.. eff-ing hott!!

    brian kehoe*hottie alert

    but i heard he is gay. why lah the hott guys are almost all gays?? too hot till don't like girls already ka? mike he, wentworth miller, brian kehoe.. wat lah... brian is gaying with this guy.. a new model in the 3rd season..

    grant whitney*
    hot ryte?? the body also damn nice. this is the only picture i can find from him. well guy models are most of the time topless. aiyo.. why be gay lah??
    his body not bad ryte?? maybe the packs are not that obvious but still nice. ahaha. i find guys with those two lines from the siide are sexy. and don't ask me why. i have no idea...
    now i m the mood of posting about dudes i find them eff-ing hott.. well girls wat ryte?? definitely bout guys lah. *wink =)*
    my company to chat bout hott guys is stef! we can go on and on just talking bout them. its like an endless topic. =D

    enrique* post for the 2nd time*
    enrique will be soon on my wall. poster! he is hott too. a current male singer that i m drooling about.
    and we talked about vj's today.. well the hottest is utt. the best among all the vj's! (too me) *woo-hoo* he is a thai you know? he is on my wall too. utt..utt..

    thats all for the post bout hott dudes. ahaha. i'll keep the rest for next. maybe later. *winks* the list is just too long.
    its one boring day today. and next week is one hectic week.. shit man. argh!! tomorrow i m gonna spend lots of time with me "beloved" books. (lets just see what happen. i don't think i'll stick to it for long)
    i miss youu. hope youu are doing fine. *smile more my friend*

  9. back.

    Friday, September 07, 2007

    finally i m back after a week plus off-blogging. *whee*

    have been darn busy with trials and soo sleepy... *yawns* got up at 4 in the morning for today and yesterday STUDYING.. can u believe it?? shereena is studying weih.... a shocking news. 2 and the half weeks of trials... one down one and the half more to go..

    just got back home from tuition and someone in tuition had this small "thing"..furry thing named chloe i guess.. its a.... um.. owh ya. Sugar glider. whatever that is. its small and ugly and it JUMPS and with a looong tail. there is something with furry things and me. NO WAY....

    basically i dont have anything in particular to talk about =D just for the sake of keeping the blog alive..... =)

    i guess thats just it. one boring post.

    (i had this weird dream about you last night. well... nevermind)