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    Friday, November 23, 2012

    HI! :D

    as i've said i'll be back after my next planned outing. haha was suppose to be blogging about this last night but i was too tired so i crashed slightly before 11pm and woke up twelve and half hours later :P

    wednesday was chadstone's VIP sales and i made plans with audrey and wei ping to head over there and check it out. it was going to be their first VIP sales experience so why not right? plus things are somewhat cheaper but the crowd was impossible..

    got there about 5pm or so and managed to say hello to the bf and his mum before they left. and then we girls went shopping crazy! in like 2 hours we only went into like 3 shops? HAHAH!

    i had a budget that day and after the 4th shop, i've already reached it and that was it for me. didn't buy anything else after that. i am trying to be discipline :D hehehe

     super love love love this peplum top i bought from dotti. my last buy for the day! <3

    yeap still at that phase. and it was so pretty and classy and edgy. how could i resist?!

    they were giving out a free glass of white wine or moscato. and also chocolates!

    after i had the moscato, i was wearing a natural blusher! my whole face pinked up... i get red up very very VERY easily one...

    next up, pictures time in portmans. while waiting for the super long queue to the cashier.

    the lovelies that i went shopping with! <3<3

    mainly we were just trying to conquer the whole place in a systematic way. haha! there is only two floors but its a huge area so we kinda took our sweet time on the top floor and had to sorta rush through the lower floor. hehe

    look look! half naked dudes in bardot. with somewhat good bodies! all they were doing was just stand there and attract female shoppers? haha!

    around 8 something close to 9pm only we were done with the top floor. and i was starving! so it was makan time!

    look at the crazy crowd. it was seriously super duper crowded!

    my unagi don for dinner.

    after dinner, we just scanned through the lower floor really quick. because audrey had plans in the city and it was getting late. tho chadstone was opened till like 12am but still... the girls still had to take the train back into the city so its better to not push it till too late.

    was done at about 10pm and i took a bus back to the boyfriend's place and the girls took a bus to the train station and headed back into the city.

    it was a tiring shopping day out but it was FUN! shopping is always fun when you get something or see things you like :D and shopping with them both just made it funner!

    my outfit for the day!
    top and shorts: forever new
    sandals: vincci
    bag: coach
    necklace: sportsgirl

    the boyfie came to get me from the bus loop and walked me back to his place. i lazed around his place for awhile and then was in bed by 1am. but i couldn't sleep properly )): instead i headed over to cherly's room around 3 something for an hour or so and then only went back to bed. in the end i slept at close to 6am.. and was up at 1130am.

    boyfie's mum cooked lunch for us! :D wheeee

    after lunch, watched like two episodes of series with the bf and then i headed home around 430pm. aunty D tapaoed some mee goreng and char kuey teow for dinner (: it has been a long time since i had food from laksa king.

    and then was just catching up on series and went to bed at 11pm.

    my buyings from wednesday. love peplum tops and patterned/aztec print skirts! :DD the skirts were only $12 each eheheh :P

    tonight, i'll be going for my first clubbing experience. like first ever! hahaha! we shall see how it turns out. will be leaving home after dinner and heading over to wei ping's place to get ready. hmmm i am sorta excited :D

    then i'll be staying over at her place and only will be back tomorrow. will write about it then!

    till then,


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