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  1. leaving yet?

    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    its already 3.12 a.m. last saturday en lin left to overseas. first stop was to australia for holidays then straight to new zealand for his studies.

    he knows that i'll miss him. eventhough words about me that comes out from his mouth doesnt sound that good but well i know it was for the sake of the laughters.

    the noise he makes and the girly of him.

    soo many are leaving. i think there are a couple from S9 but well its the close friends who leaves that matters the most.

    jo ann left, en lin left. another one leaving in less than a month. someone i would definetely miss sooo much.

    and when its july, its my turn.

    ironically all this years i have been dying to leave the country and study in melbourne. now that i finally have it, i dont feel like leaving.

    i'll miss here soo badly. the family, the close friends, the food.

    i am someone who cares about friendship. its hard to find friends which offers you their hands to hold just for the sake of me not having a boyfriend and me envying another couple that is lovey.

    its hard to find friends which put up to you through your emo days.

    its hard to find friends which you know you will want to have them in your life till god knows how long it could be.

    i am thankful with friends like that. you should know who you are.

    i only have one wish towards my friends when i leave. its that we stay in touch. thats all. i will want to know about the little details of you guys eventhough i am far away.

    there maybe a barrier of location but there isnt for me.

    yes, i'll make new friends there but its different. the things you do and the stuff you talk about will be different.

    the circle of friends i have now, its an achievement i made in my life.

    i just hate the feeling of leaving. sighs.

    now, i am just looking forward for one particular day. hopefully things would turn out right.

    there was a barbeque party just now at shelaine's. i guess i was the only one with the pictures. the update should probably come up tomorrow. (:

    nights! i had to go to bed. my eyes hurts so badly.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : We The Kings - Secret Valentine

  2. Road Trip to KL.

    Thursday, January 29, 2009


    last week we planned on going on a trip to go down to KL for a one day trip. but the night before the plan seemed to have some problems so we cancelled it that night itself.

    the next morning, my mum was sick so means i had the car to use for the day. as our trip was cancelled because we had some transport problems.

    since i am allowed to use the car, the plan was on again. and the 5 of us had a road trip to KL. 5 which includes me, cherly, yao yun, sheng loong and jia shen.

    i went to pick all of them up and off we left.

    the first place we went to was petaling street cause all of us was hungry. so we went there hunting for food and loong reminded me that there is this wantan mee stall which is good.

    parked at my mum's carpark at Bank Pertanian and walked over to Petaling Street.

    ate Koon Kee wantan mee. which loong ate two big plate of mee. typical him. and we didnt dare to order the drinks cause of the pile of cups that we saw which was just next to us.

    as usual the stop at the fruit stall. yao yun's face spoilt the picture. ahahah! just joking. (:

    them eating and talking.

    Petaling Street and yao yun.

    while walking.

    we were heading back to the carpark cause we had to get to our next stop. KL Tower.

    in the lift at Bank Pertanian.

    in the car.

    i missed one blardy turning to get into KL Tower and i had to go another big round. ahahaha.

    finally we got there safe and sound. (:

    looking at the entrance fees.

    the two gays.

    the five of us. <3

    KL Tower.

    for the sake of this picture only. we didnt even go up. we wanted to get the free parking for the first 15 minutes. mana tau we exceeded so i had to pay RM2.65. weird huh?

    they then suggested to go over to Pavilion for a movie. so i drove over.

    the car park.

    each time we went up the escalator, someone has to take picture of the remaining 4 of us.

    loong with the camera.

    yao yun with the camera.

    me with the camera.

    cherly with the camera.

    before jia shen could take the picture we already reached the floor for the cinema.

    but we couldnt find a right show time to watch. so we for go to watch movie. since first hour parking is RM3, we had one hour to walk around.

    first visit, the toilet.

    when we were inside we could hear the boys laughing outside. ahaha.

    the two that coincidently wore the same shirt. the gays!

    miss loy yao yun.

    we were there for 52 minutes. ahahaha. so we only paid 3 bucks.

    then we said we want to go over to KLCC for the fun of it. so i drove over. it wasnt that far away anyway.

    parked and walked out to the park.

    me with the camera.

    cherly with the camera.

    we had somebody to take a group picture for us.

    jia shen with the camera. and us with the Twin Tower.

    love is in the air. (:

    walking around the park while i was dont know argueing about what with loong.

    cherly with the camera.

    the lansi pose.

    and again.

    the Twin Tower.

    one whole row of ang mohs.

    we were too far from them to tell whether their hot or not. but lets just assume they are. ahahaha. i know we have been stalking ang mohs.

    they were trying to hang on the tree.

    but then again, they were too heavy. ahahah!

    while walking to Aquaria.

    in Aquaria. well.. sort of in it laa.

    too engross with the fishes.

    cherly with the camera.

    a fish which got stalked by us.

    she loves both too much. (:

    we then walked back to the mall.

    sheng loong.

    loong, me and yao yun.

    it was raining so we had trouble going for dinner. soo we were hesitating whether to eat at KLCC or at pudu which was the first plan.

    was at KLCC for nearly two hours and the decided to go pudu for dinner.

    had to go through the jams and had a singing session in the car. blasted the song Womanizer and sang at the top of our lungs.

    reached pudu and parked our car.

    i love the beef noodle there. i've only been once so i couldnt really remember where was the stall so i had to call my mum for help.

    and finally found it!

    beef noodle.

    us eating.

    ate till very full. then i fetched them back home. lastly was to kota kemuning to fetch yao yun back.

    reached home and mum knew i was alone when i fetch yao yun back. she said that i shouldnt do it again cause its dangerous wor.

    finally i am done with the update on this KL trip. i wonder when will we get together again and go on trips like this.

    one will be leaving next month already. sighs.


    music addiction : Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

  3. temporary hiatus.

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    will be back to hometown tomorrow morning for CNY~!
    and will only be home next wednesday.
    i guess all the updates will wait till next week.
    so sorry for the delay of the posts!

    i am sooo gonna miss you. <3

  4. my new blue baby.

    Thursday, January 22, 2009


    and i am loving it. i dont need a better phone already. this is enough because a blue one was all i wanted.

    remember i said out KL trip was cancelled? nahh it was on. and we went yesterday. and it was to five places and i drove to all five places.

    superbly fun.

    i have soo much to blog about and also soo much picture to upload but i have to resize them first. it will take me some time.

    stay tune yeaa people. (:


    muaic addiction : The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

  5. been here all along, so why can't you see?

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    i am in love with Taylor Swift's songs.

    every single one of them. someone once told me that she was the bomb. well today i watched the Ellen Degeneres show and Taylor Swift was on.

    i find her cute and pretty and sweet. plus she is an amazing singer, musician and song writer. she seems to write feelings of teenage girls which talks about boys and heartbreaks.

    it seems her album isnt selling here. where can i get it ah?

    i feel like giving it for a gift. or maybe end up keeping for myself. har har.

    "oh i am just a girl,
    trying to find a place in this world"

    was supposed to go down KL tomorrow but it is cancelled AGAIN. sighs. i guess we wont make it already.

    i wouldnt be free till friday then saturday i will be back to hometown for Chinese New Year. and only be back on next wednesday.

    and even before CNY started, i am already rich. rich enough for loads and loads of clothes, earrings and bottoms. hahaha.

    but unfortunately it isnt meant to be spent just yet. it has to be saved. maybe saved for my coming Chiang Mai Trip next month. (:

    might be out to catch a movie tomorrow or something. lets just see how things goes.

    off to some episode of ugly betty before i go to bed.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Taylor Swift - You Belong To Me

  6. chick flicks. and true stories.

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    watched both of my episodes of Gossip girl and also One Tree Hill. i couldnt get enough of these two shows. especially my One Tree Hill. i am in love with the people, the clothes, the songs and the morale behind each episode.

    slept at 5 am this morning because i was staying up for the movie No Reservations.

    Aaron Eckhart is such a sweet guy in the show. i mean he is really nice. and Catherine Zeta-Jones is pretty.

    i like the show. i just liked it.

    was suppose to have a day tour to KL today but it was cancelled soo i woke up at 12.30 pm. haha.

    en lin's call woke me up and also the first message i read was from qi hong saying that i am a lazy bum and asking me to wake up. it was delivered at 11 something. hahaa!

    went out with cherly to parade to walk around. and i liked a few items from FOS. wonder if i could get my mum to buy it for me.

    after parade we went over to Maju Maju to meet up with jia shen, jack and hong jiun. sat there for a while and was talking about cars. and ate my first meal for the day.

    talking about cars, i am wondering whether should i get that one. its nice and all but not what he had in mind.

    i'll still try to go everywhere and look for it. if i cant find the ideal one then i guess i will get this one.

    was home at around 6 something. and now i am watching Dreamer : Inspired by a true story.

    seems nice. its the love towards the horse. something i never ever felt. i have no love towards any pet just yet.

    i am no pet lover. its either i am afraid of them or i dont like them. (:

    am i doing the right thing? is it gonna be that i will look too desperate to give good first impressions? or over doing it?

    i just want the happiness i felt when i am giving it to be passed onto. i want that great feeling of picking out gifts to be felt.

    with love,

    music addiction : Katy Perry - Thinking of You