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  1. piles and piles of used tissues ):

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    haven't been writing very much. it was a pretty anxious past few days tho. was going in and out of the hospital and worrying bout uncle and all that. thank god everything is fine and it was indeed a very very good chinese new year news! =DD

    my post is abit back dated. hmmm monday,

    went breakfast with cherly, jia shen and teck wei at McD drive thru.

    my big breakfast (:

    after that headed to JPJ at pj for awhile then went over to pyramid. main intention to pyramid was for movie cause we wanted to watch great day.

    but first headed over to zanmai for lunch first. me loveee zanmai =DD

    honestly i don't like it.

    yes it was not bad at the start and all but it was like so flat..... i expected it to go on somemore then suddenly i saw the lady going to open the doors and then the show just ended.

    i didn't enjoy it at all.. like seriously, i expected more. even the touching parts wasn't like so so touching until you'll cry and cry kinda thing. yes the feel is there but then suddenly gone again. everything was just not planned properly la..

    then got a call from mum and i had to drive to the hospital. practically that worried me for the whole night already. which i then slept before 12am cause i was really all drained out.

    yesterday, woke up early and went to the hospital again. finally with some very good news.. lighten up each and everyone of us. thank god seriously (((:

    had lunch at the japanese restaurant new SJMC.

    my unagi roll bento RM29.50 and it was cousin sister's treat =DD
    me love japanese food! and never gets bored of it (((:

    left the hospital about 3 plus which means i was there for like 6 hours. then went to look for teck wei and headed over to oldtown for a drink.

    came home slept for like 20 minutes then about 7pm left to pick cherly and jia shen up and went over to celine's house. waited for hau yang then headed over to cheras' queens park again for pumpkin porridge steamboat ((:

    the 5 of us ate RM110. not too bad la. plus they liked it. and i feel happy too cause brought them somewhere and they enjoyed the food. =DD

    headed back to subang then went over to melur for yumcha which teck wei joined too. 6 of us plus keng yew, vera and jack who joined later on. sat till about 1 plus ni left for home.

    and now i am down with really really bad flu. plus the sore throat i was having last few days and some cough, i feel so weak right now. heavy headed =/

    not fun.

    klaaa.. shall be back to update tomorrow. should be a fun and long day tomorrow =P

    much love,

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