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  1. it went a little like this..

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    hello peoples! (:

    got home this morning about 2 something from ken's party. was feeling tired so went to bed straight after. hehe..

    so yesterday, hmm...

    about 11.30am i drove out to jaya one with teck wei, cherly and shu hua cause they were having some blogshop bazaar thingy.

    there was a fair bit of things but just somehow i didn't buy anything nor really went looking around. i think i lost my "mojo" for going shopping. nouuuu.... haha i am gonna get it back soon. (((:

    cherly went walking around with shu hua while me complaining hungry most of the time went searching for food with teck wei. haha.. ended up with a 200 grams pack of famous amos chocolate chips with macadamia nut cookies. (:

    left jaya one about 2 something i think? then went over to sunway giza for snowflake. (((: my first time over at sunway giza tho. seems like there is quite a lot of things there. food mainly.. haha

    i kinda enjoy snowflake more than just abit =D i had the coco loco. (: i like the toppings. grass jelly, stringz and the taroballs. plus the ice is like coconut and soya. i lagi like.. i prefer soya ice than the grass jelly ones. =D yummmm

    then fetched shu hua home and off the three of us left back to subang. dropped cherly off then me and teck wei went to khai shien's house to kacau him. ahahah! anyhow if i would have went home, no one would be home also.

    since khai shien was suppose to fetch us to ken's house later on anyhow. soooo just sat there and chilled and listened to the two of them talking about desktops. haha!

    about 6pm i came back home to dropped the car and change to my shorts and still had abit to munch on cookies before khai shien arrived. hahaha

    then went to pick jia shen up. the five of us left to klang. after the first toll we directed chee xun's car who has him, daniel and the sister to ken's house too.

    i didn't take much pictures. its with the rest but there we were eating, hanging around, playing monopoly deal and mafia and werewolf.

    the food was awesome and all courtesy to ken's mum. she cooked almost everything. i am amazed. ahah! and the company was good too. i haven't seen some people in a long while. especially chee xun. good mini s9 gathering =DD

    basically just played and hanged out till about 1 plus only we left.

    it was fun ((:

    lots of love,

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