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  1. it is now a daily routined thing.

    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    thursday i was on a road trip to malacca with a bunch of friends. there was 9 of us. me, teck wei, cherly, jia shen, rachel, jack, hong jiun, hau yang and celine. =DD

    left home about 7 something and off we went to malacca with two cars.

    food after food.

    morning coffee shop --> chicken rice balls --> jonker 88's baba laksa --> klebang's coconut shake --> jalan bunga raya's popiah --> nadeje's original crepe cake --> wantan mee

    awesome awesome food trip! especially loved the baba laksa! yumsss ((:

    in short, the trip was really enjoyable. me loved it. loved the company i had too.. =DD

    friday, went to pavilion with jia shen, cherly and rachel. rachel is cherly's friend who stays with her together at monash accommodation in melbourne and who is here for a visit. (:

    basically it was just shopping whole day. haha but i bought nothing.. i kinda lost my shopping mojo. HAHA!

    yesterday which is saturday, morning was going down to klang with teck wei, cherly, jia shen, rachel, khai shien and en lin for breakfast.

    then was pyramid with en lin, cherly and rachel and then just chilled at cherly's place till about evening i had to go home cause i had a reunion dinner last night at kemuning utama.

    came home about 10 plus then out to station one with teck wei till about 12 plus ni came home.

    and then straight dead on the couch till today 12 something in the afternoon. har har..

    just got back from eating chilli pan mee at usj 9. spicy but not bad la (:

    i haven't been having much time to update these few days. been out almost everyday and when i am home i am so tired thus sleeping straight after i get back.

    but well, i kinda love how i am spending my days now. there is alot i like and love about now. tho certain things are not in a state that i can explain the status i am in, i am just living and enjoying the moment.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    i've said that i would wait. the decision is still the same. i'll wait.

  2. piles and piles of used tissues ):

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    haven't been writing very much. it was a pretty anxious past few days tho. was going in and out of the hospital and worrying bout uncle and all that. thank god everything is fine and it was indeed a very very good chinese new year news! =DD

    my post is abit back dated. hmmm monday,

    went breakfast with cherly, jia shen and teck wei at McD drive thru.

    my big breakfast (:

    after that headed to JPJ at pj for awhile then went over to pyramid. main intention to pyramid was for movie cause we wanted to watch great day.

    but first headed over to zanmai for lunch first. me loveee zanmai =DD

    honestly i don't like it.

    yes it was not bad at the start and all but it was like so flat..... i expected it to go on somemore then suddenly i saw the lady going to open the doors and then the show just ended.

    i didn't enjoy it at all.. like seriously, i expected more. even the touching parts wasn't like so so touching until you'll cry and cry kinda thing. yes the feel is there but then suddenly gone again. everything was just not planned properly la..

    then got a call from mum and i had to drive to the hospital. practically that worried me for the whole night already. which i then slept before 12am cause i was really all drained out.

    yesterday, woke up early and went to the hospital again. finally with some very good news.. lighten up each and everyone of us. thank god seriously (((:

    had lunch at the japanese restaurant new SJMC.

    my unagi roll bento RM29.50 and it was cousin sister's treat =DD
    me love japanese food! and never gets bored of it (((:

    left the hospital about 3 plus which means i was there for like 6 hours. then went to look for teck wei and headed over to oldtown for a drink.

    came home slept for like 20 minutes then about 7pm left to pick cherly and jia shen up and went over to celine's house. waited for hau yang then headed over to cheras' queens park again for pumpkin porridge steamboat ((:

    the 5 of us ate RM110. not too bad la. plus they liked it. and i feel happy too cause brought them somewhere and they enjoyed the food. =DD

    headed back to subang then went over to melur for yumcha which teck wei joined too. 6 of us plus keng yew, vera and jack who joined later on. sat till about 1 plus ni left for home.

    and now i am down with really really bad flu. plus the sore throat i was having last few days and some cough, i feel so weak right now. heavy headed =/

    not fun.

    klaaa.. shall be back to update tomorrow. should be a fun and long day tomorrow =P

    much love,

  3. helllooo ! =D

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    had dinner at Queen's Park in cheras. the food is pretty good le. pumpkin porridge steamboat which seems bit weird but niceeee =DD

    pumpkin porridge soup base for the "liew" for steamboat.

    looks yummy lor... =D *slurps*

    glass noodle cooked with prawns, salted sotong and fried dumplings and fried rice. there was another fried yee mee which is damn good that i forgot to take picture of. ):

    its really niceeee..!

    totally change my perception on it when i heard what we were gonna eat. cause i am no big fan pumpkin soup. but this, niceee! its like there is very minimal amount of rice yet salty and i don't know. just different and nice. plus the egg in it and the liews, YUMSSS! =D

    and it isn't that expensive also. it's like RM16.40 per pax for the steamboat only. not too bad eh? unless you order like noodles and rice and other vege and all that is add on la.

    but still i find it's pretty reasonable. just now 4 of us for RM142. okla (: plus got tapao and was really really full ler... =D

    wanna go back again before i head back to melbourne. we shall see how. plus there is an esprit outlet there. i wanna go see see =DD hehee who wanna go with me to makan again? plus a wee bit of one shop window shopping? :DDD

    ooo and before going out dinner i had cheesy wedges all to myself somemore.

    my god. fei sei lor.....! hehehe but i love my food and can't say no laaaa. hmm hmm.. will TRY and control myself. ahah =P

    tomorrow will be out at 9am. i'll need to head to bed soon already. hahah niteeees! (:

    *pics from ken's last night party*
    credit to michelle (:


  4. it went a little like this..

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    hello peoples! (:

    got home this morning about 2 something from ken's party. was feeling tired so went to bed straight after. hehe..

    so yesterday, hmm...

    about 11.30am i drove out to jaya one with teck wei, cherly and shu hua cause they were having some blogshop bazaar thingy.

    there was a fair bit of things but just somehow i didn't buy anything nor really went looking around. i think i lost my "mojo" for going shopping. nouuuu.... haha i am gonna get it back soon. (((:

    cherly went walking around with shu hua while me complaining hungry most of the time went searching for food with teck wei. haha.. ended up with a 200 grams pack of famous amos chocolate chips with macadamia nut cookies. (:

    left jaya one about 2 something i think? then went over to sunway giza for snowflake. (((: my first time over at sunway giza tho. seems like there is quite a lot of things there. food mainly.. haha

    i kinda enjoy snowflake more than just abit =D i had the coco loco. (: i like the toppings. grass jelly, stringz and the taroballs. plus the ice is like coconut and soya. i lagi like.. i prefer soya ice than the grass jelly ones. =D yummmm

    then fetched shu hua home and off the three of us left back to subang. dropped cherly off then me and teck wei went to khai shien's house to kacau him. ahahah! anyhow if i would have went home, no one would be home also.

    since khai shien was suppose to fetch us to ken's house later on anyhow. soooo just sat there and chilled and listened to the two of them talking about desktops. haha!

    about 6pm i came back home to dropped the car and change to my shorts and still had abit to munch on cookies before khai shien arrived. hahaha

    then went to pick jia shen up. the five of us left to klang. after the first toll we directed chee xun's car who has him, daniel and the sister to ken's house too.

    i didn't take much pictures. its with the rest but there we were eating, hanging around, playing monopoly deal and mafia and werewolf.

    the food was awesome and all courtesy to ken's mum. she cooked almost everything. i am amazed. ahah! and the company was good too. i haven't seen some people in a long while. especially chee xun. good mini s9 gathering =DD

    basically just played and hanged out till about 1 plus only we left.

    it was fun ((:

    lots of love,

  5. it was my first.

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    just got back from hometown not long. went back just for dinner. hahaha i know.. =P

    earlier today went lunch with teck wei, cherly and jia shen at wong soon kee then went to jia shen's house eat cakes and cookies that his mum made then left to carrefour cause he needed to send a parcel. plus all the jam we had when we were going to carrefour and back to home, i was practically out the whole afternoon.

    since 12 something till about 4 plus only i was home.

    but look, i wanna show the world my darling bestfriend and how "lady like" she is in the car..

    look look... =DDD that's cherly gan ((: HAHA

    i had to put it up for the fun of it. eheheheh! (((:

    after that, came home slept for an hour then left to kl to fetch mum and all that then went back to raub. reached close to 9pm then went dinner then 10 something left back home.

    i was so lazy last night that i didn't blog about yesterday too. haha

    basically it was just brunch in empire gallery's chillis with mum and cousin.

    salmon. hehehe i love their loaded potatoes. YUMS!! =))

    triple play.

    southwestern lamb.

    the food was not bad la.. but portion getting so much smaller.. taste wise, it used to be better. so yea..

    then went out yumcha with teck wei and cherly. then at night 10 something left to yumcha with the old tuition gang. the miss lim tuition bunch. it has been long since i last caught up with them.

    it was at shiok. with joshua, sheau tien, wey liam, khar loong, jack and darryl who dropped by later. but about 12 plus i already left. simply cause i didn't want to be home too late.

    hmm.. thats the day before and today. =D

    tomorrow will be out too. jaya one and also ken's birthday party. ((:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  6. this means more than just normal to me.

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    was suppose to be sleeping already one considering i was having a bad headache. but somehow woke up and felt hungry so ate a bunch of junk and now i am just feeling a wee bit too full to go back to bed. hehe (((:

    since it is like wayy past 12am, this shall be a yesterday's post.

    was up about 11 something then went out breakfast with enlin which he ate damn alot then went back to his house cause he needed to change to see the world since we decided to go oneu. he was wearing his pjs before that. so yea..

    then left to oneu and was done walking around in like an hour. so fast... i was so not in a mood to walk anywhere or buy anything today. ):

    after leaving oneu, we went to oldtown taipan and met up with cherly, jia shen, khai shien and teck wei for yum cha. later on wei nian joined too.

    sat till about 6pm then ciaoed already.

    came home bath and all then got ready to go out. went to klcc with teck wei.

    left home about 8pm.

    *stolen pic* hehe..
    i personally just enjoy looking at lights. ((:

    and watched Faster at 9.25pm.

    not bad la. i expected more tho... so yea.. i wasn't like over the chair.

    home close to 12am.


    i have a very unexplainable feeling nowadays. i never had it before till like now.. nouuuu....... i am damn agitated already now. =/

  7. it's now.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    one word. four letters.

  8. it was enjoyable.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    i am back from penang! (:

    one word. satisfying.

    tho with all the last minute things that happened and the almost cancellation on the trip, it was really good that it worked out..

    day one.

    left subang about 10 plus close to 11am. me, wei ping, teck wei sat in brandon's car. while khai shien and rohit sat in daniel's car.

    we reached the apartment about 3pm. hehe which i forgot to even get a picture of the apartment at all. basically just a 3 bedroom apartment. Desa Pelangi Condo was where we stayed at. RM300 per night.

    settled down a while then we walked out to Lorong Selamat for the sisters char kuey teow.

    AWESOME stuff! =DDDDD 3 big juicy prawns.. tho its RM6 for a small plate la. hehe

    had a plate of fruit rojak too.

    then continued walking to get the famous penang road cendol..

    okla so so? i am no big fan of cendol so stole a little from teck wei. hehe

    but according to all of them. subang's one is better. the one beside to rojak fella at ss15. and then under a very hot weather... we walked back to the apartment. omg so so hot!!!

    then just went back lepak awhile. nap awhile. then left out to gurney plaza to just walk around. and to buy Monopoly Deal. then walked over to gurney drive for dinner.

    fried oyster. which i like it tho they say it isn't that great.

    my assam laksa. not nice one.... )):

    after dinner went back into gurney plaza to get the car which we were stuck for like half and hour. went back apartment and played Monopoly Deal till like 1 something 2, we started our drinking session.

    drank Jack Daniels. and played the ring of fire.

    played also till about 4 already. ring of fire? don't quite remember the name. but quite fun ler... i still remembered how desperately i needed the number 6. the toilet pass. HAHA!

    a red faced me and wei ping.

    then just chilled at the balcony..

    after that off to bed while the rest of them were still talking till about 5 ni slept lor they all.

    day two.

    woke about 11 plus. they played somemore Monopoly Deal and we only left out about lunch time to the coffee shop near the penang road cendol. which i didn't take any picture of. haha

    after lunch went for coconut jelly.

    yummmmmm! i was fascinated by it. it is really jelly ler inside... niceeee (((:

    then went back to apartment. which me and wei ping slept till about 7 plus and the both were also playing Monopoly Deal while we were asleep. hahaha! but went i woke, the four of them, rohit, brandon, khai shien and daniel left for dinner leaving teck wei in the apartment.

    almost 8 they came back and about 8 plus we left to Padang Kota Lama. to just walk walk.

    was just plain walking around.

    then left to Lorong Baru for dinner.

    nice foods ((((: there where fried yam cake, popiah, loh bak, otak-otak, satay and prawn mee (not in pic).

    went back apartment after that and somemore Monopoly Deal. then they all went to sleep about 12 something. while i was watching tv with teck wei till about 2 plus ni went to bed. could have stayed up longer watching cause they were showing 5 episodes of Golden Faith.. but... in the end didn't.

    day three.

    woke about 10 plus also this morning. suppose to wake earlier one. but plan failed. ahahaha! in the end we were like chasing one and another to go bath. hahahah!! fun stuff ((: hmmm... brandon and khai shien..... HEHE

    finally checked out about 12.40pm then left to assam laksa at the Kek Lok Si temple's foot on Jalan Pasar.

    awesome assam laksa! nothing i've eaten tops it. =D

    loh bak!!! YUMMMMM! we ate so much of loh bak man this whole trip. seriously.... wherever we go that has loh bak, we will order. HAHA!

    then went up to the temple walk around. take picture. crazying around.. hahaha! and eating ice cream.. it was brandon's treat (:

    our first tilted group shot.

    a better second shot. 7 of us who went crazy over food and monopoly deal in penang for the last 3 days.

    then went back to sisters char kuey teow again on Lorong Selamat for our last meal in penang. they all loved it very very much. especially the boys.

    was too full to eat. so just shared a big one with teck wei. 5 big prawns, RM9. but seriously, to me its worth the price.

    after paying so much in aus for food. i mean like standard also $9 which one to one also same same lar. but nicer food.... =DDD

    about 4pm we left for home.

    byeeeee penang! =DDDD had awesome fun these 3 days. it was indeed a very satisfying trip.

    about 8 plus we reached subang. and went to parade for dinner first. considering something was up with brandon's car so me, wei ping, teck wei and daniel waited for the three of them in parade.

    home about 10pm.

    much fun ((((: from food to the craziness in the apartment to the driving around with a gps who loses signal every single time and more fooooood. =DD

    with love,