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    Monday, November 05, 2012


    i am suppose to be studying for exams as my papers starts next tuesday and it'll be going on for a week but instead, i am distracted by so many things. the new songs that i just downloaded, my growling stomach and also the urge to wanna blog and just do whatever and not go back to the awful dreading microcontrollers programming codes... =/

    the past week wasn't very happening. all it was, was just the last week of uni for the semester. well there was one thing to note, sunday lunch date with the boyfriend (: the usual me dragging him out for food hunting!

    anyhoo, i shall just briefly talk about the day by day routine (:

    starting last tuesday,

    my $2 lunch. cheap cheap! one cheeseburger and one small fries. both at $1 (: i am on this thought that i am going to save some of my allowance this month for my upcoming sydney trip with the boyfie :D

    it was so so so hot that day! i remember it being close to 30 degrees and i almost died. malaysia is 30 plus degrees but you sweat it out. yeah i hate the stickiness but when you perspire your body cools down. and with freaking melbourne, it is blardy dry! dry equals no perspiring. means hot like shit! 30 degrees feels more than that.. how am i gonna survive through summer? ):

    now itself i am already having the fan blasted at me while i am typing this. i miss air conditioning ))): unfortunately at the boyfriend's and at home, there isn't an air-cond. at home there is a cooler but it is no where near an air-cond..... )):

    considering the heat that day, i was in desperate need of a cup of cold drink while i commute home. and bubble tea it was! mango milk tea with mango pudding!

    seriously cheers to strategic uni location! i have like everything nearby weih... like EVERYTHING! there's maccas, pizza hut, cacao green, all kinds of cuisines (thai, korean, japanese, brunch, malaysian, vietnamese.. etc) you name it, we most probably have it nearby.. and at affordable prices. like standard $10 average meals. you know... student budgets. i know how the monash clayton people envy my uni location hahahah!

    because clayton is just that sad... when it comes to food.

    dinner that night was healthy salad again! this time with chicken breast and citrus dressing. yums! and since it was so healthy, i HAD to have two plates in order to fill my tummy and not feel that it'll contribute to the weight. ahahah!


    it's halloween! and i was in the mood of feeling the theme but not go all out. so it was just orange and black combo :D good enough (: super love my rose gold spike necklace! i am back to that accessories phase again :P

    and my nails to go along with. love the colour!! wine dark cherry like.


    aunty D fetched me to uni as i only have one hour of lecture and we were going to head to vic market after my classes.

    just went walking around vic market to look for a sheep placenta cream. haha it is supposedly to be useful. so yeah..

    our ramen lunch at menya (:

    friday and saturday, was just commuting over to teck wei's and just stay in. he is done with his exams and finally done with his degree! i am so happy for him (: the awesome feeling he gets when he was out from his last paper and said to me, graduate already. i wish that day would come for me faster!


    went down to the city with him for lunch. initially i wanted to go down for brunch, then i found out on urbanspoon that there is this awesome burger place which is the current number one talk of the town. and knowing this boyfriend of mine is a big fan of burgers, i gave him the choice between Proud Mary for brunch or lunch at Huxtaburger for burger. there were both in the same area anyways and knowing him, burger it was! :D i wanted to try both anyhows so it was certainly fine by me (((:

    hehehe i am a super wai sek guai okay! i live to eat :D

    Huxtaburger! hot beef. cold beer.

    106 Smith Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

    their menu. basically it just revolves around one burger.

    look at the crowd weih... we were so lucky to get a table. once we sat down, more and more people started showing up. small shop only leh... at most could seat 20 outside and about 8 inside? 

    heheheh my artistic shot! love it!! that's their really cool business card. it resembles a playing card don't you think? :P wheeee

    my ginger beer. i always have a thing for ginger beers ((: but this was a rather small bottle for $4.

    we both ordered the Theo! 

    double pattie, double cheese, and double the awesomeness! seriously it was SO GOOD! i really loved it!  i reckon it is better than andrews burger but they are both sorta different.. both also good lah! but i am more inclined to this :D yumsssssss man! the bun was good as well!

    ordered the large chipotle chips to share. but meh... not nice..

    but the burger was seriously damn awesome! thinking about it right now makes me want to eat again ): amazebombs! will definitely go back again before i go back to malaysia!

    my lunch date the one who endures all my weird cravings. eventho he hates commuting so much, he will still go and eat with me :D on top of that, yesterday he went out with me without getting any sleep the whole entire night and was totally zombified. but still went with me :D my awesome boyfriend 

    after lunch, i had to get back into the city to get some stuff for my mum. once we got down the tram, i made a pit stop fot dessert! heheheheh i know i eat and eat and eat non stop :P

    froyo from cacao green! been craving for over a month already ok... eventho uni area has it, it taste nicer sharing with the bf (: mango and original flavour! with my favourite cheesecake topping, popping boba and rock melon.

    we sat and ate along the bourke street mall observing people and enjoying the sunday street performers (:

    then went to the hairdresser cause the boyfriend needs a haircut. basically its the same hairstyle but just shorter. i doubt he could have much extreme hair makeovers anyways. ever.

    came back and he slept for 8 hours straight then woke up and finish up the highs and lows last two episodes with me (:

    my outfit for the day (: was gonna wear the floral jeans but it was too hot so i paired it with shorts instead. love peplum tops! 

    just to show exactly how long my hair is right now..

    yesterday was a good day! how could it not be as it involved the boyfie, awesome burger, froyo and chilling. my version of a good date :D

    wokays.. now i shall snack on some red rock deli chips and then squeeze in some studying then cook and then more studying.

    i am not looking forward to the next two weeks at all..

    once exam is over, you'll be expecting to see me jump up and down with lots and lots of joy, happens every semester! but this holiday will be so much fun! all the friend's graduation including teck wei's and then it is my new years eve sydney trip with my darling! omg i so can't wait!!!

    then then i'll be heading back to malaysia for roughly a month and a half (; wheeeee..!

    toodles peepz!

    sher xoxo.

    Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon

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