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  1. hate how much it hurts.

    Monday, January 03, 2011

    just got home from being out with enlin, steph, yaoyun, loong and estee not long ago. first was dinner at... err.. i forgot the place name but its those row of japanese restaurants near SJMC there.

    my meal which i have no idea what is the name.

    but not too bad la the sashimi. tho i prefer the one in sri hartamas that tim brought me and ferns there the last time one more.

    yet, this place, their maki is super awwesome and huge portion! that's yum.. hehe no picture (:

    then we went to ss2's KTZ for mango loh.

    not too bad la.

    but still prefer snowflake lor. i just heard about the hype on it so i wanted to try.

    i enjoyed tonight. during dinner laughed non stop till wanna die already somemore i was so full... things can never go wrong when there is enlin and loong. HAHA ((:

    earlier during the day i went back to raub for lunch. which i only managed to sleep for less than two hours before starting the journey.. omg so tired...

    first stop, sri gombak for laksa.


    then back to raub just for lunch. which i forgot to take any picture of. about 5 ish i was already home. slept a lil while then about 8 something went out to dinner already.

    thats pretty much it for my day.

    so far it had been a quite good 2011. there is another 362 days to come. shall see how things turn out to be.

    and and i got back my baby already!!!! omg i am so happy blogging off from it right now. me love you my darling macbook! :DDDD


    i really have alot to ask.. but i just can't seem to do it.. god only knows what i am doing. at this moment, i really just feel like dropping out and say goodbye. =/

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