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    Monday, November 12, 2012

    my first paper starts in less than 20 hours and i am no where near ready. how do people even get ready for a programming unit? it is either you get it or you don't. and we are expected to learn two programming languages in 3 months and is expected to vomit every single detail out in 3 hours? come on... =/

    one week of pure torture ahead! i can't wait for next monday at 12.15pm when they say pens down! three papers.. and two of it is really tough.. god, please give me strength and miracle to get through my papers.. ): please..

    been studying so hard for this subject for the past week over at teck wei's. and yet, still like that... omggggg!?!$#@%#$@ =/

    exam period is all about emo talks for me. okay, enough of it.

    move on to happier things.. (:

    i'll be getting an iPad! :DDD woots! 

    mum won it in a lucky draw along with an iPod shuffle! so lucky eh? and she already has an iPad, so this becomes mine :D been contemplating on whether i really wanted it before this or not and was thinking of buying but now, it is free and it comes with 32gb and 3g and it is MINE!

    i am so hyped up over the fact that i'll be getting an iPad and i can't decide what case to get. i want to get all sorts of case lahhhhh but they are all so expensive ))): i mean the really nice ones are like $27 or at least $15 ))): i am so indecisive! i want a few leather cases and a smart cover case and a colourful hard cover case with a cute sleeve, in short i want everything! aihhhhhhhh =/

    i am currently bidding on a paul frank case tho. i always had a thing for the paul frank monkey :D and its with hearts all over! shall have a picture up IF i get it :D

    cute little lee zhen nan :D seeing the pictures being shared in the whatsapp group make me realise how freaking fast he grows. my little baobei is growing bigger and cuter by the day! can hug pillow to sleep already somemore.... awwwww

    he'll be about 7 months plus when i am back. can't wait!

    and my love for peplum tops and aztec skirts!  the colours of the skirt are so pretty right! theres green, orange, dark blue and black lines. so colorful! me likey!

    i am like super obsessed with this combo right now. so nice! and i have to do a spring clean and opt some of my clothes to charity before i run out of closet space! :P

    for a moment i was feeling a little better after writing down my happy thoughts. but now... back to emofying and horrifying programming notes and past years.


    gonna maybe study for an hour or two and then sleep for about 5 hours and freshen up for battle. exam battle! i have precisely 19 hours till my paper. yes, my stupid uni has exams scheduled for at 6pm in the evening. it is stupid. i know..

    by the time i am out of exams it'll be about 930pm and by the time i get home will be close to 11pm. crazyyyy planning people!

    okay ciao.. wish me luck!


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