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  1. helllooo ! =D

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    had dinner at Queen's Park in cheras. the food is pretty good le. pumpkin porridge steamboat which seems bit weird but niceeee =DD

    pumpkin porridge soup base for the "liew" for steamboat.

    looks yummy lor... =D *slurps*

    glass noodle cooked with prawns, salted sotong and fried dumplings and fried rice. there was another fried yee mee which is damn good that i forgot to take picture of. ):

    its really niceeee..!

    totally change my perception on it when i heard what we were gonna eat. cause i am no big fan pumpkin soup. but this, niceee! its like there is very minimal amount of rice yet salty and i don't know. just different and nice. plus the egg in it and the liews, YUMSSS! =D

    and it isn't that expensive also. it's like RM16.40 per pax for the steamboat only. not too bad eh? unless you order like noodles and rice and other vege and all that is add on la.

    but still i find it's pretty reasonable. just now 4 of us for RM142. okla (: plus got tapao and was really really full ler... =D

    wanna go back again before i head back to melbourne. we shall see how. plus there is an esprit outlet there. i wanna go see see =DD hehee who wanna go with me to makan again? plus a wee bit of one shop window shopping? :DDD

    ooo and before going out dinner i had cheesy wedges all to myself somemore.

    my god. fei sei lor.....! hehehe but i love my food and can't say no laaaa. hmm hmm.. will TRY and control myself. ahah =P

    tomorrow will be out at 9am. i'll need to head to bed soon already. hahah niteeees! (:

    *pics from ken's last night party*
    credit to michelle (:


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