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    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    thursday i was on a road trip to malacca with a bunch of friends. there was 9 of us. me, teck wei, cherly, jia shen, rachel, jack, hong jiun, hau yang and celine. =DD

    left home about 7 something and off we went to malacca with two cars.

    food after food.

    morning coffee shop --> chicken rice balls --> jonker 88's baba laksa --> klebang's coconut shake --> jalan bunga raya's popiah --> nadeje's original crepe cake --> wantan mee

    awesome awesome food trip! especially loved the baba laksa! yumsss ((:

    in short, the trip was really enjoyable. me loved it. loved the company i had too.. =DD

    friday, went to pavilion with jia shen, cherly and rachel. rachel is cherly's friend who stays with her together at monash accommodation in melbourne and who is here for a visit. (:

    basically it was just shopping whole day. haha but i bought nothing.. i kinda lost my shopping mojo. HAHA!

    yesterday which is saturday, morning was going down to klang with teck wei, cherly, jia shen, rachel, khai shien and en lin for breakfast.

    then was pyramid with en lin, cherly and rachel and then just chilled at cherly's place till about evening i had to go home cause i had a reunion dinner last night at kemuning utama.

    came home about 10 plus then out to station one with teck wei till about 12 plus ni came home.

    and then straight dead on the couch till today 12 something in the afternoon. har har..

    just got back from eating chilli pan mee at usj 9. spicy but not bad la (:

    i haven't been having much time to update these few days. been out almost everyday and when i am home i am so tired thus sleeping straight after i get back.

    but well, i kinda love how i am spending my days now. there is alot i like and love about now. tho certain things are not in a state that i can explain the status i am in, i am just living and enjoying the moment.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    i've said that i would wait. the decision is still the same. i'll wait.

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