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    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    this page has been up since before 12am. but now its like 12.46am already. hahah.. just finish eating ramly. daging special tambah cheese again. (((:

    was super random one lor. slightly after 12am i was telling teck wei i am hungry. then mum said she wanna eat too. there it is... my pass to go out and tapao which teck wei came and fetch me out to tapao =DD usj 14 ramly again.

    fulllll now ((:

    was out to one utama earlier today to celebrate qihong's birthday. some sort of celebration la.

    went lunch with jia shen and cherly at sushi zanmai first.

    then met up with qihong then jenn hsen, eejun and pauline. just went walking around only la. about 3 ish me cherly jia shen left already. and the four of them went for movie.

    me and my darling-est heng dai!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! eh you 21 years old already la... act like one already lar k? (((: hopefully many many happy returns for you this year la. =D

    after oneu, on our back to home we went and pick teck wei up and then went old town yumcha for a while.

    was home about 6pm i think?

    then i slept till mum came home with dinner. tangkak beef noodles (((: yumm too!

    and i was hungry 4 hours later. omg i am eating abit more than normal already.. nouuuuu...! but yumm food lor... heheh :DDD

    okla. might considering of going to sleep in about an hour already. digest bit first then ni go sleep.

    tomorrow will be out the whole day. (:


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