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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012


    as most of you know i am finally done with exams!! not my proudest moments but i am glad it is over and done with! i should be heading on to the post-exam freedom kind of fun but.... i still feel as tho i am in a middle of a semester. i am barely putting myself out there to just go all out with the fun just yet. having said that, i am slowly picking up the pace to plan my after exam outings! my three months holiday outings!! :DDD

    starting with today! was out the whole afternoon with the boyfie for my favourite thing to do, date day! :DDD to me, days that involves teck wei, fooooood (ones not cooked by yours truly) and just chilling is a date day!

    met up with the boyfriend at melbourne central and quickly headed over to manchester press. both of our tummys were in need of food and another thing is to beat the working crowd's lunch hour.

    on a back alley just off little lonsdale street nearer towards elizabeth street. to be precise, on Rankins Lane.

    it was teck wei's first visit and he was under the impression that i was walking him to somewhere that i would put him up for sale because we were walking in a back alley. ahah! well.... he is too precious to me to be put up for sale anyways! :P ♥

    the usual crowd. this place has always drawn people into it.

    luckily for us, we walked in and was seated right away. as soon as we occupied the last available table, there was already a waiting list up on the wall nearby the entrance already.

    he ordered the chorizo with capsicum, cheese and relish open bagel.

    and for myself, the smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese open bagel.

    i reckon the serving sized down a little bit as compared to my first visit last year. but it was still good. at least i enjoyed it! the bagel was toasted and everything complimented each other well (: for $13, it is considered cheap brunch already. but i know that this meal wasn't going to fill the bf up.

    after brunch, we walked over to bourke street mall just for a stroll and the myers christmas window was up!

    but this year's story wasn't as nice as the two years before this ):

    then then, as i've said the bf still hasn't filled up, so we went over to snag stand for a snack.

    always wanted to try it!

    we ordered the currywurst to share (: it was not bad. $7.90

    my post exam super heavy eye bags look... =/

    prolly one day i'll go back and try a proper hot dog and see how it is.

    decided to pop by the state library after our snack. simply cause the bf has never been in it and i haven't fully explored the place. and also i wanted to show him the gaming room but too bad it isn't there anymore =/

    the state library of victoria (:

    there was this guy playing the piano very creepily. he is basically standing in the middle of the piano and playing from the inside. and kept on walking while rolling the piano along with him. he played well but so weird...

    the dome library area! so pretty eh? i can't help but to think i was in the middle of a harry potter movie set :D am amazed by the architecture!

    it was somewhat fun walking through the state library with the bf. there was this one part in the lift that the bf gave the cutest scared expression! HAHAHA!

    after our state library stroll, we went over to dessert story on chinatown to catch up with wei ping ((: been awhile since i last saw her and we needed something cold. because the weather was hot today! whats better than cold dessert on a hot day? :P

    the "traditional" taiwanese dessert but mehhhh... not nice ): snowflakes in malaysia does it wayyyy better!

    the spring seasonal mango pudding. it was OK... nothing to shout about.

    was done catching up in a hour. it was short but i'll be seeing wei ping tomorrow anyways because we are going to chadstone for their VIP sales along with audrey!!

    headed home after that. and had dinner at like 6pm. it was chicken schnitzel, crumbed lamb cutlet and salad for dinner (:

    i was literally on a food hunt today eh? hehe there will be more to come!!

    been watching series ever since i was done with dinner. i should really get to cleaning up the mess i've made in my room over the exam period! will get it done by the end of the night (:

    for now, back to more series! bones and once upon a time (((:

    my outfit today (: i am still at that love phase for peplum tops and patterned skirts!
    top: dotti
    skirt: asos
    flats: nose
    accessories: a bit of everything

    i had a great date day today! till my next planned outing, ciao y'all!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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