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  1. it was my first.

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    just got back from hometown not long. went back just for dinner. hahaha i know.. =P

    earlier today went lunch with teck wei, cherly and jia shen at wong soon kee then went to jia shen's house eat cakes and cookies that his mum made then left to carrefour cause he needed to send a parcel. plus all the jam we had when we were going to carrefour and back to home, i was practically out the whole afternoon.

    since 12 something till about 4 plus only i was home.

    but look, i wanna show the world my darling bestfriend and how "lady like" she is in the car..

    look look... =DDD that's cherly gan ((: HAHA

    i had to put it up for the fun of it. eheheheh! (((:

    after that, came home slept for an hour then left to kl to fetch mum and all that then went back to raub. reached close to 9pm then went dinner then 10 something left back home.

    i was so lazy last night that i didn't blog about yesterday too. haha

    basically it was just brunch in empire gallery's chillis with mum and cousin.

    salmon. hehehe i love their loaded potatoes. YUMS!! =))

    triple play.

    southwestern lamb.

    the food was not bad la.. but portion getting so much smaller.. taste wise, it used to be better. so yea..

    then went out yumcha with teck wei and cherly. then at night 10 something left to yumcha with the old tuition gang. the miss lim tuition bunch. it has been long since i last caught up with them.

    it was at shiok. with joshua, sheau tien, wey liam, khar loong, jack and darryl who dropped by later. but about 12 plus i already left. simply cause i didn't want to be home too late.

    hmm.. thats the day before and today. =D

    tomorrow will be out too. jaya one and also ken's birthday party. ((:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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