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  1. Blogging in a small screen. (;

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Oooo yay Yao yun just thought me how to use my iPhone and blog with it.

    Cause the last time I wanted to try, I couldn't cause apparently you have to use the edit html part. She using iPod touch so that's why she knows more than I do. ((((((:

    tonight there is three of us here in cherly's room. Transfering songs and movies from me to them.

    Imagine la I have a 320gb with only 80gb of free space now. See la how much things I have. And mostly it's shows.

    Tomorrow maybe going watch movie then go eat dessert at chapel street. Yay!

    Hopefully when I am home tomorrow my Internet will be fixed. I really need it laaaaaa.....

    Sunday I might be going ikea to buy my study table then at night I got dinner plans with victor and yen. Then Monday start class!!!! Siennnn la...

    Luckily I got Tuesday free same like Cherly. Okla pergi tido first! Niteeee!

    With love,
    sher xoxo.

  2. iphone is so cool! HAHA! +

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    i am now over at cherly's place. staying over for two nights to teman her. seeee i am such a nice friend. ((((:

    tomorrow night yao yun will be coming over to stay too! :DDDD

    my house internet don't know when only will get connected laaaa... siennnn hopefully soon la.

    ooooo and i got my iphone already! yay! damn nice to use man. now i can just online everyday anywhere. damn niceeee.

    thanks mummy!

    oklo.. i better go first la. i will be back when my internet is fixed. hopefully soon la. byeee yo!

    much love,

  3. done done done. yay yay!

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    i am finally done with my summer course! oooo yay!!!

    this feels so good.

    the paper was not too bad. i screwed up some parts. like 5 marks gone already. but hopefully it will be good enough. hmmm...

    thank god i had the guys to study with. they really helped me a lot. like seriously a lot. whenever i give the i-am-not-so-sure look, they'll stop and ask me if i understand and then explain to me again.

    there were another two more guys that studied with us yesterday but i don't know their names. sorry! but they are smart and friendly man. one of them is like done with their degree already. like completely finished. cause this subject is officially over.

    new semester is starting in another week. so i am gonna enjoy this week to the max man!

    going lunch with jo ann tomorrow will yao yun and jia shen. then shopping with yao yun on sunday then after that she'll be staying a night at my place. then cherly would be here on monday. loong would be back too and so will celine. ((((:

    then next saturday i'll be going lunch with victor and yen. :D

    yesterday's dinner with aunty doris and julian was not too bad. apart from julian being sick and didn't each much, it was fine.

    according to him, he said the internet will be fix very soon. now i have nothing to do already i need my internet!!

    hopefully it will be as he said, soon.

    okayy i am leaving uni shortly. soooo i'll be back when my internet is fixed.


    with love,

  4. i so cannot wait!

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    i am in uni now. this three days i am always in uni before 10 am. wahh first time i study till so semangat. the guys are all suppose to be in now. but only one is here.

    still got two more belum datang. yeaa i am the only girl with all the guys cause this subject of mine only has like 5 girls.

    so i am teaming up with 3 guys to study together. two from sri lanka and one from papua new guinea. but well, there are really friendly and generous in terms of helping. i wouldn't have done well for my lab exam if it wasn't because of them.

    cause one of the sri lankan guy went for the exam first and came back and told us the question. so yeaa. that part i got like 8/10. which is good. (((:

    i just screwed up my part C which i only got 1/5. that part everybody's question is different.

    tomorrow is my final paper already. i so can't wait till it is over. then i can slack for like a week plus and the new semester starts again. hopefully next sem i will have some friends.

    my preparation for tomorrow's paper is just so so only. ))): first i shall aim to pass. when i get a credit or a distinction which i don't think i will, then i will be happier. :DDD

    don't know when i will be meeting up with yen and victor for our little get together. hmmm...

    today i have to be in uni till like 5 something. cause i need to allocate my classes at 5 pm then rush back home cause tonight i am going for dinner with aunty doris and julian.

    we are going for greek food. which i have never tried before. but somewhere nearby my area only. a greek restaurant on keilor road. ((:

    i seriously can't wait till 2.30 pm tomorrow. exam will be over! yay!

    then loong will be coming back. then shopping with yao yun on sunday and also our little sleepover thingy at my place on sunday. then cherly will be here on monday! ooooo yeaaa... oh oh and celine will be back too!

    goody good. everyone will be here. (((: cool!

    okay la. i might be back to blog tomorrow. most prolly i won't cause i might be too busy studying my lecture notes. and um weekends i will be out i guess. hmmmm...

    i will be back when the internet is fixed at my house la. soooo till then, byeee! love ya's.


    with love,

    music addiction : Vanessa Amorossi - This is Who I Am

  5. it just feels good.

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    yesterday's lab exam was good. i got like 14/20. hopefully i'll do well for this subject. my final paper is on friday. ):

    met up with jia shen and yao yun yesterday. it was a very sudden plan. after my exam jia shen called and said that they are in the city so might as well go join them.

    went walking halfway towards crown then turned back then went rose garden for lunch then to safeway at QV then jia shen balik-ed, me and yao yun walked around melbourne central for a little while then balik-ed also.

    yao yun is coming to stay with me on sunday so we can all go and get cherly on monday morning. (:

    now i just can't wait till my exams are over. sunday got shopping plans with yao yun. ((((:

    i watched A Walk to Remember two nights ago. okay now i take back all that i have said about the show. i used to say i didn't like it.

    because i've never actually properly watched it before. the only parts i watched before was the part that she was dying then i switched the channel. i found it so sad out of a sudden so i didn't like it.

    but but, after properly watching it the other day, i love it. it is my typical show la as long. (:

    nice nice. (: and the guy is kinda cuteee.. :D

    i wouldn't mind watching it again and again. (((:

    currently i am in uni supposingly to study but we are like chatting away. i made some friends though. the guys are quite nice. two of them are my course seniors. which is pretty cool. and apparently there are still like a whole lots of hard subjects that are gonna come up. ))):

    tomorrow i will be back again to study the whole day with them. so yeaaa. i shall be back to blog tomorrow.

    love ya'll.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  6. what the hell is this.

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    currently in uni now to study for tomorrow's lab exam. it is a 20 marks exam which i am confirm getting the part a's 5 marks but the rest still so so ni. )):

    hmmm i shall roughly blog about the weekends la.

    saturday i was home studying. talked to almost all of my family members on the phone which made me so darn sad but i had to sound okay on the phone. ): i miss being back in hometown. ):

    then went out to DFO essendon with aunty doris which i didn't buy anything. :D

    and our so called reunion dinner was chicken wings and maggi goreng. aunty doris's chicken wings are good! (((:

    watched the Proposal again with aunty doris then i watched Definitely, Maybe. you know the ryan reynolds and isla fisher one?

    this one. i like it. (((:

    people who are meant to be, are meant to be don't matter what. somewhat sweet la the show. :DDD

    yesterday i was out with jia shen and YAO YUN! finally!

    met up with jia shen at melbourne central at 12 pm then went for lunch. just the two of us. had chinese food. eating halfway, the lion dance people came into the shop and blessed the shop. had the chinese new year feel.

    then went to meet up with yao yun. the whole of chinatown was packed! noises of lion dances and fire crackers and people everything mixed together.

    seriously packed!

    then the three of us went for bubble tea. and talked for a while then left. yao yun had to meet up with her relatives at 2.30 pm.

    after that we also went back already. before went home, i stopped by moonee ponds for a little while. then only went back.

    went to buy a brush to do the french manicure. (:

    had dinner then watched bones and castle then went up to sleep already. wanted to watch a movie before i went to bed but i was kinda tired.

    especially that i have to wake up early this morning.

    oh oh and it was Valentines day yesterday.

    seeing so many people with flowers. even an old man was holding a bouquet of flowers. that sooo sweet.


    aiyoyo tomorrow got exam.... ))))):

    it was so hard. i never expected it to happen.
    curling in the corner and just let it all out.
    it felt weak. i felt weak.
    i thought i could do better.
    i am never doing this again.

    with love,

    music addiction : Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel

  7. i want you to want me. Cheap Trick +

    Friday, February 12, 2010

    yesterday the rain was so heavy! when i was leaving uni i was drenched in rain. cause there aren't any covered walking area between faculty buildings and the train station and i had to run.

    my cap was like soaked and my shoes were soaked as well as my socks. it was so annoying. and then wind started blowing, it was sorta chilly.

    got hot and quickly took a hot bath. damn syiok. :D

    i am in uni now. today is a replacement class. i was so lazy to drag myself out of bed to get to uni. i usually take the 8.36 am bus cause i don't like to go into lectures late but this morning i was like "screw it. late ten minutes i can sleep later half an hour." HAHA!

    in the end i took the 9.26 am bus. was not even late for lecture cause the lecture venue changed and the lecturer was somewhere getting his print jobs done.

    we are suppose to do more lab practice for the lab exam next week. i thought of coming in tomorrow as well. and monday. or maybe i'll just come in on monday. i think next whole week i will be in uni most of the time since my internet is down and i needed it to study.

    yesterday night i finished the other half of sherlock holmes.

    it was just so so for me.

    i mean he is a good detective but the storyline wise, not very eye opening. but as the usual shereena part of me kicks in. the guys are characterised in such way that they are rather sexy. :D

    robert downey jr.

    i already thought he was sexy when going oooohh-ahhh over the amazing works of ironman.

    jude law.

    and him, since forever i thought he was hot. and now sexy too. :DD since i got to know him through the tabloids then watched a couple of shows. (((((:

    as i said, the storyline didn't impress me much so my eyes were more on the guys. :D

    tonight i would most prolly get caught up with another movie. i so hope i will do well in my exam next week. )):

    alaaa tomorrow is new year's eve. ))): mum and cousins all will be back in raub. see la seee.... when i had the time to go back i never appreciated.

    always complain this complain that. complain boring, nothing to do, only know how to eat and sleep and always wanted to go back to subang fast. seeee... now, what also i cannot complain already. only can sit there and sulk and get jealous. hmph!

    i shall be determined to go through cny with a big fat smile on my face. ((((:

    oklaaa.. need to pay more attention on my lab now. got exam next week. )))): aiyoyo..

    much love,

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - No Good

  8. you’re meant to be among the clouds

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    with a cap i've own more than 5 years. (:

    i am feeling very boyish today. no earrings when thats usually very important, with a cap, short pants and sport shoes. :D

    yesterday i went over to jia shen's so that he could drive both of us to glen waverley for lunch. we settled down in the restaurant grand tofu which everything looks and sounds good on the menu. BUT the food was a let down.

    i ordered yong tau fu with noodles and curry based soup. which the soup was salty! salty and not enough milky curry soup. ughh.

    jia shen's char kuey teow was salty as well! and the first thing i don't like about it is the type of kuey teow. not to my liking. neither to his.

    we should have ate at the restaurant called petaling street. i figured there is one near my uni so i didn't want to try it there. but apparently it taste alot better. i shall try it one day at the one near my uni. :D

    after that went back to his place and just lepak-ed. he did all sort of nonsense. whack me with bottle which made me shouted at him, did some weird funny thing with the ipod cable and some very disturbing stuff with the bottle. ughh..

    i had a picture taken of him with the ipod cable but i don't know how to bluetooth from his phone to mine. instead i accidentally set it as wallpaper on his phone. :D

    left his place at about 4 pm.

    yesterday they were showing so you think you can dance australia's first performance night. i've always love watching shows like this. dancers, singers and stuff.

    the judges.

    the girl's dance was hot. the guy's one was scary or i would say too artistic for me. but this bunch of 20 dancers are all so great. like seriously. ALL of them. can't wait till next week. :D

    watched half of sherlock holmes yesterday night. i will finish the rest tonight. i had to wake up early this morning thats why i had to sleep early.


    i am having a test at 1.30 pm. siennnn... although it is a small test take cost me 10%, i still need those 10%. sigh.

    but at least the people i have in my lab class are helpful. lets just hope my coming programming lab class next semester is better than the last. fingers crossed. ):

    i think jia shen is meeting up with yao yun today. too bad i have classes and test. i guess i'll only see her next week. hmmm...

    chinese new year is around the corner already. )))): will be stuck here in melbourne. but at least i had two ang paus already! wheeee! :DDDD

    okla.... ciao dulu. byeee...

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - Angel

  9. i never expected this.

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    i am at uni an hour earlier. lecture won't start till 10.30 am.

    2 weeks without internet already. and i survived it. not too bad ah. ((((: but i still feel disconnected from people. ):

    okayy... let me recap from last friday till yesterday.

    friday, woke up early in the morning like 8 am cause i have a breakfast appointment with jia shen. :D apparently ikea has this breakfast deal thingy which cost only $2.95 for a plate.

    met him at parliament station then took a tram to ikea on victoria street.

    we ordered 3 plates cause it is actually kinda small plate.

    breakkie cost me $4.50. but i like it lo. ikea food never fails me. just that if you don't convert the exchange rate then it is cheaper than home.

    after breakkie we went back to my uni to get the movie ticket voucher for student. cause we were planning to watch movie over the weekend. with this voucher, any movie at any time is $10. (:

    that day was such a wet day. so gloomy and rained almost the whole day. left uni then went to parliament station cause i wanted to go smith street and buy the shoe. which we had to also take the tram from parliament station.

    my first tony bianco. :D $20.

    went over there and bought it. ((((: i love tony bianco shoes but expensive laaaa. ))):

    after that went back to the city and had pancakes at pancake parlour on bourke for our lunch. oh so damn full man after eating two pancakes and a scoop of ice cream. hehee this voucher thingy maybe just nice for four people to share but a bit too much for two people. ):

    hmmm.. then i think i was home around 4 something. then as usual la. dinner and tv and movies. :D

    saturday i was home the whole day watching tvb series. was watching the beauty of the game. 20 episodes and i finished it in 2 days. ((:

    not too bad laa. very bitchy at the start. and the dude in the show is kinda lengzhai. ((:

    sunday i finished the rest of the 20 episodes then went out around 2 something cause i was suppose to meet jia shen for early dinner at 4 pm.

    ate pizza at lygon's nocturno. a big mistake to go so early. we were walking from one end to another end of lygon then walk back to the start for food yet we were done eating at 5 plus. seriously had nothing to do already so we went home.

    i was home by 6 something when our initial plan was to go back around 7 plus. it never works that way. now i know. i mean now i am sure.

    watched tv the whole night cause i was alone at home. aunty doris and ju was out. caught up with the biggest loser then BONES! finally the new episodes are showing back on tv.

    they are so cute together. :D

    i so love the show now. that secret love infatuation thingy between Booth and Bones is so cute. :DDDD really very cute. ((:

    and i find michaela conlin pretty. (: she looks mix. and i so like her character in the show. :D

    after that i caught up with the first episode of the season of fate. it sounded pretty intresting and i thought it was a modern show but not really. it is quite amusing so far.

    monday i was home the whole day. just didn't go out. and i tell you ah it was so hot la! i couldn't stand it till i went and switch on the cooler. i was literally sweating like nobody's business.

    continued with season of fate till episode 8 now i think. had and episode of my kitchen rules and two episodes of the mentalist before i went up to my room.

    and i watched the time traveler's wife right up till 1 plus in the morning.

    it is sad. but i loved it. 9/10.

    it wasn't because he died that is sad. their love together was so beautiful but yet so sad. as usual, i cried. :D i wouldn't mind watching it again and again and again.

    and this theme of time and stuff in movies just draws my attention even more. but in the movie, the time traveling thing maybe cool but in this, not cool. it is sad. ):

    pretty kan?

    i used to like rachel mcadams but i hardly see her movies apart from mean girls? but i really find her pretty. i like her acting and she has this gorgeous smile. and she ain't that young anymore yet, she doesn't look old. and i personally think she looks better being a brunette rather than a blonde.

    now i wanna watch sherlock holmes. (((: maybe i should watch the notebook properly cause i never had officially watch it before. all girls loves it. and me being a typical girl when it comes to a chick flick, then yes maybe i would love it too.

    yao yun is here already. (: but haven't seen her yet. and i don't know when i will. ):

    this weekends is already chinese new year. when it comes to chinese new year, i miss the food so much! seriously...

    the reunion dinner that my aunt will cook a whole table full of food and mostly those that i love to eat. and the first meal on the first day, the vegetarian food (glass noodle, fu chuk, cabbage, vegetarian char siew and min kan) and egg. )))): i wanna eat! )))): writing this is enought o make my mouth watering. ):

    i used to not enjoy myself much during chinese new year cause i will always be stucked in hometown and stucked at home with no internet but only tv but yet i still love the company. i guess i will miss the noises that annoy me so much by the neighbours and stuff.

    and i'll miss the whole family sitting down together and gamble. ): the laughters we all have together. ):

    sienn... next week is my finals already. ))))): i really have no idea how i'll fair for it. )))): ooklaa.. lecture starting in a bit. byee!

    will be back on thursday. or maybe tomorrow to study for my thursday's test. cause all my notes are only accessible online and i have no internet connection at home. ):


    lots of love,

    music addiction : Foo Fighters - The Best Days

  10. it will be a new day.

    Thursday, February 04, 2010

    yesterday i was out with jia shen almost the whole day. met up at 12.30 pm at melbourne central supposingly to just meet up for lunch and to pass him the polo tees for his bro to bring it back to malaysia for me but so happen jia wei was in the city so we had lunch together with him.

    had vietnamese along swanston. in between lonsdale and bourke. lunch for $8.50.

    makan already then went to drink bubble tea. our usual routine la. as usual i would always drink the flavoured teas. had the mango one yesterday. i don't know why but yesterday's pearls were nicee. hehee chewy and somehow sweet. :DDD $4.00 for a cup.

    after bubble tea then headed over to jia shen's cause i am gonna eat dinner with them. the train to get over there was horrible. delayed for like 25 minutes. damn shit!

    got over there and i watched finish the watch dog's tale. hehee jia shen downloaded for me. :D okla it is not techinically for me but he did download it anyways. then skype with cherly for like an hour then left out to dinner already.

    had dinner in the city. japanese cafe restaurant on exhibition street. just almost corner towards bourke. ate along with jia wei's girlfriend, iris.

    it was just so so. nothing really authentic about it but not bad. (: i had the teriyaki eel sushi burger which is better know as the unagi. and a fried seafood soba. more taugeh than soba lo i find. that cost me $17.50.

    after dinner went to starbucks on swanston for a while then dropped by 7 eleven for the $1 coffee then headed home. jia wei fetched me back. but before i got home, we detoured to safeway at moonee ponds to get some stuff then fetched me back.

    i was home at about 10 something. took a very long shower then went to sleep.

    after this still got class till 4.30 pm. then tonight going for japanese dinner again. to sort of celebrate aunty doris and julian's birthday.

    we are going to akita at north melbourne. should be good. :DD

    celine, i don't know whether will you see this but when you come back we go for japanese lunch okay? i heard about this place on flinders lane which is suppose to be good. (((((: hehe! cepat balik la...

    i just streamed vampire diaries episode 11 and 12. and also one tree hill episode 14 and 15. woah this four loaded super fast man. yay! got show to watch already. :DDDD

    i tell you once my house internet is okay, i am gonna download all my series. and i feel like picking up grey's anatomy. anyone has it????

    it will save me the time of downloading it from season 1. and it is like what. season 7 now? doctors and nurses always have juicy stories. and sad ones. so i wanna watch. (:

    later my lunch is gonna be the salmon hand roll i have in my bad right now from sushi sushi. but i am hungry already. ))):

    but i have to keep my new year's resolution on the losing weight part up and running. so macam mana la??

    okay la. i better ciao. oh and i need to call up the tony bianco smith street's outlet and ask them about the shoe. hehehe!

    hmm.. aiyo... later still got three hours lab. )))): and i'll only be back to blog next tuesday. )))):

    byee yo!

    much love,

    music addiction : Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars

  11. i still wanna know what it feels like.

    Tuesday, February 02, 2010

    okay i now feel so distant away from other people. blog hopping is my only source of keeping up about other people even those that i don't know.

    i finally survived a week without internet at home. but apparently, there will still be another 10-15 days or so! ughh that's really so long. mum has been calling my handphone quite often cause i couldn't skype with them and she knows i am going cuckoo without the internet at home. even aunty doris knows. )):

    the weekend just came and went just like that. saturday was at home watching series.

    a watchdog's tale. i like it!

    i've been laughing non stop to myself watching this. but i only have till episode 17. hopefully jia shen would download more and then i get to watch the end. :DDD and and one of the guy in the show is kinda lengzhai. and kinda dai chek. :DDD

    but he reminds me of someone i know. hmmm...

    sunday went to dfo south wharf with aunty doris. bought a pair of skinny jeans from just jeans, a dress and a cardigan from cotton on. spent $39.95. (((((:

    hopefully i will be able to achieve my aim to save some money this month. if i quit the buying, then yes, i will be able to save. (((:

    yesterday was aunty doris's birthday. gave her the earrings and she likes it. :D but didn't celebrate much. just me and her went ta pao pizza and pasta at moonee ponds and ate it for dinner. there was three kinda cute guys at the restaurant. all three with caps and aviator style sunglasses. hot. :D

    then she went out for meeting and i was alone at home watching the biggest loser couples and the mentalist and abit of nip/tuck.

    went upstairs and watched my sister's keeper.

    8/10. it is so sad.

    i cried so much. everything was so emotional. i knew it was gonna be sad so i left it to only watch it at night. then i can go to bed.

    watched till like 1 something in the morning and had to wake up at 8 am this morning.

    today, it is ju's birthday.
    ((((: if we are going for japanese dinner tonight, then i'll see him. but i already put the present on the dining table hoping he'll see it. :D happy birthday!

    i still have half an hour to my lecture starts. my finals is in two weeks. hopefully i'll do fairly good. it doesn't have to be good good, but just good enough then i am happy.

    now i am just cramping my days with sleep, shows, food and uni. i don't want any spare empty times.

    sigh. everything is just so wrong.

    i think till i see someone else in my eyes, you'll always be cute to me. i don't know. it just feels not right and i know it is not right. but i guess i can't help it?

    and i have been afraid of one thing. i am afraid it would come back when i go back. i know i am very prone to this kinda stuff and i don't seem to be able to put a stop to it by myself. i always tend to let it be and just let it go away by itself. and thats scary. i am really scared already.

    something else had also been roaming in my mind. something not very right at this point of time. ):

    might be seeing jia shen tomorrow to pass him the polo tees that i need jia wei to bring it back to malaysia for me. :D

    oklaa. i better go. class starting in a while. byee!

    much love,

    music addiction : The Script - Breakeven