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  1. the drumming song.

    Friday, November 30, 2012

    hey guys!

    oh my god i am so frustrated by the heat right now. so freaking hot! it is 26 degrees and much cooler than yesterday but it is still so hot! urghhh i feeling like shouting at someone right now because i don't tolerate well with the heat. even my laptop is so heated up right now that it is so uncomfortable to type on.

    malaysia is hot. but we have air conditioner back at home. so things just works out and it is actually pretty nice to stay home. but here, i don't have an air cond and all there is, is just a cooler and it is NO WHERE near an air cond... and summer isn't exactly here yet because it isn't december yet.. ok fine tomorrow is the 1st of december already. hehe!

    but you see.. for the next couple of days we will be getting a cool change of a temperature slightly below 20 degrees. i guess my wish came true :D

    i've said this so so so many times. i am seriously not looking forward to summer at all.

    because when it is really really hot like yesterday, at 38 degrees, things breaks down and people get frustrated and moody. i took 3 hours to get back from the boyfriend's place because there were problems with the public transport. due to the heat that caused power loss and things like that. for the first time ever that it took me so long and by the time i got home, i was so pissed and so frustrated and so tired....

    if i were back home in malaysia, i could have easily drove over to ipoh and ate nice food with that amount of time to just travel back from clayton.

    ok.. enough of the heat. move on to happier things like good food and shopping! :DD

    wednesday was Melbourne Central's VIP sales day. and i had brunch plans with celine so it would work out to be yums food in the morning then go shopping cray cray.. (:

    was suppose to go to cumulus inc but they were already all sold out of breakfast by the time celine got there at 1130am. i really wanted to try their eggs 65/65 or more known as sous vide eggs! you know... eggs cooked at 65 degrees for 65 minutes? hmm some other time i guess.... but i will definitely try once! altho i am not a fan of running yolks.

    so we changed plans to eat at degraves street. but after scouting all the places on degraves there wasn't anything that caught our eyes so instead we just walked a little bit over to centre place and had our brunch at Lorca.

    and my eggs benedict. i personally think the hollandaise sauce could be better.

    and also my soy chai latte! love it when it is freshly brewed instead of the yucky powdered one with cinnamon powder on the top.

    celine's big breakfast.

    brunch was good (: i enjoyed my soy chai very much. but the eggs benedict is just normal. mediocre. nothing really to shout about.

    spent the whole time eating(duh!) and also catching up. i haven't seen her for sometime and so there was a lot to talk about.

    then... we headed over to melbourne central to check out the sales! first thing we did was queue up for photobooth pictures :D

    i love photobooth picture strips! they make such good memories! and its free so of course we HAD to! but i personally just like the second picture and seriously not a fan of the last picture. my tongue looks retarded. HAHA!

    after that was just checking out shop by shop and see what the sales are like. and also collecting freebies along the way. it makes shopping funner! (:

    these were the free stuffs we got for the day! haha especially love the glittery nail stickies from mecca.

    i had my fair share of buyings and also bought two blouses for mummy. and the good part about the blouses for mum is that it was just at $6 each and i think its really pretty :D

    after shopping, we were going to meet up with sheng nee. and i really wanted to try Wonderbao so thats where we went! i was so happy that i finally got to try wonderbao! :DD

    they only sell baos and soya milk and other cold drinks. i would personally spell it as pau but anything would do. i think they only have 8 baos on their menu which i forgot to take a picture of.

    the three of us ordered the cold soya milk.

    one thing about the soya milk is that there isn't enough sugar. i found it to be a little tasteless. and after the overwhelming tastiness of the baos, it is almost like there isn't any sugar in it at all. can get a little hard to finish the drink.. at least in my case i didn't manage to finish it.

    and i had two gua baos to myself. oh my so yummy!!!

    a tea time meal for $11.

    i loved it! like seriously loved LOVED it! it was goooood and it was worth my $4 for each. the boyfriend thinks i am crazy to pay $4 for a pau but it is really good! and so... i don't mind at all!

    the tofu was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. the sauce was so tasty! and the touch of coriander and the preserved vegetable and peanuts just brought out more flavours! omaiii writing about it is making me salivate.. HAHA!

    it was literally finger licking good!!

    sheng nee ordered their choy bao and taro bao. i only tried the taro bao and it was good. the fragrant was impeccable and also the texture. i am not really a taro bao kinda person but i would i prefer this taro bao than any other plain lotus paste bao of any kind.

    i am sure to be back! and to try more baos! this makes a good snack and keeps me from just going for sushi rolls. was so happy by the end of it! HEHE

    after our little catch up, i left to clayton and spent the night with the boyfriend. ended up going to clayton town for dinner and grocery as well. and the rest of the night watching Ted and eating meehoon at 2am in the morning. his mum cooked for him because he was feeling hungry. ahahah!

    left at about 4pm yesterday and the rest you already know. i got stucked and was only home 3 hours after.

    had a slice of quiche lorraine for dinner then headed over to highpoint with aunty D to escape the heat. and did a little bit of shopping as well. bought a pendant for mum and also some $15 bras from la senza. totally totally love la senza bras! :D HEHE

    my buyings for the past few days.

    the geometric black and white skirt is from ebay and its from h&m and i love it! floral shorts for summer and statement necklace from valleygirl at no more than $10. the two patterned blouses and pendant in the middle is for mummy dearest. the gold embellished lace tank and the mint green aztec peplum is from temt for $14 each! :D i finally found the exact mint green aztec peplum!!!! my size, the right material and also cheaper! WHEE!! :DD

    besides the heat, everything is good. i've finally watched once upon a time till the episode up to date. and now, i am just waiting to watch vampire diaries and greys anatomy in a while. can't wait for vampire diaries! Damon is finally going to be with Elena! :D Ian Somerhalder is just too good looking and so perfect on the outside :P

    byee peeps! till my next random thoughts! :D

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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  2. six degrees of separation.

    Monday, November 26, 2012


    yours truly is back in her own crib. a rather messy and not so clean crib.. i am still yet to spring clean my room HEHE :D

    sooo... how was clubbing eh? mehhh.... finally proud to say that i am not a clubbing kind of person. now that i've finally been, i could say that for sure.

    the getting ready was fun tho. i don't think i've ever had my make up done like that. according to wei ping, the make up guru, said that i have to have my eyeliner thicker in order the compliment the falsies. i think that was by far, the thickest i've ever drawn my liner.

    but i am happy with how my make up turned out (: considering that i did it myself. hehe

    took a bunch of pictures before leaving. because apparently we will not look as good after we get back. so it has to be before we leave. and the reason we were like half and hour late. haha!

    the girls <3

    my outfit! 
    lace dress: h&m
    chunky heels: dotti
    clutch: sportsgirl

    the mirror that lies. but lies so beautifully.. look at those legs and thighs. my dream! HAHAH!

    super love my heels! it was really comfortable for a night out! its really high and chunky but it was comfy (: tho... i don't really see myself wearing it for any other casual occasion.. for now i guess it'll just have to be comfortable in the closet..

    we got to alumbra at docklands by cab. and was there at about 1130pm? didn't have to queue at all and had to pay $20 for entrance fee.

    in the club.

    first impression of the place, small. well... not as what i expected thats for sure. small in a sense that the dance floor is small and when it is packed up it is impossible to even move for a little bit. its either you get pushed and topple a little over your heel or you just get pushed rudely... either way, i don't see a point of it.

    and that night apparently it wasn't even considered to be lots of people. on event nights it would have been way worse. so yeah clubbing is a turn off to me right now and to even go for events? oh no no. unless it is a special occasion or celebration for friends, then maybe i will consider going again.

    wei ping's friend had a table reserved or whatever you call it soo we had some drinks for the table that i didn't have to pay for. drank a glass of champagne, a mix vodka lemonade and a shot of vodka neat.

    basically in between drinks, we went out to the dance floor to dance and came back for more drinks when it started getting abit to pack out on the floor. and i don't think i move very well. seriously... not club kind of material. hahaha!

    then wei ping bought me a shot of tequila. cause it is my first time in a club haha! i drank it the way i see in the movies. a shot of tequila and a slice of lime after it (:

    other than switching between drinking and dancing, we just went back at sat at the table. and 3 hours just went by like that. it is sorta short but i was getting abit bored already... by the end of it i was drinking water and checking facebook and instagram on my phone. hahaha!

    and also texting the bf. i guess he is sorta relieved to find out that i don't like to club at all :P

    left the club about 2 ish and witnessed one of weiping's friend puking like a big opened water tap. basically all the liquid just came splashing out. ewww but haha! then the three of us took a cab back. dropped audrey off at QV and i headed with wei ping back to her place.

    the post clubbing red up look. i mean MY red up look haha! 

    super love this picture! <3 i think this would be the first polaroid i've ever taken (:

    and wei ping cooked supper for me :D indomie. yumssss!

    we both slept close to 6am because we spent the whole time talking. haha! i've never had a sleepover with her and girls talk is always fun!

    woke up at 1130am because she had a house inspection scheduled for at 12 and 1pm. after that, we headed out for lunch.

    at the taiwanese restaurant on swanston street.

    after lunch, i headed over to the boyfriend's. initial plan was to head home but i had a sudden thought in the morning that i wanted to see him so yeahhh.. off i went over to clayton :)

    by the time i got over there was like 4 ish and we watched an episode of running man before heading out the glen waverley for dinner. omg man running man seriously cracks me up! i couldn't stop laughing...!! that james bond episode was so funny! i am now waiting for my next visit the bf's because i want to watch the continuation episode with him. already told him to wait for me (((:

    took a bus to glen along with his mum at about 6pm. and really had a hard time deciding what to eat. there isn't much of a variety at glen. all you keep seeing is malaysian food and to decide on which one to go for is a tad bit hard. haha!

    we settled with this. when i checked in on instagram, a friend was asking if i was in malacca. HAHA!

    nasi lemak for the bf. no surprise on that. he FOREVER has a thing for nasi lemak.

    his mum ordered their lobak.

    and i ordered their char kuey teow.

    we just shared all the food among the three of us. and it was not bad. we also ordered curry puff but that was not nice at all! like seriously everything about it was wrong...

    after dinner, was just grocery shopping at the asian grocery across the street and after that, i went to get bubble tea at happy cup! HAH! no surprise there. even the bf knew i was going to get it. way before we got there he told me, after dinner we will go to happy cup okay? hehehehe

    was back at MA about 10pm? then lazed around awhile in his room and then went to cherly's room and lazed around somemore.

    but i only went to sleep around 5am because i spent the night after that talking to the boyfriend about absolutely everything and anything in bed. sometimes it is nice just catching up with each other about everything and talking about anything. long talks is always fun (:

    woke up close to 12pm the next day and initially we were suppose to go to clayton but tak jadi so his mum cooked lunch instead. since he was still sleeping, i had lunch with his mum. hmmm :D

    left MA and got back home about 5pm yesterday.

    spent the whole of last night watching once upon a time. and today, was just cleaning up my closet and watching more series.

    these two days, all i want to do is just stay home and chill and just do anything. don't have that urge of going out at all... maybe wednesday i'll be heading out. we shall see! melbourne central is having a late shopping night and there are a few food trucks that will be there. feel like going to try them out :D hehe

    i guess thats it for now! until my next planned outing. or until my next random thoughts.

    much love,

  3. black and gold.

    Friday, November 23, 2012

    HI! :D

    as i've said i'll be back after my next planned outing. haha was suppose to be blogging about this last night but i was too tired so i crashed slightly before 11pm and woke up twelve and half hours later :P

    wednesday was chadstone's VIP sales and i made plans with audrey and wei ping to head over there and check it out. it was going to be their first VIP sales experience so why not right? plus things are somewhat cheaper but the crowd was impossible..

    got there about 5pm or so and managed to say hello to the bf and his mum before they left. and then we girls went shopping crazy! in like 2 hours we only went into like 3 shops? HAHAH!

    i had a budget that day and after the 4th shop, i've already reached it and that was it for me. didn't buy anything else after that. i am trying to be discipline :D hehehe

     super love love love this peplum top i bought from dotti. my last buy for the day! <3

    yeap still at that phase. and it was so pretty and classy and edgy. how could i resist?!

    they were giving out a free glass of white wine or moscato. and also chocolates!

    after i had the moscato, i was wearing a natural blusher! my whole face pinked up... i get red up very very VERY easily one...

    next up, pictures time in portmans. while waiting for the super long queue to the cashier.

    the lovelies that i went shopping with! <3<3

    mainly we were just trying to conquer the whole place in a systematic way. haha! there is only two floors but its a huge area so we kinda took our sweet time on the top floor and had to sorta rush through the lower floor. hehe

    look look! half naked dudes in bardot. with somewhat good bodies! all they were doing was just stand there and attract female shoppers? haha!

    around 8 something close to 9pm only we were done with the top floor. and i was starving! so it was makan time!

    look at the crazy crowd. it was seriously super duper crowded!

    my unagi don for dinner.

    after dinner, we just scanned through the lower floor really quick. because audrey had plans in the city and it was getting late. tho chadstone was opened till like 12am but still... the girls still had to take the train back into the city so its better to not push it till too late.

    was done at about 10pm and i took a bus back to the boyfriend's place and the girls took a bus to the train station and headed back into the city.

    it was a tiring shopping day out but it was FUN! shopping is always fun when you get something or see things you like :D and shopping with them both just made it funner!

    my outfit for the day!
    top and shorts: forever new
    sandals: vincci
    bag: coach
    necklace: sportsgirl

    the boyfie came to get me from the bus loop and walked me back to his place. i lazed around his place for awhile and then was in bed by 1am. but i couldn't sleep properly )): instead i headed over to cherly's room around 3 something for an hour or so and then only went back to bed. in the end i slept at close to 6am.. and was up at 1130am.

    boyfie's mum cooked lunch for us! :D wheeee

    after lunch, watched like two episodes of series with the bf and then i headed home around 430pm. aunty D tapaoed some mee goreng and char kuey teow for dinner (: it has been a long time since i had food from laksa king.

    and then was just catching up on series and went to bed at 11pm.

    my buyings from wednesday. love peplum tops and patterned/aztec print skirts! :DD the skirts were only $12 each eheheh :P

    tonight, i'll be going for my first clubbing experience. like first ever! hahaha! we shall see how it turns out. will be leaving home after dinner and heading over to wei ping's place to get ready. hmmm i am sorta excited :D

    then i'll be staying over at her place and only will be back tomorrow. will write about it then!

    till then,