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  1. this means more than just normal to me.

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    was suppose to be sleeping already one considering i was having a bad headache. but somehow woke up and felt hungry so ate a bunch of junk and now i am just feeling a wee bit too full to go back to bed. hehe (((:

    since it is like wayy past 12am, this shall be a yesterday's post.

    was up about 11 something then went out breakfast with enlin which he ate damn alot then went back to his house cause he needed to change to see the world since we decided to go oneu. he was wearing his pjs before that. so yea..

    then left to oneu and was done walking around in like an hour. so fast... i was so not in a mood to walk anywhere or buy anything today. ):

    after leaving oneu, we went to oldtown taipan and met up with cherly, jia shen, khai shien and teck wei for yum cha. later on wei nian joined too.

    sat till about 6pm then ciaoed already.

    came home bath and all then got ready to go out. went to klcc with teck wei.

    left home about 8pm.

    *stolen pic* hehe..
    i personally just enjoy looking at lights. ((:

    and watched Faster at 9.25pm.

    not bad la. i expected more tho... so yea.. i wasn't like over the chair.

    home close to 12am.


    i have a very unexplainable feeling nowadays. i never had it before till like now.. nouuuu....... i am damn agitated already now. =/

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