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  1. it healed a little.

    Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    went out again tonight. with cherly, jia shen, estee, loong and en lin to ss2 again. ahaha.. not that we did much there la. just lim teh only.. got back about 11 something..

    today i was like super duper bored at home lar. which finally about 3 something i managed to find jia shen and cherly to go out with me. just to get out of the house anywhere also can. so we ended up in melur.

    got home about 5pm then went out to fetch mum. i tell you today rained until damn heavy plus the winds were like crazy, it was so scary to be driving out okay?! i could barely see the roads infront.. but nevermind i survived safe and sound infront of mum's office. hehe

    came home dinner with mum then went out to ss2 already.

    that's it for today. feels so sad and boring.. haha!

    okay.. since i've been back from hong kong i think 3 weeks now? i also lazy wanna blog about hong kong already lar..

    i shall just post up the stuffs i bought la. simpler... (:


    and goodies.......

    converse sneakers and H&M heels.. love them both!

    roxy jeans skirts. two belongs to me, one for my cousin. RM70 for one piece.

    everything here is from H&M. playsuit, blazer, barret, knee high socks and leg warmers.

    i love H&M's things. they are affordable and damn niceeeeee! plus it is like this "branded" thing in the US. something like Forever 21 kinda thing. just that to me i think this is cheaper than F21. F21 is like super over price la here in malaysia. if US then yea it is cheap larr..

    H&M is like awesome laa! i can spend at least an hour in there just browsing through. plus damn damn alot of people one lor... me love my H&M things (((:

    shirts... the denim one also from H&M. the pink ones are from esprit. RM80 each i think?

    tommy hilfiger's polo and tee. ((: polo was only for RM80 too and the tee only RM40.. very cheap le for tommy =P

    my tommy down feather vest and MNG leather jacket. :DDDD

    lastly, i now own another Coach bag. =DDDDDDDD niceeeee! and love it toooo!

    i bought most of my stuffs from the Tung Chung Citygate Outlets which is like DFO in australia. things are like so much cheaper! except for H&M and the converse, its bought in the flagship store.

    it was a fruitful trip for me la. the only thing i didn't buy enough was bottoms. so when i got back, about two weeks i ago i went to MNG and bought a pair of pants. ahahah! :D

    thats it for my chinese new year shopping. (:

    or maybe until i see something nice or when i am in the mood to go and shop lar. hehe =DD

    i have another load of stuff to bring back to australia now... oh no... =/ help help?

    haha k la. i should head to bed soon. gotta wake at 7am to fetch mum to work.


    i thought it would be harder to talk about. tho i don't think it was a concrete answer, but still i got part of an answer? and for now, i'll just stand here and wait. wait till whatever time is right whether to go forward or to pull back.

    i'll wait.

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