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  1. it was enjoyable.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    i am back from penang! (:

    one word. satisfying.

    tho with all the last minute things that happened and the almost cancellation on the trip, it was really good that it worked out..

    day one.

    left subang about 10 plus close to 11am. me, wei ping, teck wei sat in brandon's car. while khai shien and rohit sat in daniel's car.

    we reached the apartment about 3pm. hehe which i forgot to even get a picture of the apartment at all. basically just a 3 bedroom apartment. Desa Pelangi Condo was where we stayed at. RM300 per night.

    settled down a while then we walked out to Lorong Selamat for the sisters char kuey teow.

    AWESOME stuff! =DDDDD 3 big juicy prawns.. tho its RM6 for a small plate la. hehe

    had a plate of fruit rojak too.

    then continued walking to get the famous penang road cendol..

    okla so so? i am no big fan of cendol so stole a little from teck wei. hehe

    but according to all of them. subang's one is better. the one beside to rojak fella at ss15. and then under a very hot weather... we walked back to the apartment. omg so so hot!!!

    then just went back lepak awhile. nap awhile. then left out to gurney plaza to just walk around. and to buy Monopoly Deal. then walked over to gurney drive for dinner.

    fried oyster. which i like it tho they say it isn't that great.

    my assam laksa. not nice one.... )):

    after dinner went back into gurney plaza to get the car which we were stuck for like half and hour. went back apartment and played Monopoly Deal till like 1 something 2, we started our drinking session.

    drank Jack Daniels. and played the ring of fire.

    played also till about 4 already. ring of fire? don't quite remember the name. but quite fun ler... i still remembered how desperately i needed the number 6. the toilet pass. HAHA!

    a red faced me and wei ping.

    then just chilled at the balcony..

    after that off to bed while the rest of them were still talking till about 5 ni slept lor they all.

    day two.

    woke about 11 plus. they played somemore Monopoly Deal and we only left out about lunch time to the coffee shop near the penang road cendol. which i didn't take any picture of. haha

    after lunch went for coconut jelly.

    yummmmmm! i was fascinated by it. it is really jelly ler inside... niceeee (((:

    then went back to apartment. which me and wei ping slept till about 7 plus and the both were also playing Monopoly Deal while we were asleep. hahaha! but went i woke, the four of them, rohit, brandon, khai shien and daniel left for dinner leaving teck wei in the apartment.

    almost 8 they came back and about 8 plus we left to Padang Kota Lama. to just walk walk.

    was just plain walking around.

    then left to Lorong Baru for dinner.

    nice foods ((((: there where fried yam cake, popiah, loh bak, otak-otak, satay and prawn mee (not in pic).

    went back apartment after that and somemore Monopoly Deal. then they all went to sleep about 12 something. while i was watching tv with teck wei till about 2 plus ni went to bed. could have stayed up longer watching cause they were showing 5 episodes of Golden Faith.. but... in the end didn't.

    day three.

    woke about 10 plus also this morning. suppose to wake earlier one. but plan failed. ahahaha! in the end we were like chasing one and another to go bath. hahahah!! fun stuff ((: hmmm... brandon and khai shien..... HEHE

    finally checked out about 12.40pm then left to assam laksa at the Kek Lok Si temple's foot on Jalan Pasar.

    awesome assam laksa! nothing i've eaten tops it. =D

    loh bak!!! YUMMMMM! we ate so much of loh bak man this whole trip. seriously.... wherever we go that has loh bak, we will order. HAHA!

    then went up to the temple walk around. take picture. crazying around.. hahaha! and eating ice cream.. it was brandon's treat (:

    our first tilted group shot.

    a better second shot. 7 of us who went crazy over food and monopoly deal in penang for the last 3 days.

    then went back to sisters char kuey teow again on Lorong Selamat for our last meal in penang. they all loved it very very much. especially the boys.

    was too full to eat. so just shared a big one with teck wei. 5 big prawns, RM9. but seriously, to me its worth the price.

    after paying so much in aus for food. i mean like standard also $9 which one to one also same same lar. but nicer food.... =DDD

    about 4pm we left for home.

    byeeeee penang! =DDDD had awesome fun these 3 days. it was indeed a very satisfying trip.

    about 8 plus we reached subang. and went to parade for dinner first. considering something was up with brandon's car so me, wei ping, teck wei and daniel waited for the three of them in parade.

    home about 10pm.

    much fun ((((: from food to the craziness in the apartment to the driving around with a gps who loses signal every single time and more fooooood. =DD

    with love,

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